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Re: Say Hi, I'm new thread I'm Greek from the second largest city in Greece,Thessaloniki!

As it happens the whole fantasy community is rather thin here(compared to other countries) but we're dedicated and hungry,be it for books,tabletop games(D&D) or anything other affiliated with an escape to another world.

At any rate I'm happy I found you and looking forward to conversing with the members here  :).
By the way, where are you from?

June 19, 2017, 09:50:27 PM
Re: [Jun 2017] - Gangsters and Crime Lords - Submission Thread A Debt paid
1488 words with title

Spoiler for Hiden:

1.This is my first story so please judge with leniency(I'm not out for the award).
2.This is a Star Wars short story and it's debatable as to whether it can be considered Fantasy or Sci-Fi.
I think Sci-Fi is Fantasy in broader terms even if Star Wars isn't  pure Fantasy.
3.I had to really maul the story to bring it down to 1500 words, guess that's one sign of inexperience.
But for whomever is interested I kept a funny part for Star Wars fans.

Spoiler for Hiden:
A Debt Paid

The wind blasted the coarse, rough sand upon Kitster penetrating  his hood and cloak and adding to his irritation.

The twin suns weren't helping either, scorching the land depriving the humidity from the air and giving him a cotton-mouth and lip blisters.

Jabba had given him a loan to repay his debts by working for him and this was his final job.

He didn't want to think what would Jabba do if he refused to work for him or if his life was more precious than the poor sod's that was about to be eaten alive.

In fact he didn't want to think at all, he was tired and parched from walking in the Dune Sea.
Jabba had instructed him to walk from his palace all the way to the Great Pit of Carkoon, which was no doubt, for his "benefit" as well.

Well, he wasn't called the greatest gangster in the galaxy for nothing.
"Majordomo,how far to the Pit?"

Majordomo, some time ago he felt proud hearing the title, his dream in life, now it felt sarcastic and meaningless.
Born as a slave he knew from a very young age that the greatest position a slave could ever acquire is Majordomo,
a representative of a powerful individual or House.

He managed to buy his freedom and then worked as a smuggler for a time.
He met Nejj in one job and decided to take him under his wing as a protege.

He eventually managed to become Majordomo of the Rendala Estate, a wealthy Mos Espa House.
Only for the Estate to foreclose and leave him unemployed and in debt.

Kitster let out an irritated sigh.
"Nejj,how many times have I told you to not call me Majordomo?That is a thing of the past ."

"Fine boss but you could have bargained a better deal with Jabba or at the very least we could have taken our airship"

"Enough Nejj, I will not be judged in my dealings by a whelp."He looked ahead at the great hole in the Dune Sea.
"We're here, bring the poor fella"

The prisoner was gagged and bound and he was shaking with a terrified look on his face.
Kitster reached for the mouth gag and removed it.

The smuggler started coughing a mixture of sand and saliva.
Kitster waited some seconds before asking him" Are you ready?"

The smuggler looked at him with begging eyes "Please, I'll do anything"
"You don't have anything to give me so I can't help you."

He grabbed him and moved him right at the edge of the Great Pit.
At that moment the wind ceased and a gurgling sound echoed in the sands.

The smuggler started thrashing about trying to back away from the edge.
"Hold him Nejj, stop shuddering damn you!"

Nejj reluctantly grabbed him  and together with Kitster  they hold him in place.
"Please,I can give you a silver ring that's all I have."
"Nejj, search him."

Nejj started patting him down.
"Found it, it's a silver ring boss."

"Hmmm... what do you know, it seems I can help you after all."
"So you'll let me go?" His voice full of hope broke a little at the end of his sentence.
"Haha, no my friend Jabba has marked you for death and that cannot be avoided but I can at least make it painless, without suffering."

"How?"His voice barely a whisper.
"Well,you're going into the Pit but you don't have to go in alive, except if you prefer 1000 years of agony."

The smugglers face changed, hope and terror replaced by acceptance.
"You know I had dreams."

"Don't we all?"
"I would make enough money to retire in a beautiful planet with the love of my life.

Can you do me a favor?"
"Depends on the favor."

He reached with his bound hands and removed his handmade scarf.
"Can you give this to my wife?"

"If I can, where can I find her?"
"She works as a serving girl in the arena, her name is Akiva."

Kitster was startled.
"In the Moss Espa Swoop Arena?"

"Yeah, could you give it to her and tell her that I love her more than anything?"
Kitster took the scarf with a thoughful look like he was deciding something.

