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Looking for beta readers, info below. I'm currently seeking serious beta readers for my novel , Gates of Arcadia. It's about 50,000 words, fantasy, and it's sequel is close to release. Comment or pm me if you're interested. Here's the description:     

Selian Corvus, an eighteen year old reluctantly living in a society built to destroy him, his hope, and all who combine their mental, physical, and spiritual energies to reshape the world around them. His morals are put to the test when one bad decision leads to the capture of his younger sister, Tahlia, the last thing remaining dear to him. As remnants of the Corvus Bloodline, a family forgotten as former Arcadian rulers and masters of transcending memories, their lineage dangles on a thin line between two different minds.

Selian must walk a path of calamity, discovering the truth behind his mother's corpse, history of Arcadia, and the location of his sister, while bending from a warrior of virtue, to a dauntless antihero.
In the world of Arcadia, begins a journey inside the Umbra Gate, one of the six unique and stellar regions of the planet and home to the Cyber Circus. This dystopian novel features a heart pounding story filled with absolution, deception, and romance.

September 28, 2016, 03:05:51 AM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread
Also, I have never been able to my submit my previous work into the monthly writing contests. If you can't submit your work as a file attachment, then how do you submit it?
Hey, how do you submit your work through a personal message

OK  @Osahon here goes
To submit a story in a normal month write it in Word in as near perfection as you can with word count and edits done.  Select All then Copy

Open the Submission thread, click Reply, Paste your story and put it in spoilers by selecting all then clicking on  the SP icon above.

Add your comment and title at the beginning above the Spoiler, and Post it. From now on you can still go in  to do minor edits ( Modify) etc until the thread closes but remember many people read as the stories appear and  may not re read again.

This month with Anonymous Go to My Messages at top Menu here,  and send your story as a message in exactly the same way as described above when sending to the Submission thread. Where it gives you the To box put in Anonymous .  It will probablymay or may not give you a red Anonymus with an X below the box. That is fine and it will work.When you have completed the message Post it and it will be transferred to the main thread in due course by the moderator in this case Xiagan probably. Hope that makes sense . Good luck.

ETA Sorry forgot to mention that paragraph double spacing and effects like italics or bold will not come over from Word so once you have got your story safely posted go back in straight away with Modify and edit for those things.

October 01, 2016, 12:09:06 PM
Re: [Sep 2016] - Pirates! - Voting Thread omg!  look at that book cover!  priceless!

kindle mobi:

generic epub:

word document:

critique sheet:

NOTE: Files with '-noauthor' appended only have the author
names listed at the beginning, on the table of contents.

October 04, 2016, 04:22:49 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread Relevant rule:

2. One or more corpses must play a crucial role.

That's very open, and the rules are interpreted pretty generously most of the time anyway. I think zombies would definitely count, so I'd say go for it!  :)

October 04, 2016, 05:49:11 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread
So I think I may have posted my story, but it's been quite a bit now and it's not shown up in the submission thread.
Anonymous works in mysterious ways. ;)

October 18, 2016, 05:08:36 PM
Re: Fantasy Memes and silly stuff about books from the internet Ok Tweet peeps, you want a few smiles today today go look at


Pip? A total loser. I'll make Expectations Great again. #TrumpBookReport

"It was the best of times"
"It was the worst of times"
"It was the age of wisdom"

The Hunger Games are rigged, folks. Everyone knows Katniss won because she played the woman card. Nasty woman. Very rigged. #TrumpBookReport

Frodo Baggins was a bad hombre, believe me. Very low energy. I would have been a tremendous ring-bearer, very classy. Sad! #TrumpBookReport

October 22, 2016, 04:49:24 AM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Submission Thread Harry

Spoiler for Hiden:
She woke up and there he was. Scarlet smiled.

