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Re: What are you currently reading? I only read the first book (Sword of Truth) so far so I can´t give a review about the whole series, but from what I heard is that all books are about Richard Cypher as main character and I do imagine that its hard to write 18 books (especially at that length theses books are) without messing some things up. When I continue the series I will see it and I hope that they will all be as great as the first one.

What I really liked are the characters, that they thought about their actions and the actions of others and reflected on them, I like the the first rule of the wizards, that people only believe what they want to believe and don´t really care if it´s true or not. I like that because sadly that is how it is in the real world (for most people).

Especially for kind of lazy people like me it was easy to navigate since the map was very small, straight forward and if you think about it really a joke with 3 countries all in about the same size and shape. Overall I think the book is very straight forward and simple, there are the good ones, that one bad dude they need to stop. The focus is obviously on the characters and the way they act and think.

About authors (same with bands, musicians, actors, painters, any sort of artist, etc), I rarely look up much about their lives or how they act towards others because I saw it too often that people judge the work of people by judging the people themselfs and not their work. Countless times I heard people saying "this book sucks because the author is such a mean person so all he does is bad", I don´t need to like a person to like what he does. However, I do sometimes look up a little more about peoples lifes, but mostly only to understand them a little better and maybe get inspirations myself or look for new inspirations.

August 09, 2018, 09:26:35 AM
Re: hi all @Eclipse that´s my old Counterstrike username. We always played in school (could explain my grades) and I always used Nekomimi as name, nekomimi are in japanese Mangas and Animes catpeople, usually with catears and tail. Than a friend told me that I need to beef it up and sound more aggressive like the band slayer, so we combined it. Since than I used it as Nick in forums, games, etc. So basically it´s just a combination of words.

I found this forum by googling fantasy forums, a thread on reddit recomended this one especially, since there are many articles about interviews with authors and articles about writing.

Sadly I haven´t read much fantasy yet. My first fantasy book was the hobbit, I wanted to start with the ring trilogy cause everybody told me how good lotr is and I didn´t want to watch the movies (now I want to avoid them even more because I am a person who prefers the original source instead of adaptions). I also wanted to read it in english but all my friends told me that would be insane and gave me the books in gertman, so I read hobbit + the ring trilogy and was like, it is very good, definetly good to read, I can see how it influenced many many people around the world and saw many references in videogames I played before were made to the ring saga. But I thought there must be better books so I googled some lists of recomended fantasy books and one title that looked promising was the Sword of truth, so I read it and was pretty amazed by it. Now I try to read works of many authors instead of series by series to get a better overwiev about diferent writing styles, diferent magical worlds, systems, etc.

Before fantasy, the only books I´ve read were books about financial systems, economics, industries, self improving, and so on. But I always had more interest in fantasy stuff, as a kid I enjoyed more unrealistic shows, cartoons and videogames. I still prefer mainly story driven RPGs over other games, most Mangas I´ve read were fantasy based or at least had some fantasy/supernatural elements and so on.

I see "realistic" stuff as less creative than self created worlds. People always tell me the mainstream focus turns more and more to realistic things than to fantasy (Cartoons for kids beeing more about friends helping each other instead of a Cat and a Mouse fighting each other, Animes more about little schoolgirl drama instead of epic stories in vast fantastic worlds, Videogames more and more about some generic soldier stuff instead of fighting for your beliefs in an unfair world). But in my opinion people just can´t relate anymore to anything that is not like directly from their lifes. Sure it is more abstract, but sadly many people just don´t see the connections anymore if it is not exactly the same thing. I mostly see this when I give advice to people, they always tell me I was never in that situation and tell me that my opinion doesn´t count. Than I reply that I saw, heard, read and had similar situations, the object was just different and these people just don´t understand it, it is more like a metaphor, giving an example on how others faced similar problems, but people just don´t understand this anymore, about how to apply this to their situation. And of course I have no situation in my mind to back up my thesis  ;D

Haha I really drifted away from the original question, anyway I can´t decide for a favorite author yet since I only read the works of 2 fantasy authors and I am now at Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan. It would be unfair to pick a favorite fantasy author at the current state because my experience in fantasy literature is very small right now, but so far I enjoyed every book I read. I dropped some books but I think it was mostly a phase and will pick some of them up again later. One book I didn´t enjoy, which I read about halfway through before returning it was a Wizard of Earthsea, I know it´s a classic and all but I just couldn´t stand the main character, especially at endagering his friends and all just to be a show off with his fancy magic. I am sure the book goes on about how he learned from his failures and becomes a great sorcerer or something (only because it was spoilered in the beginning) but at that point I really didn´t care anymore because of the way he was acting, kind of harsh saying that about some fictional kid about the age of 14 because I am sure many people (including me) did lots of stupid things at about this age.

