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Re: How do you rate your stars , what does it mean when you give a book a star? I personally use Goodreads' descriptions for the stars -- it's the only way I'm able to keep my ratings consistent lol.

1 star: "didn't like it" (My translation: "Blech. Not for me, thanks.")
2 stars: "It was okay" (My translation: "Meh. I didn't dislike it...")
3 stars: "I liked it" (My translation: "Pretty good. Enjoyable, but nothing particularly spectacular.")
4 stars: "I really liked it" (My translation: "Oohh, me likey!! And totally worth re-reading someday.")
5 stars: "It was amazing" (My translation: "OMG THIS. DO LOVE. This is officially a favorite, and I will probably re-read it at least 17 times.")

I also have a Goodreads shelf called "epic-beyond-words" for the series that stand out above even the 5-stars. Those are the ones that leave me feeling stunned/speechless/in awe of their gloriousness, and usually elicit a lengthy book hangover and an inordinate sense of dissatisfaction with whatever poor hapless book I end up reading next. :P

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