"It's a small world my friend.Don't worry I'll give it to her."
"Thank you!" The smuggler visibly relaxed and closed his eyes."I'm ready"

Kitster slowly removed his blaster from the holster and raised it pointing right at the smuglers heart.
"See you at payday!" Kitster used the farewell phrase that smugglers say to each other before a dangerous job.

He shoot his blaster right through the smugglers heart.The body fell through the hole right inside Carcoon's enormous mouth.

The wind  vengefully slapped them with a wave of sand.

"Well, now that's done with, can we go boss?This place gives me the creeps."
"Yeah, let's go back.Jabba will want confirmation."

By the time they reached the palace the twin suns had give way to Tatooine's three moons.
Just outside the palace a lone figure was waving at them.

"Kit, Nejj you're here!"
"Tamora what are you doing here?"

Kitster's shock was obvious for his wife started laughing.
"What, you're not the only that can surprise mister."

"How did you..."

"Ulda told me, I guess your ex-wife is more important than your present one since you bother to tell her where you're going."

Ulda, damn her, still causing me trouble.

"Tamora, Ulda knows only because she mediated with Jabba to give me the loan."
"I know husband but she was so smug when she told me that she infuriated me."

"Forget about her, Tamora we're free!I just finished the last job for Jabba."
The look on Tamora's face was that of pure happiness.

"At last husband, what was the last job?"
Kitster's expression turned dark for a split second, almost unnoticeable and then he resumed his excited,happy face.

"It doesn't matter Tamora,tell me something, do you know a serving girl named Akiva?"
"Yeah, she's one of the youths at the arena, very happy girl, why?"

Kitster took out the handmade scarf and passed it to his wife.
"Give it to the girl and tell her he loved her more than anything."

"What is this?"
"It doesn't matter Tamora, please just do it."

"Alright husband, I'll do it but we will talk after."
"Yeah, we will talk, now can you leave? We're about to go in."
"Okay,I'll see you at home."

Kitster stood and watch her leave until her figure vanished in the night.
"Come on Nejj, let's get this over with."

He moved to the door, Nejj close behind.
He knocked three times and  one of Jabba's henchmen opened the sliding window.

"It's me, I need to see Jabba."
"The enforcer made a grumpling noise and closed the window.After a moment the huge trapdoor opened."

"The job is done.Jabba said he wants personal confirmation, take us to him."
He brought them to Jabba's court  and he signaled Fortuna by Jabba to announce them.

"Kitster Chanchani Banai and Nejj Varn"
"So, tell me Kitster my boy was he still screaming when you left?" Jabba asked him with morbid anticipation.
"Yes, Lord Jabba, he will suffer for the next 1000 years."

"Good, he will be another example of what happens when you cross a Hutt." He laughed almost maniacally and pulled the chain in his hands to bring closer a young woman.

The woman struggled futilely as Jabba licked her face.
"Err...Lord Jabba, this was the third and final job, I believe our contract is ended."

"Yes, yes Kit my boy, consider your debt paid.If you ever want another loan you can always work for me."Again that cold, maniacal laugh.

"Thank you Lord Jabba, I will be taking my leave"Kitster couldn't wait to leave the palace.

He hated Jabba and all he represented.
He hoped someone would come that would end Jabba's tyranny in this land.

"Boss, maybe we should start smuggling again."
"Yeah, Nejj, maybe." He answered Nejj halfheartedly.

As they reached their airship at the docks one fella had just landed and motioned them to stop.
He was  wearing  a black cloak and a hood covered his face.

"Esteemed gentlemen is this Jabba's palace?"
Esteemed gentlemen, huh, if only he knew.

"Yeah, but I don't advise you to go in stranger, nothing good can come out by associating with Jabba, if you value your life turn around."

"Thank you friend but don't worry about me, you should worry about Jabba."
There was something about the stranger that made Kitster believe what he said.

"Aye, maybe it is so, good luck stranger!"
"Luck to you too friend!" he said as he moved towards Jabbas palace.

"Come on, Nejj, Tamora will be waiting for dinner."
They boarded the old airship and left the blackness of the desert following the light of the city.

June 26, 2017, 02:53:13 AM
Re: [Mar 2018] - Letters - Submission Thread
Shadow of Death
  1498 words with the title
Options 3 and 5 (and maybe one other)

Spoiler for Hiden:
The dimly lit hall was the same but he was alone now.
"Where... how....?"
He immediately dropped to his knees as he clutched the sword penetrating him.
"Relax Fenryl you're making it worse."
"Sword?You brought me back to the future?"
"Not exactly, it's time for you to learn the truth.Can you go closer to the Dais?There's a rock plate nailed to the wall just above it."
He rose shakingly with one hand on the hilt.
"Why can't I draw you out?"
"Oh, don't worry about that, you still have plenty of Shade"
He trudged towards the Dais and crawled his way up.Indeed just above the platform a stone plate was hanging.

