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Re: Writers that shit on their characters.
Fitz may have felt the weight of some of Hobb's shit.

Yes!  I think Hobb was taking extra strong laxatives when writing Assassin's Quest.

February 02, 2013, 10:14:52 PM
Re: Misc. thread So my wife and I were sitting at a restaurant on the beach a few hours ago, and when she left to powder her nose, I slipped out Gardens of the Moon to read a paragraph or two. A fellow at a neighboring table cAme over and said: I noticed you're reading the first book. I'm in the seventh. It's amazing, it's brilliant. You won't understand what's going on until you're a few books on, and the world is vast. Don't give up."

Talk about unexpected!

March 29, 2015, 08:18:57 PM
Re: March Reads - Come share your list and thoughts for this months books. (just trying very hard not to laugh out loud at work)
April 02, 2015, 02:37:30 PM
Re: "The Triumph of Fantasy Fiction?"

I do think that some people seek an emotional connection to characters in fiction--that personally--I could take or leave.

I don't know if that is because I am a man or not. It could be just me and the way I think.

I do not need to feel emotionally vested in a protagonist to enjoy a story, not even a little.


I honestly think this has nowt to do with gender, and everything to do with personal preference. I know plenty of men (the majority of men I know, maybe?) who want to be emotionally invested in characters. I also know a lot of women who like a really good blood bath and plenty of violence - and all shades in between.

The sooner we move away from "I like this because I am a man, you like this because you are a woman" the better off we'll all be, I reckon.

April 05, 2015, 05:46:21 PM
Re: Hugo Awards 2015 Controversy & Sad Puppies In conclusion, we do need our own awards. ;)

(See multiple topics to that theme from the last three years.)

April 08, 2015, 08:53:01 PM
Re: Magical animals @Jmack here's another story prompt for your list.

(Actually, this really, really should be a story prompt for the short story contest, @xiagan make it happen!)

April 14, 2015, 07:00:20 AM
Winners and Stories I thought it would be cool to have a place where all the winners and their stories are represented.

I started with the Month I nearly won with a poem. (Okay, it's the month the publishing on the main page started and that may be the real reason. ;))

Bold theme = already published on the main site

Writing Contest Winners - Hall of Fame


[March 2013] The City "Obsidian City" by Philip Overby

[April 2013] Time Travel "HAVOC TIME!" by Arry

[May 2013] Magic "Wizardry" by Charlemagne

[June 2013] Mazes "In My Head" by Jaimie J.

[July 2013] The Deep “The Island” by 137minutes

[August 2013] Elements “A Fine Morning for Running” by ladygreen

[September 2013] Battles “The Battle of Bledrag Field” by TOMunro

[October 2013] Sports “Cheating Death” by Andrew Ward

[November 2013] Doors “Thorns in the Garden” by Timekeeper

[December 2013] Underdogs “A New Start” by TOMunro


[January 2014] Betrayal "Stab and Twist" by ACSmyth and "Jing Ke – A Tale from the Stone Road" by G_R_Matthews

[February 2014] Fanfic “The Road to Arrow” by TOMunro

[March 2014] Grimdark “The Heir to Foulstania” by Jared Shurin

[April 2014] Write about Jake/Lynn “The Artisan’s Mask” by ladygreen *Best Story of 2014*

[May 2014] Portal Fantasy “Song and Dance” by ladygreeen

[June 2014] Taboos “Life and Death” by Elfy

[July 2014] Apprenticeship “A Dangerous Talent” by LisaElle

[August 2014] Seven Deadly Sins “Septum Insidias” by AlmightyZael

[September 2014] Fantasy Clichés "The four Orcshiremen" by OnlyOneHighlander

[October 2014] Abandoned Places "The Rookery" by Giddler

[November 2014] Joker Month "The mist in their veins" by Ancalagon

[December 2014] Religion "Ailurophilia" by Carter and "Wardu's Wager" by Jmack


[January 2015] Science Fiction "Junk Mail" by Giddler

[February 2015] Fanfic "Ghost in the Light" by Saraband

[March 2015] Rogues "The 7 Tenets of Rogueishness" by Rukaio_Alter

[April 2015] Plot Twist! Werewolf, Vampire, Goat "A Twist too Far" by Rukaio_Alter

[May 2015] Fairytales "The Sun, the Moon and the Morning Star" by Jmack *Best Story of 2015*

[June 2015] Multiple POVs "The Braying Jack" by Jeryn

[July 2015] Flash Fiction "For Evil to Triumph" by wakarimasen and "Last Regrets" by OnlyOneHighlander

[August 2015] Space Opera "Space Opera" by Jmack

[September 2015] Politics, Scheming and Intrigue "The Translator" by tebakutis

[October 2015] The name of the short story must be that of a fantasy bestseller but the story isn't allowed to have anything to do with that book. "The Exorcist" by Nora

[November 2015] Mighty Beasts "The Magnificent Mythical Zoo (No Refunds)" by Rukaio_Alter

[December 2015] Young Love "Adrift" by tebakutis and "An Unconventional Proposal" by Rukaio_Alter and "The Library of Alexander" by Jmack


[January 2016] Breaking the Fourth Wall "But, I’m a F#@%ing Dragon! " by m3mnoch

[February 2016] Fanfic III "Mistaken Identity" by Rukaio_Alter

[March 2016] Nightmares "A Gift for the Nightmare Man" by tebakutis

[April 2016] The Last Contest (Dystopia) "Everything in Frame" by tebakutis

[May 2016] Well known Fairy Tales from a different POV "The Magic Lamp" by Lanko

[June 2016] Random Wikipedia Article "One Last Drink" by tebakutis

[July 2016] Story Generator "Conan meets Nietzsche" by Lanko

[August 2016] Potions and Elixirs "Goldenfoot, The Brave" by @night_wrtr *Best Story of 2016*

[September 2016] Pirates! "The Rule of the Curse" by @SugoiMe

[October 2016] Corpses "Where there's a Will" by @TOMunro

[November 2016] 1750 "Youthful Optimism" by @Lordoftheword

[December 2016] Dragons "The Fishwife's Tale" by @Jmack


[January 2017] Urban Fantasy "A Sliver of the Sky" by @Jmack

[February 2017] Fanfic "A Song of Rings and Thrones" by @Lanko

[March 2017] Through the Beast's Eye "Hellhound" by @Rukaio_Alter

[April 2017] Omens (Scavenger Hunt) "On the Fire Escape" by @Nora

[May 2017] Music "Echos of the First Refrain" by @Carter

[June 2017] Gangsters and Crime Lords "A Baron and a Princess" by @Rukaio_Alter AND "Who Criminals pray to" by @Nora

[July and August 2017] Story Generator II

May 05, 2015, 09:01:07 PM
Re: Fantasy Memes and silly stuff about books from the internet

This one strikes me as incredibly fitting for a writing contest subject, somehow.

May 14, 2015, 06:00:28 AM
Re: What are you currently reading? Just finished listening to Abercrombie's The Heroes. Just amazing stuff, one of the best-written books for me recently. The First Law trilogy has just moved up in my TBR big time.
May 24, 2015, 04:29:06 PM
Re: Orbit, we need to talk... It's funny. Sanderson works on so many projects besides the Stormlight Archive, and yet he still manages to get them out faster than George RR Martin.
June 08, 2015, 12:54:05 AM