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Re: The King's Paws With my prior post earlier today, I am a Gentleman Bastard once again! 1,500 posts. Ye gods, no one ever tell my wife.  :o

In keeping with prior posts along these lines, here are some observations:

@Nighteyes is psychotic. But in a good way.  :D
@xiagan really needs to ditch the white socks. Just sandals, please.
@Elfy should probably read more books.
@ArcaneArtsVelho doesn't live in Croatia. Contrary to popular belief.
@Arry remains the model of reasonableness, helpfulness, and something like honor. Which means she dies in GRRM's next book.
@Doctor Chill will have a very interesting birthday if I have anything to write about it.
@Saraband is also too nice to survive GRRM's next book, nay, his next chapter.
@wakarimasen is wacko, I mean, Waka.
@Rukaio Alter is the Writing Contest Emperor! (your 15 minutes, baby)
@Lady Ty needs to write combination cook books, travel guides to Oz, and children's literature that adults read because there's something slightly... wrong inside those tales.
@Nora was definitely dropped in from another planet. And needs to replenish her ray gun to blast violent motorists from the streets of Australia.
@D_Bates is truly the critiquaire extraordinaire. No debate. Though Wakarimasen, Rukaio and Norma certainly do their part as well.
@Eclipse is up for anything. Really. His phone number is...
@Henry Dale should now be satisfied with his carillon story... But, then again, maybe not.
@ultamentkiller is the ultimate. You know he has to listen to all this clap-trap, right?
@Yora remains an enigma shrouded in mystery folded into intelligent space.
@Raptori is good on his own. But with @Saurus, brilliant!
@Overlord is like the cosmic Watchmaker. Wind it up, watch it whirl.


@ScarletBea is still the forum's favorite lady in orange. And completely in charge of cake (with help from others, of course.)

So I've left out lots of people, and I'm sorry. My lunch hour is getting out of hand. But I do want to mention at least one or two new members, since we love them too! @J9AC9K, @ClintACK are already making themselves known.

Since I started, I've written 11 stories (including 3 from the Birthday Cycle) and made so many friends.

Thank you, all.

June 03, 2015, 06:09:37 PM