"The bravest warrior in the seven kingdoms
 to the Shadow will kneel and then be
 defeated by the other half, when the last
 part of shade will be taken then the First
 Mortal will break free from his sharp prison!"

The realisation hit him like a brick.
"You bastard, you're not just some sentient darksword are you?"
He could feel the sardonic smile  invading his mind like a  second sword.
He took a deep breath and tried to focus his thoughts.
"When is this?"
"I took you to the past, couldn't risk your servants helping with your predicament in the future."
Fenryl searched the room with his eyes, he found what he was looking for in the back left corner of the hall.
He staggered his way there and readjusted the sword before sitting at the scribe desk.
He checked the pen and the ink as well as the writing paper, thankfully they were magically preseved.
"It's not over yet"
The sword was silent.Felryl started writing.

   "Luciel, by the time you, hopefully, find this I will have disappeared.
It seems you managed to thwart my plans but in doing so you helped bring the plans of
a more sinister entity to fruition.
   But let me start in the beginning.As you know I am a Wraith, a person that chose to
serve the Shadow.At the time of my birth I discarded all memories of my previous life along with my appearance, part of the price I had to pay.The first thing I remember is the great hall in which our battle took place, I awoke alone with a sword in my hand and knew intrinsically that I was a Wraith, bound by the Shadow to bring others into the same plane of existence.As i contemplated how to best do that I heard or more like felt a voice in my head, the sword was talking to me.Getting past my initial shock the sword explained to me that it was a sentient tool of destruction and it was the perfect weapon for a Wraith to have since it could manipulate the Shade energies within me if I chose to provide them to it.It, also, revealed that it could inject Shade energies to someone it had wounded thereby creating a Spectre servant.
   Maybe I should have suspected something was amiss then but the energies
within me were itching to corrupt other living beings and the sword was indeed a useful tool.
It had many strengths to help me, it's keen intellect, knowledge on all arcane matters and even
it's ability to create Spectre servants but the most useful ability proved to be time travelling.
It could, actually, transport itself and me anywhere in time bar those instances it already existed in due to some kind of time paradox.
   The sword convinced me that if I managed to defeat the Knight of Light the seven
kingdoms would fall to the army of spectres that it would help me create.You were the only
obstacle to the Shadow's dominion over the mortals but you were, also, the greatest danger
to me since you are a warrior of great renown and protected by the Light against the Shade."
"I didn't know you were such a gajoler."
   "Shut up"
   "Ok but I thought you would want to know that the Shade in your right arm is almost gone."
   Fenryl gasped and tried to convince himself that the sword was lying but he could feel his
hand becoming more heavy by the second, he was running out of time.
"Your right hand lost Shade faster because you tried to remove me with it"
"Shut up, I don't care!"
" Why are you so frustrated  when I am only trying to help, myself that is, but still when people try to help, you should be nice to them, you know karma and all that."
"If karma exists you won't ever be free"
"Oh Fenryl, better leave the cutting remarks to me, I am a sword after all."
Fenryl tried to think of a scathing remark and as his temper rose the Shade energies within him
"I am an idiot."
"True but realisation is the first step towards self improvement."
Fenryl ignored the sword and concetrated.He began moving Shade energy from his left hand to the right, slowly but steadily he felt his left hand go heavy and limper until it dropped dead to the side while his right hand regained some vitality.
"That's a neat trick!I bet you 're fun at parties."
Fenryl didn't bother with a retort, much calmer now he continued writing his first and last letter
to himself.
   "I asked the sword for advice, another big mistake for it provided me with, exactly, the answer I was looking for.The great hall in which we just fought, it turns out there are locations  where Light energies don't reach and it was one  of those places.Even so that wouldn't be enough, for your skill in battle was famous so the sword advised me to keep you off balance  by turning one of your loved ones.It was a simple plan, we would go back in time turn a lot of people to Spectres and dropping clues now and then as to where you would find me.I knew you would suspect something but the only way for the Spectres to be completely destroyed was to kill me so you were bound  to come to this hall and that fate was sealed when I put some of my Shade into your beloved Arieh.I knew you'd come with allies so I set traps and put my servants to work so that only you and Arieh came into the hall.You know the rest, we fought and you managed to defeat me with my own sword"

Fenryl felt his hand go numb again so he transfered Shade from his right leg to his right hand.

