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Re: Author's favourite words Pratchett discovered "susurrus" a few novels back and haven't stopped using it since!

It's been a while but I also remember Asimov loved "inchoate".

June 30, 2012, 10:10:35 PM
Never Alone Hullo all! Has anyone heard of a platformer called Kisima Innitchuna (Never Alone)?

I saw this on Upworthy last month and bought it straight away. It's a tale taken from the folklore of the Iñupiat people of Alaska. The storywriters and narrator are Iñupiat and the cutscenes are done in animated scrimshaw. Its beautiful and absolutely amazing - thought I'd share it!

I can't embed the video for some reason. Here's a link:

December 02, 2015, 01:04:31 AM
Re: Netflix "Jessica Jones" series
I know, that made me so happy!
Spoiler for Hiden:
I'm wondering how this will effect his TV series? How much will we here about the events that take place between him and Jesica? I'm about halfway through season 1, and I don't have the answers yet.
I would really like to know where in Hell's Kitchen's timeline this movie takes place, or where in the MCU timeline. I've seen no Avengers 2 references, no Daredevil references, nothing. I have found a Civil War Easter egg, but that's it.
If anyone has the answer, please link it. Or, if you found something from a particular episode that gives an idea, just say the episode number. That would be awesome!

Finished it last week! There are more clues and references as the series progresses. It's definitely set during/after Daredevil.

December 02, 2015, 08:54:29 PM
Re: What are you currently reading? Well, it's not exactly fantasy... but I've just picked up The Kon-Tiki Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl.

In the 1940s, he had a theory that Polynesia had been settled from South America. He set out to prove it by building a small balsa-wood raft and crossing 4000 miles of Pacific Ocean.

It's really good so far! It reads like a John Le Carre thriller.

December 03, 2015, 11:41:12 PM
Re: What should Raptori read next?
And he's back ...

I was trying to figure out what your name is now. And why I'm Terry Goodkind's Biggest Fan.

December 05, 2015, 08:12:08 PM
Re: What should Raptori read next?
Are you someone that I should know?
Or is this even before my time? :)

Mmm... you might have been around? I sometimes pop on the forum to read, even if I've not been active. I used to be a regular in 2012 and went to the first Grim Gathering at Blackwells.

(Sorry to hijack your link, Raptori - if you're bored, you can always read Walter Moers!)

December 05, 2015, 08:53:13 PM
Re: What should Raptori read next?
After all, isn't part of the fun discussing about it? Specially in a forum? As long it remains civil, of course, and people try their best to not make it look like a "I win, you lose" kind of discussion.

Civil's no guarantee. Wars can be civil!

December 05, 2015, 08:55:43 PM
Re: [Jan 2016] - Breaking the fourth wall - Submission Thread Why not?

1486 words

The Wall of Going Forth

Spoiler for Hiden:
The Fighter's Guild looms large above me. Grey, impassive, foreboding. I throw open the iron-wrought doors and stride inside.

"I have completed my quest and return for my reward!" My voice echoes in the large room.

The squire behind the front desk watches me with eyes as grey and impassive as the building, though much less foreboding.

"Well?" I demand.

The squire looks at me blankly. "Well what?"

"My reward. I have returned to claim what is mine!"

The squire sighs and gestures towards a small door. "Through there. Talk to the wall."

"The wall?"


I sweep through the room and step through the door, into a narrow passageway. I pass another squire and nod politely. My gesture is answered with nothing but vacant gawking. I turn away, intending to continue down the corridor. Instead I am greeted by a large wall which blocks my path.

As I watch, eyes, nose and a mouth slowly form in the brickwork. "Greetings, adventurer. I am the Wall of Going Forth."

"Greetings, Wall." I reply. "I have returned from my quest and come to claim what is rightfully mine."

The mouth yawns lazily. "The quest was?"

"To defeat the monstrous Herzog. I journeyed to the Library.of Saul. A nightmarish place where the damned are forced to atone for their sins by writing tedious letters. The Herzog rules that place and never allows the poor souls complete their task. It is there I drank a goblet of wine laced with capslock and let forth a mighty bellow. The Herzog succumbed to its own uncertainty and fled."