Not much had changed since he showed up three years ago slumped on top of her cheap, eight-drawer dresser like a bear rug, staring down at the floor with his eyeless sockets and toothy mouth. Not much except his hair. That particular remnant of humanity had somehow continued to grow out the dead man’s skull. She didn’t think hair was supposed to grow out of dead skulls, but what did she know? Scarlet was only ten.

“Morning, Harry!” she said, her bedsprings making the same old squeaky noise it always made. Mother told Scarlet she would get a new bed when she turned ten. But instead mother took her step-father, Trevor, to Mexico and left her here with grandma and grandpa. Scarlet hadn’t minded though. She hated Trevor and she’d been glad he wouldn’t be here for her big day.
No one else could see Harry, of course. He showed up when she was only seven years old, and when her mom took her to the doctor, he said that it was a “stage of grief” Scarlet was going through after her real daddy died in a plane crash.
Scarlet didn’t know what daddy had to do with a corpse on her dresser, and she took her mother to the room and pointed at the dead man’s grinning face as she cried and cried and begged her mother to look harder. But she couldn’t see it. No one but Scarlet could, and when she tried sneaking into her mother’s bed at night, Trevor picked her up, took her back to her room and locked the door.
Scarlet had spent the entire night crying, but when morning came and she saw that it was dead dead like the big spider she’d squished outside her bedroom door, she felt better. Scarlet tried talking to it and found it was just like anything else that didn’t have brains, or a heart, or all those other things the Wizard of Oz characters were missing. It was dead, and that was that.

Scarlet walked over to her dresser and winked up at Harry, who remained motionless and stiff as a gargoyle. Once she tried moving him to a place under her bed where he could be more comfortable, but no matter how hard she tried, he just wouldn’t move. Harry was a part of her black dresser like any drawer or handle. Scarlet liked him there.

But something was different this morning. “Harry, did you move?” Scarlet reached up and swept the hair away from his decayed, skeletal face. “You did move! Oh, look here!”

For three years his chin had rested on her top drawer, preventing her from opening it. It didn’t bother Scarlet much when she was younger. She was too small to reach up and inside the drawer anyway.

But this development intrigued her young and curious mind. Harry’s head was tilted up now, so that he was looking directly at her bed. Scarlet liked him better the way he’d been before, but now she could use her top drawer!
“That was nice of you, Harry. Now I have a place to put all my books!” she exclaimed, beaming up at him. She opened the drawer and heard something rolling around inside. What could it be?

Looking up at Harry, she slid her hand in the drawer and felt something round and squishy, like two tiny rubber balls. She clasped them both in her hand and when she opened it two dilated pupils looked up at her. Scarlet screamed and dropped the eyes on the ground before running into the hall and calling for her mother.

Oh no! she remembered, making it only halfway down the hall. Mother was out of town for the weekend! She turned to go back to her room when Trevor lumbered around the corner.

“I’m trying to sleep, Scarlet! Get the fuck back into your room and don’t come out until I tell you. I swear if I have to say it twice –.”

She bolted back into her room and slammed the door, cutting him off mid-sentence. She could hear him swearing on the other side, stomping over the empty beer cans he left all over the house the night before.
With her back pressed up against the door, Scarlet looked down at the two glossy eyes staring up at her, the irises sky blue with pupils so big they looked to swallow her up. The longer she stared at them the less menacing they seemed. They were just like Harry, she thought. Dead as dead, just a couple of eyeballs hiding in her dresser. Scarlet giggled.

“Harry, are these yours?” As always, there was no response. She crept over to the eyes, picked them up and held them in front of Harry’s face as if to taunt him. “Do you want these? I bet you do! You’re gonna have to come get them!” But before she could scamper back to her bed the eyes flew from her hands and slipped into the corpse’s sockets with a sickening squishing sound. “What? How . . . how did you do that?”
Scarlet went to call Trevor, but then stopped. The last time she disobeyed Trevor he’d taken his big, brown belt to her bottom and made Scarlet promise to never tell mom. Scarlet remembered the pain, how she couldn’t sit down in her chair at school unless she put her winter jacket underneath her bum. No, Trevor was tired and angry. He’d probably do something even worse!

