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Magician on a Magical Land Hello, Fantasy Faction!

I'm H.A Betancourt and I'm a multi-genre writer. I love fantasy, books and... my birthday is in two weeks. Wait. That's unimportant. Or is it? Whatever.

Anyway, I'm a writer of many genres but fantasy is my favorite genre ever of course. So it's obvious that my love for all that is reflected in my writing. I am super proud to say that my first book will be released this Spring. I'm so excited and anxious and I'm fidgeting my toes at the thought. However, I want to get to know other fantasy writers AND readers, so I can be part of the community and eventually develop a bond with my readers. So I want to make friends, and have fun.

I'm a Mexican writer residing in Miami, Florida. My favorite music is Symphonic Rock/Metal. My favorite fantasy series is Harry Potter (I'm a millennial, so sue me.) and I recently won an award for Best Novella (in Spanish, non fantasy).

So this is probably where everybody pulls the shameless plug and talks about their book and try to sell it. I won't do that yet. I want to make relations here, I want to make friends and later we can talk about my book.

All that is said and done... VERY PLEASE TO MEET YOU ALL!

Hugs to all,
H.A Betancourt

"Come, taste the wine, race the blind, they will guide you from the Light"
- Nightwish, "Élan"

January 14, 2017, 10:16:58 PM
Re: Magician on a Magical Land
Welcome to this place :) congratulations on your award, also.

Thank you!!

January 14, 2017, 10:39:55 PM
Re: Fantasy Plots we're SICK of, already GREAT THREAD!!

Although there are some tropes and plotlines that are done heavily, and can get tiring... I believe that if it is done right it can be a worthy journey, no matter how many it repeats itself.

January 15, 2017, 12:11:56 AM
Re: Juvenile Fantasy
I think we would all have some great favourites, Beta, and Peter Pan was one of mine as well, but I'll think up more. ;D

Sometimes we get a little tangled here with different terms and definitions. Just to be clear, do you agree with this definition of Juvenile Fantasy from Wiki? Is that what you had in mind?

Juvenile fantasy is children's literature with fantasy elements: fantasy intended for readers not yet adult. The protagonists are usually children or teens who have unique abilities, gifts, possessions or even allies that allow them to face powerful adversaries.

Yup, that was the definition I looked up because I was trying to find the exact genre of my book! And yes, Peter Pan is extraordinary!

January 16, 2017, 04:22:50 AM
Looking for Books to Read and Review! Hello guys!!

So, right now I finished reading a book and since I've come to this forum (which is, yesterday haha) I've found such a heartwarming community of writers. It's awesome. Doesn't matter if it's self-published or not, you all have great works. So I don't know which book to start reading now! So I'm offering to read one or two books by you guys and offer a sincere review either here, or Amazon or Goodreads or whatever floats your boat.

Let the rain of books begin!

Just post in this thread the name of your book, author, number of pages/words and a blurb. If you can, a sample. And I'll pick a couple to read and review!

H.A. Betancourt

January 16, 2017, 04:38:19 AM
Re: Release Date: 23 Feb 2017 - The Ninth Rain, by Jen Williams I'm looking forward to this one!
January 16, 2017, 04:54:04 PM
From The Imaginarium Hello people, this is H.A. Betancourt speaking, and one week after joining, I thought I would share a little bit of my book. To be honest, I've been holding of to tell about it for a while, maybe because it's going to be my first major release in English and I'm super scared! It will be released in ebook, paperback AND hardback in UK, USA and Australia. So yeah, #NoPressureThere. Anyway, I'm starting to build a small campaign to promote it before the publishing house release the preorder and such.


Crippled and orphaned, Tobias Young struggles to survive in a bleak existence after a night of death in World War II. From his beloved home in Belgium, to the exquisite orphanage in London, and with nightly trips to the magical floating paradise of the Imaginarium, young Toby meets many and learns much. Ralph and Johanna, his new companions on Earth, try to lighten the burden of loss and sadness. Eoloswing and three frozen soldiers, his allies in the dream-worthy reality, lay hope on Toby to save them from the Hopeslayer. Two teams of supporters dually show Toby that to reach happiness, to grow from his losses, he must strive to keep his Spark of Elan and embrace love from within.

I have set a small website for the book, which is: www.imaginariumofelan.com and you can always email me at habetancourt001@gmail.com if you're interested for more information! I would really love it if you could take a minute to check out the website and tell me if it's cool and everything.

Also, I want to make this release as interactive as possible. So if you want to sign-up for the newsletter, I will be releasing tidbits and promotions and the release of special bonuses when the preorder begins. I shall inform you more about the progress of the book release.

Thank you for listening! Hope you guys have a great weekend!
H.A. Betancourt

January 20, 2017, 04:08:29 AM
Review of Brian Decker's "Lamentation's Peak" Brian Decker might be unknown, his cover might look amateurish (as is it the case for every first time publication) but his writing is impeccable. The writing follows the story of Arlyle’s as he tries to reach the top of Lamentation Peak’s, where the power of creation lies. As we go into this journey, through his head, we go from the frost mountain and it’s temptations to flashbacks of his past. In his flashbacks, I could read a tender development of Timor and Arlyle’s friendship. Timor is a character that I started to root for even though we only knew him by his dialogue at first, but he was clearly fond of our protagonist so that made me like him and also, he was a likable personality. As the book reaches the first quarter, we now know that the flashbacks aren’t sequential… they follow their own plot device to tie with the lesson/trial Arlyle is facing during his voyage.

Pride, Courage, Friendship, Loyalty, Remorse and Regret, those are things we begin to learn as we get to know a boy from the streets and his path to become a man of war. Brian Decker has a way with words and a unique style where he merges the final scene of the flashback to the temptations of the Peak. It is highly interesting, unique style, and deserving of great praise.

As the journey continues, we meet Salira who at first seems a romantic interest, and their dialogue is clever and well done. He fits the speech to every character and circumstance.

Now, we learn a lot from Arlyle’s journey, and that’s what matters: “It’s not the end or the beginning that matters, but the journey and the lessons learned”. Brian Decker applies it all in his book, and while the ending might be satisfactory for some, or disappointing, or amazing, it is the road that brought us there that matters.
I’m giving Brian Decker’s “Lamentation’s Peak” five stars! Because it got me so engaged that I finished reading it in one hour and a half, and also, because I loved Arlyle and will continue to root for this upcoming author!

If I could make a simplification of my review:
“Brian Decker brings fantasy and humanity in “Lamentation’s Peak”, tying them up with master crafting in a marvelous novella that stays with you and teaches you the value of humility and humanity.”

January 21, 2017, 02:13:13 AM