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I realise I forgot to mention this sooner, but I'm going to try to published another story here in Iceland this year. A novella. I'm using Karolina Fund, a Kickstarter-thing, to try to gather money for printing.

It started today. If I gather the money within forty days I can do another nice little writing project and NOT lose money doing so. It would be a nice change.

Welcome back @Henry Dale.

Does anyone know where Gem Cutter is at? I feel he hasn't been forum-side in months.

I presume you are referring to Oregon. They were protesting a bill to reduce gas emissions by 2050 or something.

It's the whole "armed militia" thing that raised my eyebrows.

So... America?

Earlier today I saw something about a state where Republican politicians are flat-out refusing to do their jobs and the police was being sent out to round them up, which in turn sparked support by armed militia men.

Are the news painting things as bleaker than they really are? Because it's easy to get the impression that the US is coming apart at the seams.


... okay.

Do you folks remember my Roumania situation? That I got a chapter published in a magazine there through a weird quirk of fate, and that guy was looking into introducing my books to publishers in his country?

Well, it's been months since I heard a peep and I'd sort of given up on the whole thing.

Now about half an hour ago he contacts me on Facebook and says he is going to talk to a publisher tomorrow, about my Golden Throne quartet.

This is certainly a development. And the thing about having a good thing MAYBE coming about is that I get nervous as all Hell.
Also, I got asked about special conditions and price, and it dawned on me that I have absolutely no idea what to say on the subject. I suck at every aspect of writing except the actual writing itself.

That's wonderful, Bea. Please enjoy yourself, you've earned it.

By comparison

Got back from a 8hr canoe trip to an indigenous village in the Amazon where I had to shoo out giant beetles and tarantulas from the student's rooms at night

... why?

So how has everyone's day been?

The weather here has been wonderful, and so in the afternoon I bicycled to the nearby man-made forest for a stroll. At the back of it is a row of cliffs. I walked up on them for a view over the fjord, then opened my backpack and took out my Kindle and some refreshments I'd brought, including a soda I'd put in the freezer before setting off so it was still nice and cold.

It was a lovely way to start with a new book.

Bea you have lived here long enough to know May is often hot and dry, June often cold, wet & windy. If we are really unlucky we could have flooding in July.

There is an old photo of myself as a kid, downtown at the June 17th Icelandic independence day celebration. I'm wearing a jacket and a wool cap because it was snowing a bit.

Sadly it's been a hectic trip. Am driving past Akureyri and into Hvammstangi today seeing sights along the way. Would have been nice to have a chat!

PS: if you need me make a drive by and yell abuse at your agents house/office, just say so.  8)

Well, I'm seeking agents abroad.

Eli, why do coffee shops close at 6pm in Reykjavik? Very strange esp in a tourist area. Restaurants and pretty much the Whole city seems shut by 9 too.

I hardly ever set foot in Reykjavík, so I can't really answer that.

I'm in Myvatn now and Akureyri tomorrow. Place looks fabulous. And more restaurant's open late too.

Hm. You know, I AM going out for drinks tomorrow... :)

Eli, why do coffee shops close at 6pm in Reykjavik? Very strange esp in a tourist area. Restaurants and pretty much the Whole city seems shut by 9 too.

I hardly ever set foot in Reykjavík, so I can't really answer that.

Do they give reasons for passing up? Or just a generic response?

She felt the story was more told than shown.

I don't agree 100%, but I can't deny that my writing style is quite talky, and that I move things along at a breakneck pace. I just don't know how to write any other way, so I'm sticking to it.

Well, that agent wound up passing.

So much for that.

Every glimmer of hope in this whole thing is just a setup for more disappointment.

But HELL if I'm going to let this thing ruining my life or stop me doing things I want to do, like reading a BOOK >:( >:( I'm stronger than it!

Yes you are.

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