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Re: Fantasy-Faction Writing Group
Spoiler for Hiden:

February 20, 2015, 09:23:58 PM
Illustrator/ Concept artist available for freelance work! Hi! My name is Nicoleta Stavarache, I am a freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist and currently looking for freelance work.

My portfolio: http://nicoletastavarache.blogspot.com
You can contact me at: nika_wong@yahoo.com

Specialties include : Book Covers, Rpg Cards, Character design, Creature design, Environment (Matte painting), Promotional illustration

I look forward to hearing from you!

April 27, 2015, 01:13:06 PM
Winners and Stories I thought it would be cool to have a place where all the winners and their stories are represented.

I started with the Month I nearly won with a poem. (Okay, it's the month the publishing on the main page started and that may be the real reason. ;))

Bold theme = already published on the main site

Writing Contest Winners - Hall of Fame


[March 2013] The City "Obsidian City" by Philip Overby

[April 2013] Time Travel "HAVOC TIME!" by Arry

[May 2013] Magic "Wizardry" by Charlemagne

[June 2013] Mazes "In My Head" by Jaimie J.

[July 2013] The Deep “The Island” by 137minutes

[August 2013] Elements “A Fine Morning for Running” by ladygreen

[September 2013] Battles “The Battle of Bledrag Field” by TOMunro

[October 2013] Sports “Cheating Death” by Andrew Ward

[November 2013] Doors “Thorns in the Garden” by Timekeeper

[December 2013] Underdogs “A New Start” by TOMunro


[January 2014] Betrayal "Stab and Twist" by ACSmyth and "Jing Ke – A Tale from the Stone Road" by G_R_Matthews

[February 2014] Fanfic “The Road to Arrow” by TOMunro

[March 2014] Grimdark “The Heir to Foulstania” by Jared Shurin

[April 2014] Write about Jake/Lynn “The Artisan’s Mask” by ladygreen *Best Story of 2014*

[May 2014] Portal Fantasy “Song and Dance” by ladygreeen

[June 2014] Taboos “Life and Death” by Elfy

[July 2014] Apprenticeship “A Dangerous Talent” by LisaElle

[August 2014] Seven Deadly Sins “Septum Insidias” by AlmightyZael

[September 2014] Fantasy Clichés "The four Orcshiremen" by OnlyOneHighlander

[October 2014] Abandoned Places "The Rookery" by Giddler

[November 2014] Joker Month "The mist in their veins" by Ancalagon

[December 2014] Religion "Ailurophilia" by Carter and "Wardu's Wager" by Jmack


[January 2015] Science Fiction "Junk Mail" by Giddler

[February 2015] Fanfic "Ghost in the Light" by Saraband

[March 2015] Rogues "The 7 Tenets of Rogueishness" by Rukaio_Alter

[April 2015] Plot Twist! Werewolf, Vampire, Goat "A Twist too Far" by Rukaio_Alter

[May 2015] Fairytales "The Sun, the Moon and the Morning Star" by Jmack *Best Story of 2015*

[June 2015] Multiple POVs "The Braying Jack" by Jeryn

[July 2015] Flash Fiction "For Evil to Triumph" by wakarimasen and "Last Regrets" by OnlyOneHighlander

[August 2015] Space Opera "Space Opera" by Jmack

[September 2015] Politics, Scheming and Intrigue "The Translator" by tebakutis

[October 2015] The name of the short story must be that of a fantasy bestseller but the story isn't allowed to have anything to do with that book. "The Exorcist" by Nora

[November 2015] Mighty Beasts "The Magnificent Mythical Zoo (No Refunds)" by Rukaio_Alter

[December 2015] Young Love "Adrift" by tebakutis and "An Unconventional Proposal" by Rukaio_Alter and "The Library of Alexander" by Jmack


[January 2016] Breaking the Fourth Wall "But, I’m a F#@%ing Dragon! " by m3mnoch

[February 2016] Fanfic III "Mistaken Identity" by Rukaio_Alter

[March 2016] Nightmares "A Gift for the Nightmare Man" by tebakutis

[April 2016] The Last Contest (Dystopia) "Everything in Frame" by tebakutis

[May 2016] Well known Fairy Tales from a different POV "The Magic Lamp" by Lanko

[June 2016] Random Wikipedia Article "One Last Drink" by tebakutis

[July 2016] Story Generator "Conan meets Nietzsche" by Lanko

[August 2016] Potions and Elixirs "Goldenfoot, The Brave" by @night_wrtr *Best Story of 2016*

