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Good day to you all! My name is Ginger. I am in search of two books from my childhood and was hoping you could help. The first was a purple paperback, about three inches thick. The story was about a female elf who falls in love with a human when she crosses from her world to theirs. Another main point in the story, was the working of metal as a sort of rite of passage. The female elves were expected to create linked metal chains with their hands and magic, pouring a little of themselves (blood) into their work. Either the characters name or the authors name was Jacquelyn.
The second novel was a hard back with a large red flower, daisy looking, on a white background. The main character was a woman married to a biologist that was always wrapped up in his work. I believe she eventually caught him cheating and left him. As she was wandering about one day she saw a flyer about classes at an abandoned looking shopping center. She finally worked up enough courage to go and loved every second of it, mainly for the human interaction. She ends up running the place,  acting in a play, falling off a ladder and that's all I remember.
Please help me!!!! I would love to find these two books and re read. :)

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