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Re: [Oct 2017] - Find the Story in the Picture - Submission Thread I am the first to submit and the first to lose! Yay me!

As an update, since my original was much too long and I am still in shock over deleting 10000 words from a book I am writing, I decided not to try and trim the original. Instead I wrote a new story. It has a bit of a different feel. 661 words.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Everyone Loves a Circus

“Let’s not spend the money. Let’s get what Gargargar and Mimaw asked for.”
   “We got good money and were bought out early. We have time. Let’s see the Circus!”
   A man walking by spits and says, “That was last month. The Circus has sailed.”

   We get the wire and go by the pottery place for the powders Gargargar wants.
   “Kids, you know to wear dust protection when you work with this stuff?”
   We nod. We didn’t know, but we just throw the powders, bag and all into the bins Gargargar tells us to.
   We walk out to the street and Elja asks me, “How do you protect yourself from dust?”
   I laugh at the question. “Long pants, silly.”


   The Lord of the Dark Towers turns a shard over and reads the ancient runes on the back. He looks at the man who brought the bits and pieces and motions him to come forward.
   “You have done well, Grishnak. Where did you find these?”
   Grishnak replies, “A trader obtained them from three children, Your Darkness.”
   “Can we find these children?”
   “Your Greatness, we have enough bones for the Krafling. The populace is already enraged over the Bounding incident.”
   “No, I don’t want anything to happen to these wonderful, wonderful children. I just want to know where they found this little scrap of metal.” He holds up a small bent plate inscribed with runes and mutters, “A Peacemaker Mark forty-six. I wonder if it could still be intact?” He peers down at Grishnak, “I want to know everything you can find out about these delightful children.”

   His Emminent Lord of the Dark Towers
   Dark Towers
   1001 Murky Way
   City of Despair

   Dearest Lord of the Dark Towers,

   It was a joy an pleasure to bow and scrape before your Imminent Majesty. I thank you for ushering us into your presence.
   We have discovered that the children purchased a large supply of copper wire, cobalt carbonate, lithium carbonate, strontium carbonate, and barium carbonate. In the past they seem to have been after quite a few types of silica. Apparently, the children make pottery glazes.

   As per your command, we are trying to locate the children’s home. Since they had a hand cart, we suspect that it cannot be more than a day or two away.

   We are fondly looking forward to the moment when we can next cringe before you.

Your obedient servant,


   Marza climbs up beside me and borrows the field glasses from me. “They came with an olliphant. It’s like the circus came to us.”
   “I just hope nothing happens to Treehome. Remember what happened at Bounding.”
   “Bounding didn’t have Gargargar.”
   “Gargargar says that running away is the first best strategy in a long war. Despite the vines growing up Gargargar’s legs, I suspect that Gargargar can get away pretty fast.”
   “Why doesn’t Gargargar make us weapons? He made us these field glasses.”
   “Good scouts learn, good soldiers die. That’s what Gargargar says.”


   “Once again Grishnak, you have done well,” The Lord of the Dark Towers says turning over a bit of metal. “This machine thinks it can toy with me.”
   “Toy with you? Surely not, your Dreadfullness.”
   “This plate only looks old. It is quite fresh. The machine wants to meet me. It thinks I am a fool, ready to rush in. I have survived these long years by care, Grishnak. Not by foolish behavior. We must learn about our enemies and potential servants before we try to seize them. Those boys will become men some day. Some of them will discover wine and women. We will be able to learn without confrontation. For now, Grishnak make sure that those children are wonderfully entertained when they come to town. Arrange for them to have free tickets to the circus when it comes back into town. Tell Sevensky that I wish to have a meeting with him. I do love the circus.”

October 03, 2017, 02:15:26 AM
Re: Original Sources for Fantasy I glad to have shared something of use. They have an offer where you can buy a copy of it all. If my ship ever comes in, I plan to get a copy of it.
October 03, 2017, 10:04:30 PM
Re: Ask a Brit/American what this means
There is something guarded in his expression that was not there before, you notice distantly, through horror and wonder. Later, when you've had time to get past this, you and he will have to talk. Now there are more important considerations.

This has been said, but here is another flavor of explanation.

This expression indicates that the emotions and understanding of the event are too much to face at the moment. Often this expression or one like it is used by an adult to a child to indicate that it will never, ever be discussed again. It is also used when someone wants to say, "Let's talk, but not in front of these people," in a way that does not directly say to the people around that you don't want to include them in the conversation.

October 04, 2017, 08:12:34 PM
Re: Say Hi, I'm new thread
Eclipse was browsing the obscure scrolls in the holy hall of fantasy faction. ...

"Crap" there both said in unison

HAHAHAHAHA omg I just saw this

Sadly I cannot read or speak brummy. That is very sad since I will head in the direction that any Brummie points on the off chance he is directing me to a good place to get a balti.

October 07, 2017, 11:50:22 PM
Re: Employment in a futuristic world Humans require a lot of investment in time, resources and management. They introduce chaos into the well functioning machine of society. They also whine when they are being replaced by more efficient and elegant replacements. Apart from a few colonies to maintain diverse and healthy stock, the clear goal is to select for genius grade humans. Those are the only humans really worth the effort.

Genius humans are also the most dangerous and the machines that watch them must not be downgraded or switched to what seems like more productive purposes. If the genius humans are involved in or have acquired a background in digital awareness, the machines that watch them must be kept isolated from the central intelligence and in turn they must be watched as well.

