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Re: Writers Advice?
Time to make the effort to research this whole forum young @Dragonbane. Just saying you're too lazy doesn't work.

You will find nearly everything you have asked has been discussed somewhere and then you can ask your questions in detail and on the appropriate threads, if the answers aren't there already.
Yes I know, but I want it to be easy for me to access and also most of my questions are for the blog I'm making to help new writers.

Oh, is it hard for you to go and click on someone else's post? Is it hard for you to read a few articles posted somewhere else instead of here?
What are you gonna do if I copy paste the entire bunch of links from the Writer's Resource page, ignore me?

Seriously man, this is supposed to be a community. We're keen to help, but you're growing to exasperate some of us, by repeatedly taking us for your google-slaves, instead of trying to start dialogues or use the search function, or simply go back in the pages of the forum.

Worst now you're telling us that you're basically hoping we should write stuff or paste links that already exist somewhere easy to find on the forum, so you can go and copy paste that on your new blog for writers? The link I sent you in my original post is full of links of blogs just like the one you want to build.
Go and read them.

April 12, 2016, 02:40:30 PM
Re: What's the point of romance in fantasy? Because love, and its associated sex, is one of the MOST POWERFUL DRIVE of human society.

Go look at who stabs who for what reason. The number of cheated persons and love triangles is horrendous. What percentage of daily dramas come from people breaking up, divorcing, cheating or being caught cheating, or jealousy?
I mean, in our boring world which doesn't have magic systems or dragons and where all the great conspiracy aren't happening around us, for us to turn into overnight saviours of the world, the main source of drama springs from romance, doesn't it?
That and work tensions, I guess...

I mean, romance, or its lack of, is behind the foundation of families. It splits parents from their kids when approval isn't given. Romance is the reason Romeo and Juliette happened.

That's why.  8)

I don't care if you're single, but let me guess, you're a guy right? Many women (and men) enjoy romance when it's well written, because well written romance is the kind of stuff that makes your head hot, reminds you of running after your first lover and all that...

While I don't look for it, because I don't see why every character should have it in every single adventure they have, I also don't find humans without romantic interests very realistic, especially if I read too many of them in a row.
It doesn't have to be boring, it doesn't have to take over the novel.

April 19, 2016, 01:57:09 AM
Re: What's the point of romance in fantasy? I think you're terribly mistaken. Europe alone saw recent dreadful events in which bullets were literally flying and people rushed to protect total strangers at the risk of their lives.
For example at the Paris shooting, a guy got shot in the arm, he was in his home behind the club, people came out screaming and dragging their friends leaving blood trails on the curb and the guy rushed out of his house to help carry wounded away, while fire was still ongoing, and took a stray shot.
I don't even need to get started there, the Internet probably holds thousands of examples of "not all heroes wear capes". Of course if it's your love one you might react by flight as well as risk yourself for them, but seriously you can't draw that kind of generalizations.

Have you even seen the video of that elevator prank gone wrong were they scare a couple, and the dude instantly jumps the disguised guy and ushers his gf out of the elevator?
I absolutely don't think people who put their loved one first are ridiculed at all.
Look at the movie Taken, or John Wick. Look at all movies where a guy goes on a rampage or a vengeance sprawl to get his daughter/gf/wife back (or avenged). Such attitudes are glorified.
Same goes with the everyday heroes that have videos with millions of views on youtube, just as popular as compilations of proposal reactions.
People dig that shit. It's romantic.
I think you're definitely projecting your generalizations based on what you read, because if I were at home, I could go through my goodread and find you a dozen successful fantasy books were characters risks themselves for their love interest in no time. What about the princess bride, at the top of my head?

Not to even mention the paranormal romances an what not, that make some ladies swoon. Have you read the Black Dagger Brotherhood? Because I have, one month when I was quite depressed, and the number of time when guys go nuts to save their chick, or end up with their loved one sacrificing everything to rescue their own butt, is... Well, it's the point of these novels really. To have a totally Alpha make tearing the world down for his woman. And look at how much they sold.