"One moment," Rust-red eyes roll upwards."Herzog, Herzog... can't see anything in the quest journal."

"It must be there! I am the knight errant who undertook this quest for your guild but a tenday past."

"Aha. Then I have a riddle for you! Why do adventurers always say they'll undertake quests?"

The wall's riddle perplexes me. I think long and hard. "A knight's life is governed by a strict moral code," I say, carefully. "The question is one of honour and of truth. So the answer you seek must be duty!"

"Nope!" announces the Wall gleefully. "I'll tell you. Because it will be the death of them!"

"I protest!" I protest. "Three guesses is traditional. You must at least permit me to prove myself in combat!"

"Calm down! I was just passing time while I looked up your quest in the journal," replies the Wall. "No need to make threats, is there? I've got no authority to judge you anyway. The Reader does that."

"Who is the Reader?" I ask.

"The Reader sits concealed behind me, and watches all you do and say," explains the Wall, ominously. "It is the Reader who will judge you and ultimately deem you worthy or not."

"Then I shall address the Reader directly!" I exclaim.

"By all means. Fire away."

I pull my sword from its scabbard and hold it high above my head. "Greetings, noble Reader!" I call. "I am a humble knight who has journeyed far to join you. At your guild's behest, I have vanquished the evil Herzog and returned to claim my reward!"

I lower my sword. The wall watches me. We wait. The Wall begins whistling. It is a harsh, grating sound.

Impatience finally stirs my soul. "Did the Reader hear me?"

"Oh, yes," replies the Wall, confidently. "Rest assured, the Reader is fully aware of everything that has just happened."

"Well, what was said?" I ask, sheathing my sword.

"Who knows?" the Wall shrugged.

"Then how do you know the Reader's even there?"
"Because I said so. There's no objective proof. You can talk to the Reader all you want, but you'll never get a reply. You just have to trust me. The Reader's there. Do the best you can and hope they don't judge you too harshly."

"Must I be continuously vexed by your riddles, Wall?"

"Well, let's put it this way. You're a knight, you've heard of gods?"

"Of course!" I say, indignantly.

"Well then."

"But what about my reward!" I demand.

"Relax, relax. Like I said, I was just making conversation while I look up the quest in the journal. I've found the Herzog now. What's your name?"

I place my left hand upon my chest. "I am Norm."

"Norm! You're the second person to say that!"

"Who's the first person?"

"I am," replies the Wall smugly.

My brow furrows. "This is all very strange."

"Hey, I'm not strange. I'm Norm Wall!"

My eyes narrow. My hand flies to my sword. "Are you mocking me, Wall?"

Hands quickly form in the brickwork and the Wall holds them up placatingly.

"It's just a joke! I'm the Wall of Going Forth. I give the rewards for quests."

"Give me mine quickly, Wall."

"Fine. Now, I've got a different name next to this quest. You're a knight, yes? Is Norm your sir name?"
"No. de Plume."

"Aha! Yes. That's the name here. All I need now is your proof."

"Proof? What need have I of any proofs?"

"All our members have them."

"I need no proofs!"

"As I said, all our members have proofs. If you want to part of this guild as well, you'll need to get used to the idea."

My face turns red with rage. "I am a knight errant! What about my word? Has honour lost all meaning in the Fighter's Guild?"

"Fighter's Guild?" The Wall stares at me in disbelief. "This is the Writers' Guild! No wonder you didn't get my joke about undertaking being the death of you!"

"Writers' Guild!" My patience is strained to breaking point. "Look, I want to talk about my quest. Heroic deeds and rewards for services rendered. All you do is interrupt with useless information I care nothing for!"

"That's us!" explains the Wall happily. "If our hearts aren't in the right place, our apostrophes are!" The Wall chuckles. "Another little joke there. Fighter's Guild? It's an easy mistake to make! Well, you're the first. But we do also produce the Fighter's Gild. Probably doesn't help matters."

