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Re: Building a major city Factories might be on the rivers or estuaries (falling water and tidal water for driving the paddles for power).
Warehouses at the docks, though ones related to food or other inland resources near river mouth at harbour for barges.
Workers and shops between the factories annd warehouses.
Better off people with town houses on outskirts, well away from factories. Also likely to have country Estates that control the farms.

Based on my studies of 18th C UK and Ireland.

Industrialisation is from the 18th C. Some places outside cities not much changes from 1750s to 1920s
Many aspects of cities & ports don't change much from 1780s to 1860s
The Electrical Age starts 1800. Late Victorian era sees telephones, radio (telegraph, not voice), Electric street lights, typewriters, data sorting using punched cards invented to program looms in 18th C. Electric Telegraph 1830s, but continent wide optical telegraph (Clacks/Semaphore) in 18th C. Primitive fax from 1851. Mid 18th C. sees electric motors, lead acid batteries, submarines, torpedoes.
Steam engines from 17th C (pumps). Only used inshore and lakes on boats in early 19th C. Later 19th the efficiency is high enough to carry coal for ocean crossings.
Very rapid advances in machine tools etc in late 18th C.
Late 19th C saw Electric, Steam, diesel and petrol cars at the same time.

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