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Re: The best coming of age fantasy heroic books I'd recommend Chris Wooding's The Braided Path series, which begins with The Weavers of Saramyr.

And I'll also give a shout to Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series. The first one, Sabriel, works as a standalone but the following two are worth reading and verge deeper into 'epic' territory.

October 04, 2015, 09:29:42 AM
Re: The best coming of age fantasy heroic books You might consider Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar world - starting with "Queen's Own" a trilogy and her latest series in the Valdemar world  "Collegium Chronicles" (5 books in this series) and perhaps "Last Herald mage" trilogy.  Each of the series follows a young teen growing up in the Valdemar world. 

If you don't mind  YA you might consider Tamora Pierce's novels/series.  All of her books are fantasy and have young protagonist growing up during the course of their adventures.  Some examples: Song of the Lioness (4 books), Immortal series, and Circle of Magic series. 

And there is David Eddings' Belgarid series - which has a young boy growing up as well. 

October 07, 2015, 10:53:35 PM
Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait? I'll read whatever catches my eye. I have no problem if it's a complete series or not. I love speculating within the fandoms about what's going to happen next. I love being able to reread a book in a series and say, "Yeah, I remember what point I was in my life then." And, when you're reading a series over time, I feel a deeper attachment to the characters. With something that's complete, I'll most likely never reread it. But with unfinished works, I can look forward to going back, and the characters stick in my mind.
January 05, 2016, 10:32:10 PM
Re: The Night's Watch ASoIaF Oh god no, don't take Jaime and Brienne away from me :(

January 07, 2016, 01:04:08 AM
Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait? Never ever cared about a series being in progress while picking a book up. And I've been waiting for TWO of the GRRM books since discovering him as a teen. Still doesn't dampen my habit. If it's good I'll read it. If it ends on a cliff hanger, I'll probably be a bit ruffled, maybe won't pick any new book for a couple of days, let that last one settle.
Then I pick a new thing and it's either great or I move on to a new one.

I mean, how many complete series have I stopped reading because I got bored, or simply not pleased enough with it that it can't wait to be completed another time (if ever)? A lot. So I really don't see the point of limiting myself at all.

If a series is dense, awesome, and has parts published many years appart, I'll just re-read books before the publishing time. That's fine by me.
Besides, pre ordering a book, or going insane for the day your library will open with it all fresh out of its delivery box is something you just don't get unless it's part of a series. Of course you can be excited by a new book by a fav author, but when you know that new book will answer crucial questions or bring back favorite characters, it's just more intense.

January 07, 2016, 12:57:13 PM
Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait?
For me, there's a point where the waiting becomes too much. As a kid with the Harry Potter books, I was frantic with every new one, but as an adult I lose some of that excitement.

Ah, I did that too. I remember endless discussions on CoS and even "hacking" Jo's site only to find dummy text but not knowing it was dummy text. We thought we struck gold as we hastily tried to translate the Latin text. Heh.

But yeah, I remember basically growing up with those books. It saddens me that I haven't really been dedicated to anything as much as I was to HP when I was a young fellow and probably never will again.

Which is actually one of the bigger reasons why I only read finished stuff. I don't trust myself to actually remember anything past a certain point in time so if I read something unfinished then continue it when the next part comes out, I will be completely and utterly lost. It matters little if I liked it or not, there are now more important things that occupy my memory.

January 07, 2016, 07:23:55 PM
Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait? I don't know how old/experienced all the commenters are on this thread, but I am now in my mid to late thirties and I have actually really enjoyed the fact that I have had to wait for books from some authors recently. I think I went through a phase where I was reading completed series (or even re-reading) and watching dvd box sets and there was instant gratification but I think I was missing the excitement and anticipation of a new book from my favourite authors and buying it when it first comes out.
Back when I was in my teens/twenties I remember waiting for new books by David Gemmell, Terry Prachett even dare I say it Piers Anthony and David Eddings. There was a real excitement to knowing that a book was coming and a huge rush on then being able to buy it (or borrow it from the library) and sitting down to read it.
I think some of the examples being talked about (GRRM and Pat Rothfuss) are extreme examples of hugely popular, complex series which have, for whatever reasons, been slow in coming. I only discovered ASOIAF maybe 3-4 years ago so I haven't been sat there waiting for each book to come out, and I did enjoy when A Dance With Dragons came out. I can handle waiting for the next books in these epic series but might lose interest I suppose in lesser series.
I also enjoy when you "discover" something new and can watch it developing. For me that has been things like Duncan M Hamilton and Sebastien De Castell's recent books. There is a pleasure in being involved from the start!
One last point, since I am waffling on, is that it is nice to know that you will get more books from your favourite authors. So, knowing that I will probably see more books from GRRM, Pat Rothfuss, Scott Lynch is a great pleasure. I still remember having to come to terms with there never being any more David Gemmell books... Still wish I could have  a few more though!

January 07, 2016, 09:15:13 PM
Re: Do you read unfinished series or prefer to wait? I've just read Beyond Redemption, by Michael R. Fletcher.

There wasn't anything signaling it was going to be a trilogy and I thought it was a standalone. Shit. While I'm very happy this book will continue, now I'm also gonna have to wait years to see what happens next.

However, it was so damn good that I think I would have regretted not having read it. It would be possible that 2, 3 or more years down the road I would've not even remembered the book. Damn, that would be depressing.

While I'm so far on the option 2 group, I think I'm leaning more towards 3 now.

Maybe just be a bit careful to not pile up a crapload of unfinished series. BR isn't exactly an easy read, there's plenty of names, "ranks", "powers", very subtle details and such. Imagining having another dozen of those around and waiting for another dozen sequels over many years, while still picking up more new/unfinished series along the way.

But after BR I'm more inclined to start new series. I think the only one I'm really gonna wait to be finished is Kingkiller (if it really finishes at 3, if not, I may as well start it) as there is a chance it will be released this year or the next.


January 11, 2016, 10:39:19 PM