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Fantasy-Faction Writing Group - Wanna Join? Hello Guys,

I've been considering starting a Fantasy-Faction Writing Group.

Before you continue...


This group is aimed at people who are actively writing a novel.

How will it work?

The point of the writing group will be to make those involved better writers.

Essentially, the deal is that you submit a chapter and critique a chapter in return.

I will start a new forum, where people can post their chapters as new threads.

The way it will work is that once you have submitted a critique to someones chapter you can then post a chapter of your own work.

People will then need to critique your chapter before they can post their own work.

How many people can enter?

This will be VERY limited. I want a maximum number of 6 people involved in this project. It is very important that we select people that will want to help each other become better writers.

Of course, if demand is high enough we will start a second group and then a third group and so on.

Will I have to read loads...?

You will need to read as much as you write. If you write two chapters a month, you will need to critique two chapters a month. I think that is pretty fair...

How in-depth must my critique be?

You do not have to 'edit' someones work. Critiquing in this sense is more about saying what you enjoyed as a reader, what you disliked, what worked, what did not work, which sentences you would re-work, etc.


So, please post here if this is something you are interested in or have any questions.

April 03, 2012, 04:14:42 PM
Re: Grimdark
There are enough different novels and styles of writing to tickle anybodies fancy, so why are people complaining about things they do not like? Stop wasting your time and read what you like. That's what I try to do.

You're absolutely right, of course. But the value (dubious as it is) of a subgenre as that people can use them for exactly that purpose - to find books they like. If I like Abercrombie and hear he's "grimdark", then I can seek out other grimdark books as they share something in common with a book I like...

It just gets tricky when people try to define exactly what that commonality is. And trickier when that definition includes stuff that a reader doesn't like.

March 26, 2013, 12:05:13 PM
Re: Join the Self Publishing Discussion! All quiet on the self publishing front...

So how are those books working for you, Florian. I have just put out a fourth fantasy novel on Amazon and plan two more for 2015 (already written).

Do you have any thought on publicity? Does anyone want to know about my experiences with trying to get people to buy my books? It all comes down to four things:

Write it
Cover it
Get reviews

each of these covers a multitude of sins, of course, and by own particular demon (as for so many of us) is writing the back cover blurb.


May 09, 2015, 02:00:24 AM
Re: No, "What Horror book are you reading right now?" Thread? I'm listening to "NOS4A2" by Joe Hill. For me, the most impressive thing is how the MC is sympathetic, but really really deeply flawed. And not just like "oh, she needs a flaw... Let's make her claustrophobic". No, really flawed and very believable.

And the book is doing what it's supposed to: set up characters you care about and foreshadow some terrible, terrible shite about to go down.

October 21, 2016, 11:47:06 AM
Re: Here it is! The 5 Best Modern Fantasy Poll We should probably wait to do it a year from the initial poll, kind of like how Reddit fantasy does. It makes more sense that way. You would also have to open up another nominations thread, or just continue on with the current one. I have books that I would want to nominate now that I didn't before.
February 11, 2017, 12:44:29 AM
Re: Hello to all! Seen you on another forum, welcome here as well.
April 20, 2017, 02:59:22 PM
Re: Hello to all! Hello and welcome!  :D
April 20, 2017, 08:59:34 PM
Re: Hello to all! Hi Allan, welcome. Where are you? What do you do? Can I drive? Are we there yet?  ;D
April 21, 2017, 12:53:21 AM
Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed? Name: C.T. Phipps
Email: charlie_the_cat_pooka@yahoo.com
Website URL: https://ctphipps.wordpress.com/
Genre: Post-Apocalypse Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Cthulhu Armageddon)
Dark Space Opera (Lucifer's Star)
Length: approx. 80K (Cthulhu Armageddon)
90K (Lucifer's Star)
Format: ebook
I'd love to get some reviews if you'd be interested in a review copy of either Cthulhu Armageddon or Lucifer's Star.

"Under an alien sky where gods of eldritch matter rule, the only truth is revenge.”

CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON is the story of a world 100 years past the rise of the Old Ones which has been reduced to a giant monster-filled desert and pockets of human survivors (along with Deep Ones, ghouls, and other “talking” monsters).

John Henry Booth is a ranger of one of the largest remaining city-states when he’s exiled for his group’s massacre and suspicion he’s “tainted.” Escaping with a doctor who killed her husband, John travels across the Earth’s blasted alien ruins to seek the life of the man who killed his friends.

It’s the one thing he has left.


From the bestselling author of The Rules of Supervillainy:

Cassius Mass was the greatest star pilot of the Crius Archduchy. He fought fiercely for his cause, only to watch his nation fall to the Interstellar Commonwealth. It was only after that he realized the side he'd been fighting for was the wrong one. Now a semi-functional navigator on an interstellar freight hauler, he tries to hide who he was and escape his past. Unfortunately, some things refuse to stay buried and he ends up conscripted by the very people who destroyed his homeland.

LUCIFER'S STAR is the first novel of the Lucifer's Star series, a dark science fiction space opera set in a world of aliens, war, politics, and slavery.

May 07, 2017, 09:12:35 AM
Hello! Hey,

My name is Emily. I am 25 years old and I've been writing the majority of my life.
I'm from the Netherlands. I love urban fantasy and horror, reading *and* writing though I don't have much experience with the horror genre in terms of writing.

June 02, 2017, 10:23:06 PM