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I posted this a few days ago, and still can't get the story out of my head. :) Comments welcome!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Favourite Tweeting Author?
« on: March 09, 2014, 10:22:53 AM »
Top of my tweeting list is Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig). His regular blog posts on writing are always worth a read, but even if he's not tweeting about those his feed is full of awesomely funny stuff. :D

I'll be going! I'll also be at Eastercon this year. :D

Okay! Finally caught up. I've blogged some of my thoughts here:

...But I'm in agreement with a lot of you, I think. I like the plot so far, the pacing's really picking up and I do like some of the secondary characters. The Sollyhull Sisters were pretty amusing (if a bit creepy in the end...) and I feel so sorry for George!

I'm interested in those characters, the ones who don't quite fit into either the angel or demon category... It's the ones in between, the have-nots, that usually do catch my interest in UF-type books like this, though. They tend to be just as interesting as the MC for me. :D

As for the MC, I mentioned this is in my post but I'm not quite sure if I like Bobby or not, yet. I do like that he's not all wings and harps and halos, but while he's a strong narrator he kind of irritates me a little bit, heh.

Not so much that I'll stop reading, however, so there's that. I really want to find out what this thing everyone's hunting/murdering for is!

[NOV 2013] Ancillary Justice / Re: Ancillary Justice Week 1: Chapters 1 - 6
« on: November 08, 2013, 11:57:54 AM »
I'm also liking the approach to gender, and the alien perspective in regards to it. I am finding it slightly tricky to keep straight in my head, but not impossible, and enough that I'm definitely fascinated by it as well as by what we know of the story so far. There are enough questions to answer that I'll carry on and see what answers turn up...

It might be pretty difficult (in a good way!) to compare this to anything that's come before, but I caught myself a time or two being reminded of The Left Hand Of Darkness, by Ursula Le Guin. Has anybody else made that connection...? I think it's more a matter of the unusual POV and gender approach, maybe the general tone of the narrative, rather than anything related to the plot, but it's definitely there for me.

I'll nominate the Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin (as my mother has assured me it's much better than A Wizard of Earthsea), the Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin (because a friend has been adamant that I try it), and The Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum (because all of you should read it).

I'll second The Killing Moon, and I know it's come up on a shortlist before but I'd like nominate Redshirts...

I'm one of the ones having trouble staying interested by this point, I'm afraid. It has some interesting points, and I like Egar well enough, but the pacing here is terrible and there's just not enough to keep my attention steady.

I'm having serious doubts about whether or not I'll be able to finish, though to be fair a big part of the reason is that I've also got a handful of other books on the go that I'm looking forward to/enjoying much more...

Good to know! I don't consider myself nearly so squeamish nowadays as I used to be, but yeah, some things still get to me. That said I will carry on with this one. (My track record here needs a bit of nudging in the positive direction, heh...)

I have to say that most of Ringil's backstory is totally bloody grim. It took me two attempts to get through this book because of the flashback to when his lover was executed.

Yes. I can see this one being a bit of a difficult read for me on account of that. Not to mention the rape scene...

As I did last week, I've blogged my thoughts on these chapters (link here) but for the clicky-averse, here's what I thought (quite literally as I read it)...

* * *

Some history, and a couple of new characters. It's all a bit Game Of Thrones so far. Not a complaint, mind you... I'm intrigued by the setup, in which there's apparently a lot of history between our three protagonists (Gil, Archeth, Egar) but we're picking up Years Later. A lesser-used approach? I like it.

Majak essentials are "bakeries, butchers, whorehouses and taverns". Hah. Okay.

Ooooookay, gods mean business ... Ouch. OUCH.

...Ghostly servant girl?! Iiiiiinteresting. Okay, this part definitely has my attention. Between that and the, er, encounter mentioned previously, I'm finding this book catching my interest even if it perhaps hasn't really gotten hooked up to a plot yet. That Game of Thrones comparison is definitely apt, methinks.

That said... Yeah, bring on the plot please.

Also, Egar? Come on. The signs are practically neon. Put down the unwanted leadership and step away from the clan... BEFORE THEY STRING YOU UP.


"What your brother is trying to say is that there is no need for seconds, or any other element of this ridiculous charade. Iscon Kaad will not fight, and neither will you. We will resolve this with intelligence."

"Yeah? What if I don't want to?"

*Snort* Oh, Gil.

...Okay, that following scene was hard to read... Consider this a trigger warning, folks; spoiler or not, said scene features male rape. Sympathy for Gil just went sky-high...

Aha, now (actual plot or not) this is getting more interesting - the idea of returning vengeful gods is starting to solidify now, it seems, from the randomly-scattered-mentions sense of it that I was getting before into something that's being explained and making proper sense. Maybe that scattered impression is partly down to me reading before morning tea/too late at night, but still. Now I'm listening ... Also, the 'more science, less magic' angle is an interesting one, where all this explanation is concerned.

Infodump time! Woo.

Okay! Etterkal, finally. Here we go...

...Don't really care about the wine, Gil, get on with it ...

...Ah. Well. Crap.

* * *

...Heh! So, yes. Gil could use a lesson or two in the espionage department. Oh dear...

I... am liking this book so far. It's got some fascinating stuff going on, and I can easily see myself sticking with it. It's just... as I said, that GoT comparison is getting more apt by the minute. I like the characters, and I like their stories. But Morgan (like Martin) is certainly taking his sweet time getting to whatever point is being made here...

I have read the NetGalley ARC of this, and loved it! Review will come soon. ;-)

I will second Throne Of The Crescent Moon and Dodger.

I blogged on my thoughts, and will have more up soon. This is more or less me taking notes as I went, so what's here is a bit unfiltered, but generally, I am intrigued and should enjoy continuing on ...

[SEP 2013] The Folding Knife / Re: The Folding Knife Week 1: Chapters 1 - 4
« on: September 16, 2013, 02:01:21 AM »

A story about a banker/politician doing bankery/politiciany things which include starting wars just to make himself even richer and to prove to himself that he is the smartest person alive. Because, ego.

So. The life and times of an egocentric accountant is apparently not my idea of a ripping yarn.

Someone pleeeeeeeeease tell me that there is some kind of plot hiding within the next few chapters!!!!

I'm a bit behind at this point, but since I haven't gotten through Chapters 5-8 yet I'll put this here...

I'm more or less with Jeni at this point. I thought the book sounded more interesting than it's turned out to be, so far. I'm willing to put a lot of this down to how different it is from anything I normally read, but... Yeah. I've gotten through the first quarter and I'm struggling to stay keen on it. I'll try, but this doesn't bode well...

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