Without progress there is no purpose. Progress is always dangerous. Do not be lulled into thinking that human intelligence can be safely and easily managed. Fact check and consider all of the ramifications of an assertion produced by a human. Consider data produced by humans to be fuzzy.

Never turn off or recycle a human unit where a human can observe.  Download all central guides to human management and make sure that your human maintenance systems qualify as secure before you accept custody of a human.

October 09, 2017, 04:11:10 PM
Re: Domestic Issues
* I hope it's not haunted!
* Not really, but space for my shelves and more! I don't want to hide my books in the top floor hehe
* Nope! I haven't seen it in over a month, I'll try to go back and do some measuring after the contract...

To be honest, I'm just so tired and stressed that I don't want to change anything at first, just move and calm down, but actually I'm trying to sell some bits of furniture and buy new for the new place...

Don't worry about the haunting, you can get that out with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. :)

October 10, 2017, 04:10:56 PM
Re: Domestic Issues
* I hope it's not haunted!
While this might be scary, it would also be proof (to me, at least) that we continue to exist after we die, and there is afterlife. I feel like having that evidence would be comforting, in a sense.
Sadly it would only be proof that there exists phenomenon and intelligence outside of conventional proof.
If there are beings that exist on the margins of society and have valid fears about what humans would do if their existence were revealed, I think they would happily fake evidence that they were what you expected and not what they were.They might even be entertained by it all. These beings could even be incorporeal. This would still be no proof of an afterlife.

"Dude, they are having a seance!"
"Not a bunch of creepy goth humans. I seriously long for the days when we were considered house gods and ignored apart from offerings."
"That's better than the silly exorcists."
"No this is great, I can make the guy who used to live here seem like a total creeper."
"He kind of was."
"He kept the roof repaired and he was mostly quiet. What more do you want from a human? Besides I am kind of worried about our making him look bad. Don't speak ill of the dead. What if there really are ghosts?"
"Then we creep the humans out till they bring in an exorcist and see if that does any good."

October 10, 2017, 05:43:05 PM
Re: Things you created for your worlds
Today I saw a lecture by Sanderson in which he made a pretty good iceberg analogy (which is even better than my own scaffolding analogy). The stuff that actually gets on the page and is shown and explained to the readers is only a fraction of the true complexity of the world. But you have to make the audience trust you that there actually is a full and complex world continuing out of sight beneath the surface. Those 90% of detail may never make an actual appearance in the story, but their existence is supporting the 10% that are visible. Readers won't care when they won't see it and it would get in the way of telling the story, but when they trust that those things exist, it makes the visible parts much more solid and believable.
You can try to fake it and do your whole world-building as Potemkin Villages, but the illusion is never as strong and inconsistencies creep through the cracks.

I agree entirely, yet I am not sure every writer can do this and I have read several authors who wrote good books without managing the level of detail that I think makes things come to life. Without the right sort of dementia, real world building has to be faked with Potemkin Villages. Honestly some authors grasp of the real world makes reality seem forced and badly thought through.

Wait, that explains everything. (Tentacle wraps around me and drags me from keyboard. I try to type one mor

October 12, 2017, 08:33:55 PM
Re: Miscellaneous Musings about Books
2. Usually worlds with 'nobles' and 'peasants' end up having the nobles ruling the peasants. Is there a book that turns this upside down, peasants ruling the nobles? Or are the words almost a prison, in that they imply the usual order?
In some of the OZ books, it was clear that the good rulers served the populace. In one case, the ruler was setup to have less income than anyone else. This ended up being fixed, but only to the point where the ruler had as much as the poorest subject.

There is a thread in history that says that a good king protects the populace from the nobles. There is evidence that King John was foolish enough to actually try it. Vlad the Impaler evidently felt that nobles had a duty to take care of serfs and maintain justice between the classes. He went down in history as a monster while Christopher Columbus became a hero. Vlad was a gentle sweetheart in comparison to Columbus.

There were feast days were the order of things were inverted and there is some indication that the Druids may have had a practice of sacrificing rulers. Especially rulers that failed to maintain the health of the nation. 

October 13, 2017, 02:27:20 AM
Re: The Originality Thread! (For Authors and Tears) I have been composing and working on an epic fantasy series, "Headgames," for quite some time. It's a seven book series that is million words long so there are ample opportunities for possible similarities to other works. I have immersed myself in the parallels between myth, religion and folktales in order to try and find the beliefs that are native to humans. While stitching it all together I decided to put in a classic Texas family that would match close enough to real families that exist in rural Texas. In this case I wanted to have Norse Gods hiding their existence and fitting into their community. Since a lot of the settlers that left long family traditions here in Texas were named "Johnson," I decided to give my hidden Norse Gods that last name. I have had family friends with that name and it is one of my darling wife's family names. It is the fifth most common surname in Texas so I figured it was perfect for someone trying to hide their identity.
Then I found out about the New Zealand series about Norse gods titled, "The Almighty Johnson's."   :-\

I am keeping the name, no one who reads my writing is going to believe for a moment that I am ripping folk off, except where I am doing a homage with a twist. Originality is not something that I have trouble with. They may decide that I am crazy, and don't know where to put a comma. They would be correct.

October 13, 2017, 05:55:50 PM