   "You must have been really surprised when I disappeared like that, at least I was.
I told you in the beginning about a more sinister entity than me, - "You flatterer!"- that was the sword.It took me to the past from where I hope this letter reaches you.In truth it's an ancient mage known as the First Mortal.His goal was to break free from the sword and he manipulated me into doing just that.In order to break the seal on the weapon he needed  the Shade of a full Wraith like me.There's a prophecy about it and everything.I know it seems unbelievable but please believe me for the threat is real.Thankfully that accursed sword made some mistakes while it was manipulating me.It told me you were a person of great importance in my previous life and I know for a fact that he can't lie.The prophecy speaks about the  bravest warrior of the  seven kingdoms kneeling to  the Shadow.I am sorry to tell you this but I AM YOU!It may seem like  a bad  joke to you right now but even if you don't believe me someday you will accept the Shadow willingly and turn into me. Whatever you do, whatever price you have to pay, don't do it!
Whatever you choose to do I will vanish anyway.
I trust you to make the right decision Luciel, Knight of Light!

Your Enemy, Your savior, Yourself"

As Fenryl folded the piece of paper his right hand dropped dead at his side.
He grabbed the pen with his teeth and wrote 'LUCIEL' in the back of the paper then dropped
it and grabbed the letter.
"Need a hand with that?Oh, I am killing it today!Hmm... maybe that's a poor choice of words."
Fenryl got up, and limped towards the chest in the other corner of
the room.Halfway there his leg gave out and he started crawling.
"No rest for the wicked, eh?"
As he reached the chest he gathered all his Shade energies from his body and with a short burst
he managed to open the empty chest and drop the letter inside.As he lied down, with only enough
Shade to move his head, he looked at the sword.
"I win!"
As the last part of Shade left Fenryl's body she remembered her previous life.
She looked aghast as a dark hooded figure emerged from the sword.
"No."Life left her body.
"Oh, Arieh."

March 29, 2018, 04:08:21 AM
Re: To name or not to name like a pornstar... Hmmm... How about
 Bradley Fairwood or
 Bradley Draftwould
 The second one is weird but has a writing meaning.

April 17, 2018, 01:02:43 PM
Re: To name or not to name like a pornstar... Well versed in Yodaish, you are.
May the ink sling with you!

Derailed this thread we also have.

April 17, 2018, 01:42:04 PM
Re: Recommend a comic based on Magic I feel kinda bad for reviving this but as I was looking through older threads and came upon this, Mushishi came, immediately, to my mind.I believe it has everything you need and since there's a very good review of it, already, I'll let you read that.It's a manga but there's,also, an anime if you like.


Although, you mentioned you may not like bizarre and it may fall in that category.
Whatever the case I believe it's worth a look.

April 18, 2018, 01:06:46 AM
Re: Favourite Spaceship in Sci Fi Ok here's my list:

1. Star Wars - Millenium Falcon
Fastest ship in the galaxy (says Han)

Spoiler for Hiden:

2.Star Trek - USS Enterprise E
If you want to kill some Borg

Spoiler for Hiden:

3.Starcraft - Gantrithor
If you want to kamikaze the huge overmind of a genetically advanced, assimilating, arthropodal alien race.

Spoiler for Hiden:

4.Ulysses 31 - Odyssey
Because Homer was way ahead of his time.

Spoiler for Hiden:

5.Firefly - Serenity
Because cowboys can go to space.

Spoiler for Hiden:

6.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Heart of Gold
Probably the most akward spaceship ever.

Spoiler for Hiden:

7.Planetes - Toybox
Greenpeace approved.

Spoiler for Hiden:

8.Sidonia - Sidonia no Kishi
Because why not build a ship out of asteroid

Spoiler for Hiden:

9.Marvel - Silver Surfer's Surfboard
Ride through the Cosmos in style.

Spoiler for Hiden:

10.Doctor Who - TARDIS
When parking's a bitch.

Spoiler for Hiden:

April 18, 2018, 03:36:52 AM
Re: How many nationalities havet

@Feanor Greece?

@Lady Ty , indeed I am the demigod son of Zeus, brother to Kratos and Hercules.
I've done 12 chores in the house today and slew a spider I named Ares.

I also wear my shirts with the buttons on the back!   8)

May 09, 2018, 05:20:20 PM
Re: How many nationalities have we here
I'm British but have lived in other parts of Europe and Asia for decades. I now live in the Hills of Shiding, which sounds close enough to an epic fantasy location for any fantasy writer :)

Or maybe it's a secret community of criminals who all share the same lisp!  ;)

May 11, 2018, 08:56:35 AM