August 13, 2018, 08:53:40 AM
Re: Welcome to the RPG 2018 The door slowly closes behind Scarlet and the sound of it draws the attention towards the door.

"Hello everyone, my Name is Maxim, I was hunting with friends but got seperated and couldn´t find them anymore, so I walked around aimlessly and finally found this place, one cider please"

August 20, 2018, 01:32:24 PM
Re: hi all @Eclipse Thank you very much for asking.
There is nothing I could complain about, I rarely ever saw such an open minded and welcoming comunity as here. I ran in no trouble and everything is nice and more importand have their own minds while beeing respectful to the opinions of others. It is a very peaceful and jolly place and I like spending my time here.

Ich hab noch keine deutschen Fantasy Autoren gelesen, aber zurzeit Lese ich nebenbei dein Gehirn weiß mehr, als du denkst von Niels Birbaumer, einem Österreichischen Psychologen und Neurowissenschaftler. Ich habe mir vor kurzem auch die gesammelten Werke von Siegmund Freud gekauft, leider fehlen ein paar Texte über Sexualität aber die hol ich mir einfach irgendwo anders her. Aber deutsche Autoren würde ich auf deutsch lesen.

For the people who understood it, or at least recognice some names, something increased my interest (I don´t know what increased it) in psychology, thought patterns, the brain, the mind, development of the mind, psyche and personality, so if someone has a book to recommend I would appreciate it.

August 23, 2018, 07:44:28 PM
Re: Should there be a PR only fantasy for the Goodreads choice oh my god, what have I done. * opens whisky, smells it, remembers that it´s unhealthy (who am I kidding too I don´t care if it´s unhealthy, I just don´t want to abuse a whisky to get drunk to endure the fact of that I just started a conversation about furries and make someone change his profile photo to the cover of twilight) to drink too much so just peeking a smell and enjoying it, closing the bottle and put it back to the others *
August 23, 2018, 10:47:19 PM
Re: Fantasy & Tarot I think many people would publish books of different content under different names. It helps the reader to pick what he likes.

As you said, you are aware that most people are not interested in both so it could be a turn off if they browse through the works of Ned Marcus and find non fantasy books and vice versa.

I think of it as in the music industry where there are sometimes 2 bands with the same members just to do a different genre. They knew it would give a weird image to be like lets say the heaviest band in the world and suddenly release some smooth jazz record. It would only confuse the fans cause (most of them) they just have no use for the totally different work.

On the other hand I like the idea to show that people are not limited to one field. I like the Idea that people have more than one hobby or talent (which sadly is rarely the case). It shows diversity and that we could strive for more in our lives than just narrowing our visions on one single field. But sadly most people are uncomfortable with that thought and just don´t understand why they should have more than one interest. So I would suggest to just publish it under the other name.

August 24, 2018, 09:23:02 AM
Re: Depression, Struggles and Light at the End of Every Tunnel I want to apologize to the forum for not beeing able to stay in touch very well the last days and comparing my personal stress with the ones you all have gives me actually no excuse to call myself stressed or struggled.

I had some annoying changed at work which about trippled my workload and also makes me feel beeing watched since I am not all alone by myself anymore, which makes me really uncomfortable. I am a very introverted person and I feel really tired and stressed out by talking and engaging with many people on a face to face basis and not beeing able to check out the forum from time to time or distract me a little from work for even 5 minutes feels really heavy on both body and mind.

The good thing is I only see this as a problem in my head, I can´t remember the exact words or who it was but there was a guy who once said something like this "I engaged many problems in my life, most of them were not real". I want to engage more with the forum, help more people again I know and work more on my private stuff.

I hope you all stay healthy or get well soon and don´t overwork yourself. Always find a way to refresh a little and find peace even in the most chaotic time, a little peace always makes wonders happen.

August 28, 2018, 08:27:19 PM
Re: Depression, Struggles and Light at the End of Every Tunnel I found the sentence I wanted to cite in my previous post.

“I've experienced a great deal of pain and suffering in my life ...... most of which has never happened.”
-Mark Twain

August 29, 2018, 06:56:53 PM
Re: Depression, Struggles and Light at the End of Every Tunnel It will be over Henry and than the sun will shine again, there are hard times we need to endure, but without them we could probably not enjoy the nice times.

Keep going dude and think about the reward afterwards, a nice house and maybe even a nicer work.

But I have to agree, I hate studying stuff that I am not interested in, thats why I failed at school  ;D

August 30, 2018, 09:00:15 PM
Re: Fantasy Memes and silly stuff (about books) from the internet well (I don´t know about Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 but I just assume You could also do it in these games) in Witcher You had many woman to sleep with so it does make sense to make a porn parody based on it. maybe it would be even more accurate than a hollywood movie.
September 11, 2018, 10:00:40 PM