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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Is is as good as the hype?
« on: June 10, 2014, 09:42:36 AM »
Really enjoyed Malice, and not being a huge Martin fan I can't compare the two.

Also enjoyed it.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Charlie Human
« on: July 30, 2013, 09:55:51 AM »
Mr Human is a South African author, whose first book, Apocalypse Now Now, was published about a week ago.

It's a well done twisted tale loosely based on south african history with extra weirdness and magic thrown in. I just finished it and it was damn good. Give him a bash, you won't be sorry!

Finished Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human. Amazing book. Read it!

Finished Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch and hot damn I enjoyed the hell out of it. Now reading Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear

Mr Newton was kind enough to supply me with an ARC. And yes, it's damn good.

I received an ARC of Game of Thrones as a present a while back, can't be too many of them floating around. And not the re-release ones, one of the originals I think. The book is pretty old and was a cool gift.

Others I have that I treasure is a signed Prince of Thorns by Lawrence, signed Lies of Locke Lamora by Lynch, signed Drakenfeld ARC by Newman, signed ARC of Ragged Man by Lloyd and signed Dusk Watchman, signed Tome of the Undergates and Black Halo by Sykes  and signed limited edition of Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes.

I do have a few others that's escaping me at the moment, but these are my favourites.

Don't worry, it's my stance as well. First 10 pages has been good!

Contemplating reading Tigana next. You guys aren't filling me with lots of hope.

He can write yes, but holy hell Kvothe is an unlike-able character. Smug bastard.

I'll add wise man's fear. First time I got so frustrated with a book that I actually shouted at it. For reasons, the review on Pornokitch sums up my feelings pretty well.

I was just blown away by Lions of Al-Rassan. Everybody should read it, it's that good.

1 Jonathan Strange & Mr norrel. Did nothing for me.
2 Book written by David Zindell. Bad fantasy with knights on armour covered in diamonds.
3 the add on dune books written by Anderson and Herberts son. Moneyspinners and nothing else.

That's about it.

Guy Gavriel Kay deserves more love. I'm pretty sure I haven't read anything as good as his books. Ever. His prose, pacing, voice is just damn perfect to me.

The Twilight Reign by Tom Lloyd is damn good and well written and it seems I'm one of the few who actually likes this five books for some reason.

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