[September 2016] Pirates! "The Rule of the Curse" by @SugoiMe

[October 2016] Corpses "Where there's a Will" by @TOMunro

[November 2016] 1750 "Youthful Optimism" by @Lordoftheword

[December 2016] Dragons "The Fishwife's Tale" by @Jmack


[January 2017] Urban Fantasy "A Sliver of the Sky" by @Jmack

[February 2017] Fanfic "A Song of Rings and Thrones" by @Lanko

[March 2017] Through the Beast's Eye "Hellhound" by @Rukaio_Alter

[April 2017] Omens (Scavenger Hunt) "On the Fire Escape" by @Nora

[May 2017] Music "Echos of the First Refrain" by @Carter

[June 2017] Gangsters and Crime Lords "A Baron and a Princess" by @Rukaio_Alter AND "Who Criminals pray to" by @Nora

[July and August 2017] Story Generator II

May 05, 2015, 09:01:07 PM
Re: Depression is a bitch... from a friend Well, considering I've just outed myself this morning at work by having a 'fit' at my desk in front of everyone and having to come home bawling my eyes out, and seeing how Nora and Wakarimasen were brave enough to share their stories, I might as well come out to you guys here.

I'm the 'friend', I wrote the thing (I don't really like to call it a poem).

Thanks for the 'likes' - you don't imagine the difference it makes to see them there, such a little thing :)

Thanks for your words, Wakarimasen, for understanding. So many people simply decide to ask me out more, as if the illness was caused by a sort of plague/keeping away from people. It's like telling someone with a broken leg to just put some weight on it and you'll feel better ::)
And it's amazing how, when one person is brave enough to talk about it, others will come and say they have it too, and suddenly you don't feel so alone in the universe anymore.

I know I will get better.
I know, because this is the 4th time I have it: regular (almost) as clockwork, it appears every 6 years.
But each time it's slightly different.
Still, the knowledge doesn't make me any more hopeful, it doesn't make the pills work any faster.

So basically I just want to apologise in advance for any posts made while 'under the influence' ;) We can't delete anything here afterwards, even though I tried hehe
And thanks for being here and for F-F being such an amazing place, where I found such amazing people/*friends* :-*

May 11, 2015, 01:24:36 PM
Re: Merits of "Suddenly" "Suddenly, bananas! Thousands of them!"
May 30, 2015, 07:17:20 PM
Re: How do you feel about stand-alone books? Stand-alone is great, especially if it's set in a larger world that contains other stories. I'd love for that to happen more often, it's way too rare these days.
July 09, 2015, 10:28:52 AM
Re: Fantasy-Faction Facebook Group Should set one up on freenode, people who don't know IRC can use kiwiirc to join in really easily.  :P
July 09, 2015, 08:30:00 PM
Re: This website is being ruined. Would be far better if the site had a responsive theme. Grumblegrumble.  >:(
July 14, 2015, 05:54:09 PM
Re: On the Naming of Worlds Hey, as long as "Scadrial" means "Earth" in the Scadrial language, I'm cool.
But I bet he just sat around and said... "Hmmm, need a name. 'Sc'. It should start with 'Sc'. That sounds cool. 'Scoolio'? Nah. 'Scaladriel? Holy shades of Tolkien, Kelson my lad!' so... 'Scadrial.' OK, good enough move on."

July 19, 2015, 08:34:32 PM
A Writer's Stash - Share Your Resources This was a thread I had originally started in the Writing Group. It was meant as a way to compile useful links to improve our craft, all kept together in an easily accessible thread. After some discussion, however, I realized it was unfair to keep the thread on a board only a handful of people could access. Here in the Fantasy Resources board it can be seen and used by everyone.

The links already listed are ones compiled before recreating this thread. No one will be forced to submit resources. Nor will any be forced to use these resources. This is just for fun. All I ask is you keep the resources limited to those related to writing.

Any books, articles, podcasts, etc. you'd like to share? Post them here. I hope to continually update this first post so people don't have to go searching the thread for them. I'll also reserve the second post, just in case we one day exceed the character cap.

General Writing Advice & Stash
Write About Dragons - series of lectures by Brandon Sanderson
Limyaael's Rants - series of rants about writing, some of these are brilliant
Writing Advice - the first of a good series of writing advice articles on Michael J Sullivan's blog (links further down on the right)
Jim Butcher Collection - a compiling of advise from author Jim Butcher, compiled into a Google Docs by @Jmack
Lost Ark Transcripts - a copy of the transcripts from a 1978 story conference dealing with the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Watt-Evans' Laws of Fantasy

Punctuation, Grammar, & General Word Play
Space and Punctuate Dialogue Correctly: Creative Writing Success Tips - guidelines and examples of how to correctly use punctuation in dialogue
Onelook Thesaurus

Word Menu

Checklists to Edit By
Creative Writing Tips for Fiction Writers - a checklist writers can use to make their story stronger

How to Critique Fiction - I've had this open while writing critiques, and found it a really good prompt that helped me come up with (I think) constructive feedback

Submissions Help
I am your editor - article about the submissions experience from the point of view of an editor, really good read

Misc. Links
Outlines Written by Famous Authors

July 23, 2015, 03:13:22 PM