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I think in the west we're a bit obsessed with the idea of 'thought crime', i.e. the idea that if you have bad thoughts, you're a bad person (thanks, Catholicism). But that is (of course) ridiculous; everyone has bad thoughts and impulses -- the question is if we accept the fact and try to deal with it consciously.

In eastern philosophies tied to beliefs like Buddhism and Taoism (as well as others) there's a much more healthy attitude which I would characterise as "we all have darkness in us, the only way to deal with it is to accept that it's there and face it".

Yeah, all of this has come up in my research, both from Jung himself and later thinkers who took up his ideas. Jung touched on Christianity quite a bit, and the way the definition of sin got narrowed down over the centuries, until we have thought sin, and a constant need to feel guilty for not being perfect. This is exactly why fringe ultra-religious groups always seem to have this horrible rot underneath the shiny surface everyone is meant to display.

I'm working on my university thesis, and as my subject I've chosen Carl Jung's ideas about the shadow. In psychology it is made up of the parts of ourselves that we consider inferior and so push out of conscious thought. However, this does not rob these elements of their power over us; it just pushes them into darkness where they can influence us in subtle way, through neuroses, sudden outbursts or psychological projections. To use a really extreme example, Adolf Hitler projected his shadow on the Jewish people, seeing all of his own evil in them.

Overall I feel that all the research I've been doing on this has been quite healthy for me. For instance I have come to realize that I get unreasonably irritated with people who share my own flaws. I'm damn well not going to claim that reading up on this for a few months has left me enlightened or some such, but I feel I'm less prone to hiding from the ugly parts of my own personality. We all have thoughts we aren't proud of, and I feel that just confessing mine to myself and facing them has left me a bit calmer.

I don't know. I just wanted to mention this.

So... just how bad are things in America, with the protests and the riots?

I'm seeing footage of a Minneapolis police station being overrun and burned down, other buildings looted and torched, and apparently the National Guard is being called in. And apparently the riots/protests are spreading.

Are things taking on a Hong Kong feel over there, or what?

Just got out of bed. I think someone broke in during the night, sawed my legs off and replaced them with peg legs.

Well, today I went to the gym for the first time in circa two months. I took it easy, but I'm still pretty beat up. Especially since I did squats for the first time in years; I've had long-term issues with my knee that seem to have passed. I can feel my thighs petrifying.

I expect to be extremely immobile tomorrow.

Earlier today I bought a 5-metre roll of bubble wrap for the sole purpose of popping the bubbles.

I have no regrets.

May temps have been strange here. It's been waffling between 21C and 32C, what with on and off rain showers weekly. Heat index hit 39C Monday, so that afternoon run was unbearable. I should look at the temp more often.

Meanwhile, I find 14 C to be a bit balmy at times.

This morning I took this year's first walk in the man-made forest just out of town, just enjoying a hint of green poking through all that depressing yellow and brown. And this evening I went outside in a light drizzle, and I wasn't freezing. I don't think I can make clear to you warmer climate folks how much of a luxury that is, after 7 months.

FYI my friends:
I had the year 4* check-up today and remaining breast still clear, wahey! :D I need to wait for the official results, but the nurse said that at first glance/comparison with last year, there was nothing to worry about.

* 4 years!!!! :o :o
Where did the time go?

I'm glad to hear it, @ScarletBea. Keep being awesome.


I just got back from the swimming pool. They've been closed nation-wide for about two months, and in some areas they had a midnight opening, which people lined up for. I was a bit worried that the place would be packed, but it seems everyone else had the same concern because the crowd was quite reasonably sized.

I forgot how refreshing this is.

Good job Eli, congrats. 31K page will take my whole year, though :)

Holy shit, I misspelled: 31.000 WORDS, not pages.

Okay guys... I have a new book on the way. I finally stopped delaying and started the pre-order process a few minutes ago. It isn't up on Amazon just yet, but it'll be less than 72 hours, and the release date is June 14th.

It's my novella, The Severed Bond, and I'm trying to do this whole self-publishing thing a bit better than before. For one thing, I now actually have a mailing list.

For another, I am going to hand out advance reading copies to anyone who will have one. Is anyone interested? It's just a 31.000 word novella, with my characteristic brisk pace, so it's a quick read. All I ask in return is an honest review on Amazon when the time comes.

EDIT: Critical typo.

I had a dream tonight that would have worked as a horror movie. Appropriately enough it had to do with a movie theatre. The movie ended and everyone exited out into the night. Except we came to realise as a group that about half the viewers were missing, and not in the auditorium. There was a general effort to investigate in and around the building, and it occurred to me to exit the auditorium again by the inside entrance. NOW the missing viewers were in their seats, and uniformly turned rigid, Joker-esque grins my way. I got the hell out of there.

I may not be describing it very well, but it was all very eery.

I came across this quote in a book:

"Morality is a word for things other people aren't allowed to do."

I quite like it.

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An Icelandic woman recently recovered from corona. She turns 103 years old soon. She's lived through two world wars, two major pandemics, and has contracted tuberculosis twice. And she's still not quite done.

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