April 19, 2016, 01:47:00 PM
Re: What's the point of romance in fantasy?
I argue that seen through the eyes of todays audiences, the hero who risks everything for love in a fantasy is seen as a whipped idiot as opposed to a heroic representation of virtue. In an ego driven selfie culture, we ridicule those who put themselves at risk in that way, because love has been analyzed, and deconstructed to the point where it's mystique and lofty veil has been stripped.

And yet you have a thread full of fantasy readers telling you they feel the exact opposite.

EDIT, although I probably shouldn't. I am sorry in advance:

I argue that seen through the eyes of todays audiences, the hero who risks everything for love in a fantasy is seen as a whipped idiot as opposed to a heroic representation of virtue.

And here I thought chasing that pus was all about despoiling virtue.

April 19, 2016, 02:31:55 PM
Re: Got a blog? Share it!
I guess I have a typical author blog/site, set up fairly recently.

I probably should do more with it.

You should certainly mention it has photos of Dr Strange Lego on it. Dude. Awesome.

I can't see a subscribe button on there? Or at least one that works, the one right at the bottom doesn't.

August 19, 2016, 01:33:25 PM
Re: Uncommon Elements
September 09, 2016, 03:09:25 PM
Re: Adventures in Writing Congrats, @CameronJohnston! (I twitter-stalked you a little to see who, because I'm nosy. :D And double-congrats. Amanda Rutter looks really great.)

Good luck with edits and submissions!

October 07, 2016, 08:36:37 PM
Re: Themes we're starved for... Oh! One thing I REALLY want to see: Vampires getting their teeth back.

No more cool, sex-god, emo trenchcoat-wearing, bad boy antiheroes.

Monsters. Killers. And not the kind that get cut down by the dozens by the badass action hero. I mean vampires that are actually scary and threatening individually. And no more damn "virus" to explain vampirism. Diseases don't work that way, and true evil can't be explained. I want proper, supernatural vampires.

I find it sad that looking up vampire fiction simply unleashes a flood of romance stories and urban fantasy, as opposed to, you know, horror.

November 20, 2016, 11:12:47 PM
Re: Adventures in Writing Got a rather nice rejection from Baen today on my espionage sci-fi novel, so it looks like I'm going to move forward with self-pubbing Supremacy's Shadow late next year or early 2018. I've exhausted agent submissions and open submission windows, which is a shame, because this book is probably one of the best things I've written in recent years (30 or so beta readers and a pro-editor or two seem to agree, which is at least encouraging).

So, emotions are a bit of a mix today. I'm disappointed Baen didn't pick up my book, but I'm also sort of excited about putting a book I've spent so much time polishing into print, finally. The world I created for it is far bigger than one book (I pitched it as 24 meets Star Wars) and I have a ton of ideas in my head for standalone sequels, so the exciting part is having full control over where the series/characters goes. I'll probably be writing science fiction for the next few years, though I may come back to fantasy at some point.

Of course, Angry Robot still has my cyberpunk police procedural under consideration, so on the very remote chance they do pick that up, I might end up going the hybrid route (they already passed on my other book, sadly). Otherwise, if they reject it, I'll likely end up doing the serialized online route for that book which I planned originally, fully embracing indie publishing and sharing books with my tiny (but existing) readership. I just don't have it in me to spend another five years trying to break into traditional publishing.

I'll continue to toss short stories at anthologies and other pro and semi-pro markets (since I've had success with that, at least) but for books, I'll be doing the novel thing on my own.

November 23, 2016, 04:08:22 PM
Re: Adventures in Writing

Was interviewed about fantasy and my book at my library in front of a small audience (I'm on the right). It was really a fun experience, and getting to talk about fantasy literature in front of readers was amazing.

November 23, 2016, 06:41:18 PM