July 19, 2019, 09:17:03 AM

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Re: Does Anyone Still Say Android? I'm with the folks who think the OS has tainted it a bit :/

I'd see about making something up if I were you.

There are a few words already floating about, but you did say non derogatory which makes it trickier.

Replicant, cyborg, augment, etc might work as your character isn't known as an AI or just a modded human by other characters? It all depends on your world I think.

They're just off the top of my head, there are dozens of names that exist if you look into them.

May 27, 2019, 09:40:17 PM
Re: Evil or Morally Ambigous? I'd suggest vengeance themes. Taking justice into our own hands is ethically wrong, but I don't know many people who wouldn't rather deal with it their own way were they capable.
July 07, 2019, 04:55:53 PM
Re: LGBT Fantasy? Too much text to reply to there, so cliffnotes:

The first point on societal pressure I agree with completely. It makes sense that people will feel slighted if they aren't represented and perhaps even bury that aspect of themselves for fear of being abnormal. That sucks, as people should never have to hide who they are. This correlates well with fantasy books, where even if there are LGBT characters they may not ever be 'seen'. I've never written any queer characters myself, but I've also rarely written straight ones, I mostly keep the love stories out of it altogether.

As for the Kinsey research, it's rife with bias. Right from the get go you need people who are willing to talk about their sexual preferences and participate in studies and that tends to be the more 'open' folks, even Freud still has supporters and detractors, and any form of psychology at the end of the day is guess work based on the experiences of the researchers and subjects. There are other situations where sexuality does seem to agree with it though, take prison populations where men will engage in far more homosexual acts than they would had they access to women, so perhaps Kinsey was onto something... people like to get off.

At the same time, I find the numbers given as percentages to feel inflated in the extreme. There are just as many studies that cite the numbers as around 3-6% for men, and 1-4% for women, with higher percentages found in urban areas and lower in rural ones.

Dealing with historical evidence is always tricky, you'll find several sources for very few named 'cases'. Often the celebrities of the day. I can't even want to argue the point as I do agree with it though I will say that even you point out that the missionaries (aka Christianity) condemned homosexuality and a lot of fantasy books are set in a world very similar to Christian Europe. It's actually a very interesting subject though one I mostly study regarding ethical perceptions over the ebb and flow of slavery and political tides. In that way, everything about being human is up for debate, we can accept or reject almost anything almost entirely based on the constructed norms of the day.

Yes, absolutely. I'm an intensely private person in that people in my office thought I might be gay until they found out I had a girlfriend (after working there for years), almost entirely because I held myself very reserved and didn't hit on women left and right. My role does tend to be a hub for gossip though, mainly because we talk to bloody everyone, so while my estimate is going to be off, it's not going to be off to the 10-20% that gets thrown around.


I'm glad you find that amusing, but note you yourself say later that you've read almost entirely books advertised as that. There have been books I've read that feature LGBT or minority MCs that have been good (these were not marketed as such). I have read excerpts (test chapters available before paying etc) on books marketed as LGBT (on books where the premise sounded something I'd like), and these seem to come out as bad. Not because of the LGBT, but because the writing sucked (and these with largely good reviews). It feels (from my limited experience in the genre of course), that if a book is well written, it doesn't have to attach the label at all. As you may have guessed, labels in general piss me off. I find they only lead to an us VS them mentality.

That said, they will lose money from the conservative demographic by being openly LGBT. I don't get it myself as I skip over romance in books regardless of the coupling, it just bores me. Nonetheless, a lot of people don't like it so it does make sense that publishers will avoid them.

If anything, the best way to promote the acceptance you seem to want is to buy books that feature queer characters that AREN'T marketed as such. That gives those books a bump in sales and can attract more buyers, who will then read them, and maybe change their perspective a little. Corralling them all under the queer banner doesn't achieve any change. If that makes sense. I'd like there to be change, but you have to accept that stigmas are hard to beat, and often only done so through integration, not segregation.

July 09, 2019, 07:53:34 AM