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Re: Making villains pathetic The fact that some villains are so popular that they sometimes even eclipse the protagonists, as someone said, should be attributed to the reaction of the reader/spectator. Darth Vader does not emerge, nor do I think he has been thought of as a popular figure, he is the archetypal villain (his robotic mask evokes a skull, his colour associated with darkness and the colour of his sword with blood and anger, the fact that he kills a subaltern only so that the spectator knows how bad he is, his dehumanisation by being more of a machine than a man), but his real leap is in the turn in which he reveals to Luke that he is his father. It is then that he becomes a more complex character, introducing a moral challenge to the protagonist and himself. Gradually we have witnessed a humanization of the villains, to the point that we have abandoned Manichaeism to evolve into gray characters, where there are not always good and bad but different points of view. And humanizing villains does not necessarily imply justifying or empathizing with them.
June 12, 2019, 02:19:42 PM