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The Name of the Wind:

Arrogant man tells story.

Good one!

February 03, 2015, 11:42:24 AM
The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett - Who's reading with us? Just want to say that I'm still joining in, just a bit late. The book is already sitting on my beside table. I'm currently reading Guards! Guards!, so I just want to finish with that. Usually I don't mind reading more than one book at a time, but I don't think two Pratchetts at the same time would work.
April 11, 2015, 04:55:52 PM
The Wee Free Men - First Impressions Just started yesterday.

It took a moment to get my mind into the more YA vibe, but I'm enjoying it so far. Liking Tiffany's quirky character.

April 19, 2015, 11:55:47 AM
The Wee Free Men - Chapters 4 -7 It seems like this book also refers to wisdom a lot in the form of headology... For instance in the way Tiffany got out of marrying. For a moment there I did not know how she woould get out of that. And I quite like the way she did.

I think Tiffany is going to have a hard time keeping the Feegles focussed on the task at hand. I am curious to see how she is going to manage that.

I must say that this book is lot deeper than I initially anticipated it to be. Especially for a YA book. Wisdom/Headology and grief are big topics. I wouldn't mind if my daughter read this book one day.

I don't have a favourite Feegle yet although William is growing on me.

April 24, 2015, 05:07:14 PM
The Wee Free Men - Chapters 8 - 11 So now perception vs reality becomes "real". It's nice that Praychett stays on the same theme. Now the only way out is to see what is realy there, not what she think is there. Yet, what is realy there might be hidden. (Which is not a too bad life lesson so by the way.)

I also thought the bit where the queen taunts Tiffany was good. Where the queen says that it wasn't Tiffany's fault and the bad choices she made was the fault of other things and bad influences etc. Since the queen is the bad guy here what she says are lies. And there is a definite lesson in this. Sometimes we need to see the reality - and not blame other things and people for our faults.

Quite a few bits in the book turns out to be good fables.

April 27, 2015, 04:34:35 PM
Week 4 - The Wee Free Men Chapters 12 - 14
For me this is a novel about coming to terms with grief  - Granny never left Tiffany but lives on through her.

 I think it is also important that things aren't tied up nicely with a pretty bow and Tiffany sadly has to accept that Roland wrongly gets the credit. 

I especially enjoyed the characters stepping into the dreamscape of the Jolly Sailor Tobacco picture.

Yes. And Tiffany basically honours Granny by taking over her duty as watcher of the borders.

Did think that Roland getting the credit was a good choice.

And yes, the Jolly Sailor scene was my favourite!

May 02, 2015, 12:46:39 PM
Re: Introductory Thread: Who's Reading With Us? I guess I am pretty much a month late. I started this one over the weekend and I am enjoying it a lot thus far.

I think I'll still leave my comments and read the others' although everyone will probably be busy with July's bookclub read.

Hopefully I finish quick enough to join in on July's as well. They are both books that I have had on my tbr list for quite a while, so this is the perfect excuse to bump them up the list  :)

June 30, 2016, 01:07:25 PM
Re: The Copper Promise: Who's Reading with Us? I'm also in. (Just quickly finishing June's book before I start, which will hopefully be very soon.)
June 30, 2016, 01:10:22 PM
Re: Part 2: Chapter 10 to Chapter 20 Before I read everyone else's comments I just want to add my thoughts thus far.

I just finished with part two.

First: Zhou VS Haung
This is the first time ever that I've read a book where the opposing sides are both treated as the protagonists and it is just weird. But I like it because it is much closer to real life. There is always two sides to a story and whether what you are doing is right or wrong, good or bad in the greater scheme of things there will be emotions and motivations involved in it. I think Matthews managed to capture this quite well.
At the beginning of part two I was fully rooting for Zhou even though he was a bit of a drip. At least he was honourable and sticking to his values. Whereas it felt like Haung was just being a puppet. However by the end of part two both of them have undergone some changes or just merely showed different parts of themselves and now I don't know who to root for any more.
Also.. with Haung I can see him going on following orders, but what will happen to Zhou now that everything he lived for was gone? So I guess Zhou is the one that is coercing me to read part 3.

This part also had a bit of a tug and pull when it came to ease and want of reading it. There where probably three bits where I felt 'meh' (mainly the big army bits) but then I would read a couple more pages and be pulled right back into the intrigue.

This part also revealed a lot more magic and mystery and that is just fun. Although the magic system is't really explained it is all fine because it isn't the two main characters who are using it. BUT what happened to Zhou there at the end with the black, white and red and the snakes? Does he have some latent magic powers in him? Mmm, interesting... (And fabulous way of revealing it!)


July 03, 2016, 07:59:42 PM
Re: The Copper Promise: Who's Reading with Us? Just bought it and starting today. Woohoo!
July 11, 2016, 07:08:10 AM