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So many of us who are self published or aimed in that direction have Facebook pages to promote our work. Well, pages need liked to generate traction. I was thinking here we could post the links to our pages and like each other's author or book pages to help each other generate traction. What do you think? This will also help us network with one another. :)
Here's the link to mine: https://www.facebook.com/TheForbiddenKingdoms

Links, Competitions and 'Stuff' / Re: Member's Blogs
« on: May 13, 2014, 06:15:59 AM »
I recently put up a fantasy website with a built in blog, what do you think?

Hello Fantasy lovers!
I am publishing my novel, The Last Son of Edenmoor, towards the end of the year. I finished it a few weeks ago and am now rewriting it and I'm looking for a professional editor to help look things over and fix parts that may need fixing. Does anyone know of any such editors or ones that are reliable? I've been looking into Amazon's editors package, has anyone had any experience with them?
Also, on another note, I am campaigning to raise money for editing my novel on indiegogo if any of you are of a helping spirit! http://igg.me/at/theforbiddenkingdoms/x/2744074

I know there is already a thread here about this but I wanted to reverse the posting a little bit. I know there are a lot of you that could desperately use a review on Goodreads, Amazon, and other sources. I am an avid fantasy reader/writer and I know what a good story looks like. I am willing to write a review for whatever site you want for free. My only request is that I like to review paperbacks. I'm not into e-books as much and they are hard on my eyes. If you can spare a paperback copy though, I'll make sure to write you an honest review on whichever site or sites you need them. I also have my own blog that I would be willing to post to. I am in need of material to post and marketing your book for you by posting my review of your book there would suit both our purposes. If you are interested in sending me a paperback to review for you, you can get in contact with me at ericfomley@gmail.com.

After ten books I will re-post closing the thread until I review them. I love reading fantasy, and revieing is a lot of fun for me,  I think we can help each other out here. :)

Fantasy Resources / Re: Fantasy Author Blogs
« on: April 12, 2014, 06:15:04 PM »

Tolkien's Silmarillion has material for many movies. I would particularly with a movie about Beren and LĂșthien.
Yeah I really like that idea. I love Tolkien's lore more than any other in the whole of fantasy. I'm more than happy reading it, but watching it suits me as well!


Haha, just kidding. I would love to see The Children of Hurin make it to the big screen at some point.

But seriously, mine.  ;)

Sorry, didn't see it was yours! I agree though, the more Tolkien on the big screen, the happier I'll be!

Writers' Corner / Re: How much did you write today?
« on: February 22, 2014, 05:18:30 AM »
Today: 256
Total: 12824
I started my series this month, it can just be so hard to focus sometimes!

I'm stealing this idea from Jian who posted the "What are you currently watching?" thread. :)

So I'm currently playing Minecraft... I blame my cousin. ;D

What are you playing? :)

I just started playing The Witcher 2 for the first time!

I just finished Morgan Rhodes' Falling Kingdoms novels. The third book in the series is due out in December but it got me thinking, I really wish it was a movie because I thoroughly enjoyed it! What is your favorite fantasy book or what is the one that you wish the most to be made into a blockbuster movie?

Links, Competitions and 'Stuff' / Re: Suggestions for my fantasy reading...
« on: February 21, 2014, 02:57:14 PM »
Scott Lawrence! Dude it's Martin Lawrence!
oops! Fixed it. O.o

Links, Competitions and 'Stuff' / Suggestions for my fantasy reading...
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:50:00 AM »
I just bought some fantasy books at a local bookstore. I tried to choose some classics and authors I recognized but I've never read any of these. Which do you think I should start first and what are some other major titles I should read by these authors and others? The books above are the ones I bought.

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