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Re: The Future of Fantasy I hope Urban Fantasy never gets called 'Fantasy' lol - that is one thing I am really, really hoping for. I like that most people are calling it 'Paranormal Romance' I can live with that. A girl at work was reading some Charlenne Harris (name?) novel the other day and said:
'I like Fantasy too'
'erm... NO! NO! You do not. Do you know what Lord of the Rings is? Do you know the characteristics of an Orc?'

Point Proved ::)

February 16, 2011, 11:02:05 AM
Re: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski - Who's reading with us? What if I already read it and LOVED IT? Do I still get to join this club? lol

Dudes (male and female): this book rawks.  There is a reason the gaming community grabbed onto this title and created three gaming versions (Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is out now and AWESOME).

Seriously well written book with a wonderfully created world to support it.


July 02, 2015, 04:59:43 PM
Re: Do long series have to be that long?
It really depends on the quality of the story and if it needs all those pages. I've read standalone books that I thought would never end. I've also read lengthy series that I didn't want to end. Length has nothing to do with it.

This. Quality is more important than quantity. I do like how Hobb has her books split into different series, so each one has its own story arc that will span 3 or 4 books. But it also leads people to think they can read them out of order, which is a bad idea (speaking from first hand experience, unfortunately).

That said, for a completed series, it can be daunting to start, but my theory is I just take it one book at a time. If the series starts to lose my interest, if I get impatient, then maybe it's not good enough to continue. But, if I love a book or series, and they continue to be well done, then I won't complain if there's more to read.

September 04, 2015, 12:11:05 AM
Re: Do we recommend enough female authors when asked for recommendations I wonder if it's not a symptom of a larger issue - fewer female writers write fantasy that makes it to the recommend-worthy level. When making a recommendation or looking for my next read, I have never, ever in my life stopped to consider a writer's gender, whether as a reader, as a writer looking for successful works to study, or anything else. I didn't know JK Rowling was a woman for a long time, and my complete absence of reaction is indicative of my lack of interest in writer gender.

Perhaps this is because, in terms of numbers of books, when I was a kid the biggest single author I read was Anne McAffrey's Pern books, which when lined up, were at least as big a chunk of my stuff (by numbers of titles, not thickness) as any other author, including Tolkien.

I wonder if people in the Romance genre lament the rarity of male authors?

For my part, I find the emphasis of writer-gender completely misguided. By contrast, I understand people's interest in works with a more realistic depiction of human sexuality and racial diversity, which do impact the reader's experience in important ways.  If a straight white American woman writes X, or a black, South African bi-sexual man writes Y, or a Chinese transsexual bear writes Z, I honestly don't look at them at all. It's all about what's in X, Y, and Z. I don't research the person who designed my car, or packaged my coffee, to determine their gender, political stance, or sexual tastes. I just buy what I like, what serves well. And if someone asks for a recommendation, I certainly wouldn't pause for a gender-check. It wouldn't even occur to me. What does occur to me is - will they enjoy the book?

Trying out my new acronym ETA (thanks @Lady_Ty ):  I certainly hope there are not other venues where some sludge of humanity actively undermines a class of writers based on their gender, male or female. Writing is, in my opinion, an endeavor that both sexes can perform equally well in, when given the chance. Humanity is finally moving past the idea of dominance in various areas by one gender or the other.

If I ever saw someone undermining an author for being female, I would definitely speak up, because that's just bunk. Jeese louise, I want to experience new worlds, and if the voice that brings me there is female with an English or French or Portugese accent, I'm all for it. My son is studying to be a nurse, a field I believe he will excel at. At 6'3", I think he'll be well suited to some tasks that can be physically daunting (moving/rolling patients, etc.). And if he encounters biased attitudes, from men or women, then they'd better beware. Because my wife will eat their face :)

November 25, 2016, 11:02:52 PM