"Fighter's Gild? What in all that is holy is the Fighter's Gild? And do these blank squires do nothing but stare?"

"Not squires, pages. The Fighter's Gild is just a little service we provide to warriors. To make their deeds sound more heroic." A scroll appears in one of the Wall's hands. "Take a look for yourself. It's free!"

I snatch the scroll and unravel it. There is nothing written upon it.

"There's nothing here! How can an empty scroll make my deeds sound more heroic?" I demand.

"It's complementary."

"Enough of this!" I scream. "I am owed!"

"Really?" The Wall snaps its fingers. "Poetry we can handle! I'm sure I can arrange-"

"Where is the princess?"

 "Princess? What princess?"

"I completed your quest! In exchange, I was promised a princess!"

"There's nothing like that in the quest journal," replies the Wall. It scratches its nose. "And to be honest, I can't see a princess as something we're likely to offer anyone."

"I was promised royalty!"

"Oh! No. Royalties. Royalties."

I pause. "Two princesses?"

"No, it's money. Just another word for money."

"Money?" My attention is pricked by the prospect. "How much money?"

"Some." The Wall's eyes do not meet my own.

My eyes narrow. "How much?"

"You sound anxious to be on your way," the Wall says, still avoiding my gaze. "I think Norm is a worrier's name."

"How much, Wall?" I growl.

"Well, to be completely honest with you... look, you know that scroll I gave you?"

"The blank one?"

"That's the one."

I wait. "Well?"

The wall shrugs. "That's it."

"Nothing? Nothing at all?"

"Yes. A lot of people complain."

"But I'm entitled!"

"Knights usually are."

"Enough." My voice is quiet, dangerous. My hand finds the hilt of my sword and I grip it, like a potent sexual metaphor.

"D'you know what, mate? Stop fondling your weapon. I'm just a wall!" Beneath its eyes, mortar begins to glisten. "Do you think it's easy? In a place like this? Do you have any idea what it's like?" The mortar melts and drips down its nose. "Can't write today? Oh, it's the Wall. And what am I doing? Oh, look! I'm hitting the Wall." More mortar tears flow down the Wall's face. "Having a difficult conversation? Oh, well I'll just go and bang my head against the Wall. That's right. Headbutt me. It's just assault but see if I care, why don't you!"

Its face falls, crumbling with its tears. I watch in disbelief as the Wall collapses into a slimy pool, which seeps slowly into the ground. I stare as my prospect of reward dissolves beneath the floor.

At first I am angry, but then I understand. The Wall has broken down. The Reader is finally revealed. I draw my sword and advance slowly, smiling.

What do you think of me now?

January 21, 2016, 05:20:02 PM
Re: [Jan 2016] - Breaking the fourth wall - Discussion Thread That was a really good choice of theme, Xi. Has anyone mentioned The Princess Bride yet? That is one the greatest fantasy novels and is famous not only for breaking the fourth wall, but also for using it to dupe so many people into believing it was historical!

I've always prided my self on my inconsistency.

Surely you infrequently pride yourself on your inconsistency?

January 22, 2016, 01:20:40 PM
Re: Who makes you want a book? Well, I was there and I think we did! Those old half-price till offers in the HMV era weren't a great idea - they usually chose popular books, but you couldn't account for personal taste. I like to tell people about good books based on what they're buying, especially SFF. Then they can come back and talk to me about them.

Nestat, linking to your direct question about bookshops, rather than the forum, I'd love if when I'm in the bookshop (Waterstone's?), browsing through the Fantasy shelves, someone would come to me and start chatting about the books they like (note this is different to the generic "Is there something I can help you with?").

That is my favourite section to have those conversations in! I am of Waterstones, indeed.

Nestat, I am assuming you are an independent bookseller, if so you are a treasured gem. 

Sadly no, I work for a chain. We do have a bar in my shop though, so it has its advantages!

February 10, 2016, 01:48:07 PM