Harry moved! Just a little tilt of the head, but he’d moved. Scarlet hurried to her bed and hid beneath the sheets. Breathing heavy, she could hear cracking, squishing and the scraping of bone on wood. There was a loud creak. It was her warped floorboards bending and resetting. Only Trevor made the floorboards do that, so Scarlet peered up from beneath her sheets, for once in her life praying it was her step-father.

She saw Harry’s back, a mixture of yellowed skeleton and gangrene flesh covered by a tattered layer of green and burgundy cloth. He was rooting through the top drawer, and when he found what he was looking for he held it in the air in triumph. It squirmed in his hand like an over-sized, pink slug, and when he turned around to face her, Harry put it in his mouth, rolled back his skull and shook his jaw side to side. After five seconds he let out a haunting sigh. Scarlet wailed louder than she thought she knew how and peed herself.

“Hellooo Scarrrlet,” Harry said, his voice like a strong gale blowing through a cracked window. He stared at her through his long and grey hair with his big, lidless eyes as he bobbed back and forth. He took two steps toward her. “I’ve come a loooong way to see youuu. Do you know whyyyy?”
Scarlet couldn’t scream any more. She was white with fright, arms extended helplessly as she tried to ward Harry off with her small hands. But he kept coming, slow and rhythmic as he dragged his feet along the floor. That was when Trevor burst through the door, red and sweating forty-percent alcohol and sixty percent rage.

“What did I fucking tell you?” he pulled his belt from his waist, studded with little metal beads. Scarlet began sobbing uncontrollably, unsure what to be afraid of more: The belt, or the grinning corpse standing before her.

“Look!” she said, pointing at Harry. “Look, he’s real!”

Harry pivoted toward Trevor and the blood left her step-father’s face. He froze, his body shaking as a wet streak of piss ran down his grey jeans and pooled at his bare feet. Trevor tried to scream, but his neck tensed up and the veins bulged in his neck. He shifted his hopeless gaze to Scarlet.

Scarlet liked it. For once Trevor had no power and he couldn’t hurt her. Harry was here, and Harry was going to protect her. She knew for sure when he stopped in front of Trevor, knocked the belt out of his hand and lifted him off the ground by his throat.

“Yeeess?” Harry asked in his spectral voice. Scarlet knew that if she let Trevor leave this room he would come back later and hurt her. She looked at Harry and said yes in her softest voice.

A cloud of swirling black ash surrounded them and before Scarlet could count to ten it was over. Nothing was left of Trevor but a limp skeleton in beer-stained clothes, and when Harry turned around Scarlet smiled.

Even though Harry looked exactly like her step-father she knew it wasn’t true. He was smiling at her. Trevor never smiled at her.


October 22, 2016, 07:52:30 PM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Discussion Thread When I first saw the title, I swear, for a second I thought "Wow, this month, we're going to get 1750 words for our short stories instead of 1500!"


November 01, 2016, 06:46:14 PM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Discussion Thread Dear Powers of Infinite Authoritay, would you please consider expanding the limit of 1500 words for the November contest to 1750, for both symbolic and practical reasons?

We have the additional burdens of integrating a time-travel sequence and communicating our plans for world domination, and 250 words of additional space ought to be enough to allow us to both overcome these issues and present a short tale.

If my voice sounds tinny, it's because I have not yet worked the bugs out of my chrono-ansible, and its brass composition makes for unpleasant reverb. Please consider my request so that I can accomplish the tasks for which I was sent back in time. Otherwise, I will have to abandon our plans and seek out your ancestors. Don't worry, I won't harm them. But I might introduce a genetic mutation or two.

November 01, 2016, 09:20:03 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread  :)
Hello! I wanted to say hello so that those playing guess the writer would know a new person entered a story.

November 02, 2016, 02:21:58 PM