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Re: The Stone Road: Ask the Author!

Would love it if you can find the two one lines and put them in Spoilers. Possible?

I think I know where the book is :) The joy of memory... READ UP TO CHAPTER 17 before looking :)

Spoiler for Hiden:
OK, it was a little more than 2 lines.

Re: King Hui of Qin and the King of Shu (p81-82, China; A History by John Keay)

Five life-size stone cows… were commissioned and, when sculpted to naturalistic perfection, were mischievously embellished by spattering their tails and hindquarters with gobs of purest gold. The herd was then put to grass where emissaries from Shu might observe and reflect.
Shu people being, even by Qin’s doubtful standards, unenlightened in the ways of civilisation and so somewhat credulous, the emissaries reported this remarkable phenomenon to their king; and he of course, excited by the idea of an unlimited supply of gold cowpats, indented for ‘the stone cattle’ as a gift . King Qui of Qin assented. But because of the impossibility of hauling a herd up the scree-trails and panda-paths of two major mountain ranges, he graciously offered first to construct a suitable drive road.
Whatever its origins, this ‘Stone Cattle Road’, of which archaeologists have since uncovered some convincing traces, was a major undertaking… the ruminants (on arrival) failed perform as expected.
Not so easy to repel, though, were the heavily armed and armoured Qin storm-troopers… who followed along ‘Stone Cattle Road’.

May 31, 2016, 08:54:30 AM
Re: Part 2: Chapter 10 to Chapter 20 Just finished Chapter 20 and this has shaped up to be a really strong book. Zhou and Huang have become much more interesting; their joint experiences - viewed from their own perspectives - harrowing.

Even after 20 chapters, I have truly no idea where this is going, but am happy to be on the journey.
Love that.

June 02, 2016, 04:09:00 PM
Re: The Stone Road: Ask the Author!
GR - do you have authors that have especially influenced your writing? Do you have kind of "role models"?

Hrm... that's a tough question. I know I have books that I really enjoy and have taken a lot from, in terms of learning  how to write.

Arthur C Clarke - A Fall of Moondust; how to create tension in a confined environment with a restricted cast. (They never leave the moon-ship (always thought of it a bit like a private jet that skimmed the moon surface). And I've read a lot of his other books to.

Michael Kring - Space Mavericks; who the hell is that? Yeah, I know, most folks haven't heard of him apart from on the lists of worst books ever written :) So, part of it may be what not to do, however in Space Mavericks you have a book of imagination (though the main hero is a bit like Wolverine) and great pacing.

R A Salvatore - Drizzit; not the whole series, but the struggle Drizzit has in overcoming his heritage.

L E Modesitt Jr - Recluse; what a great saga. The mix of technology and magic, the conflict between order and chaos, and the grey between.

Louise Cooper - Time Master trilogy; Still on my shelf (in the loft) and I have fond memories of the tight PoVs used.

Elizabeth H Boyer - World of Alfar; That real immersion into a different culture. Books that didn't feel like Medieval England.

Lyndon Hardy - Master of the Five Magics; Having more than one magic system co-existing and all making sense.

Raymond Fiest - Magician; Pug (of the original series) is still one of my favourite characters.

Hugh Cook - Wizards and Warrors etc; Still can't believe more haven't read this series. Totally alien fantasy world, full of great characters.

Lee Childs - Reacher; Almost a blank canvas of a character, yet with enough depth to be interesting and imprint yourself upon.

Clive Cussler - Dirk Pitt; Adventure, historical links, improbable plots and just fun!

Terry Pratchett - All of them; So clever, and such a master of the sentence. His commas meant more than other writers paragraphs!

And so many more... so many...

June 04, 2016, 01:17:42 PM
Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End
The chapter where he finds the spirit - a large Cat (a panther). More of that in Book 2 :)

Panther? Panther? How come I never made the connection? DUH! ???

June 06, 2016, 09:22:54 PM
Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End

Finished! Very good second half of the book, and felt it was a solid 4 stars throughout. Also really enjoyed the Wu stuff, good to hear there's a lot more of that in the sequels. I'll definitely be reading them, once I've read the ~30 books I have left on my bingo list.  :P

Okay I believe them to be alive only for Zhou to lose them all over again.I see what the others think when there get to the end :-)
I've been certain of this for the whole book, except that in the scene where Zhou fights the Duke, he sees his son's dead body, no? I guess that could be either imagined or some other child, but I thought that was confirmation that he had actually seen their bodies...  :-\

Interesting... :)
Hey, no being mysterious. Totally not allowed.  :P

And thanks for the great comments :) I hope this book fits something on your Bingo card!
Thanks for the great read! :D

It could potentially fit three actually: Self-published/Indie, Novel with fewer than 3000 GR ratings, and Novel inspired by non-western folklore/myth. I'll probably be putting it in the third one  ;)

June 07, 2016, 12:52:46 AM
Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End
Finished!  Now I get to read this thread.  ;D

It's like an extra chapter for the book!

June 10, 2016, 01:07:53 PM
Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End Finished.

I liked the worldbuilding a lot. The small cultural 'quirks' (for lack of a better word) were well done; the golems, the spirits, the titles "Honorable, Honored, Venerable Hsin, etc - I really liked those, and kind of wish I could get away with them irl  ;D.

I felt a few places were under-explained, or at the least I missed some crucial details. I felt as though I often knew what the character was doing, but not his motivation for doing it. As an example, I'm still not sure why Zhou wandered into the mountains after the siege, (the only motive stated at the time was revenge, but I didn't quite understand how going into the mountains would help with that goal), though I could see why he needed to in order to meet Boqin.

The misspelled, misused, and missing words were a bit distracting. At one point (about 75% of the way through) the paragraph indentation goes wonky for about a scene, which really put me on edge, haha, but I think that says more about me than it does the book.

The Emperor, Boqin, and the spirit animals are what really pulled things together for me. When Boqin and Zhou meet the emperor in the spirit world was the first time I got a sense that there was a lot more going on here than I thought. It makes me wonder what I was missing at the first, as I'm curious if there are a few of these 'special list/Wu' individuals who I missed at the first. The subsequent conversation between the Duke and the Emperor was, I think, my favorite part of the book.

June 11, 2016, 08:44:39 PM
Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End Sorry to double post, I just had to comment on this:

Edit: I've Read further on, the statue of a dragon with no emperor.I've got a theory this might mean there is no emperor just a dragon spirit which is masquerading as the emperor.The emperor has been consumed by the spirit or something and the emperor sleeping in the body

That's funny, I took it as an anarchist symbol. A dragon without a rider, as in the nation without its emperor. I figured they were anti-emperor rebels.

June 11, 2016, 08:47:21 PM
Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish
Thanks to G.R for participating and also for Jmack for his time in organizing everything!

I really enjoyed every moment... well, apart from the fear beforehand... once that abated though I was totally fine :)

Thanks to everyone who has read it, and double thanks if you posted a rating/review on Amazon/Goodreads!

I'm going to miss all this chat next month :)

June 25, 2016, 09:53:22 PM
Re: Introductory Thread: Who's Reading With Us?
I guess I am pretty much a month late. I started this one over the weekend and I am enjoying it a lot thus far.

I think I'll still leave my comments and read the others' although everyone will probably be busy with July's bookclub read.

Hopefully I finish quick enough to join in on July's as well. They are both books that I have had on my tbr list for quite a while, so this is the perfect excuse to bump them up the list  :)

And I'll still drop by too :)

June 30, 2016, 06:42:42 PM