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Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread Just joined the fun for the first time ever! I plan on writing here regularly :) Amazing stories everyone!
November 01, 2016, 02:45:37 AM
New Author in Town Well hello there!

I was redirected from the Monthly Writing Contest thread (where I posted my first Fantasy Faction 1500 word story!) to make my introductions here. If you haven't checked out last month's "Corpses" themed selection of shorts, I suggest you do. There's probably 10-12 stories there that are complete gold. It's the reason I intend on being active here long-term . . . so much talent in one place! :)

So my real name is Dustin Bilyk, and I've been writing for the last five or so years both leisurely and "professionally." I published my first novel, Tournament of Hearts: The Librarian Gladiator in December of 2014. It's a fast-paced, story-driven fantasy with monsters, magic and all that fun stuff that keeps us fantasy/sci-fi nerds engaged. It's also been pretty well reviewed, even if I haven't made a bloody dime on it haha  ;D

If any of you are at all interested in an e-book just PM me. It's on Amazon, of course, but I like providing fans of fantasy and other writers with my work because I get some of the best feedback (good and bad!) from this type of crowd :)

Okay I swear that's the only time I'll mention my novel.

As for my personal bio, I'm a 30 year old male from Alberta, Canada and work in municipal government. As you can all imagine it's about as exciting as Orson Scott Card's follow-up works to his Ender's Game series, so I often daydream of my next novel idea and get excited by the idea of leaving this office job with banked money and travelling across North America writing and meeting people. I'm pretty extroverted for a writer, and I'm always up for a chat and making new friends! So message me any time, share book ideas with me, but please refrain from sending your nudey pictures. I'm friendly, but not that friendly.  ;)

November 03, 2016, 05:42:41 PM
Re: New Author in Town I feel so welcome!!

And yes you are correct Gem_Cutter - my name is of Ukrainian descent, though if I had a bit of Dutch in me I'd be fine with that too! A few years back I was thinking of coming up with a pen name for my writing because while I love my name it doesn't have the same pizzazz as a Stephen King or a Mark Lawrence/Jack Whyte/Terry Goodkind/ect. But then I realized that I'm the only person named Dustin Bilyk in the world (as of a few years ago). So when I ask people to Google my name, there can be no mistake when they see the results (good or bad haha)!

Gem, I've never read Bakker but I'm starting to think that I should. I've heard his name thrown around a few times recently and that's usually a clear sign that I'm missing out on something. So thanks!

This may quickly be my first stop on my daily trolling through forums from now on. You all know how to make a guy feel special. But that's only if the nudes stop rolling in...I swear, tell people not to do it and they flood your inbox with porn. Heathens! All of you!  ::)

November 03, 2016, 09:43:31 PM
Re: New Author in Town
My guess: Bilyak is Eastern European, of Ukrainian, Polish, or Russian descent, with a meaning akin to "white guy"
Oh that's strange? Billijk or billyk is a Dutch word that means acceptable, of equal value. It does have 2 L's though...

Also (sorry for the double post), but I found this hilarious. I've been called the Dutch meaning of my name for years now.

"What do you think of my story, mom?"

*Mom scratches her forehead and sighs* "Acceptable, Dustin. I suppose it's acceptable."

"Yay!"  ;D

November 03, 2016, 09:47:18 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread No one's guessed my story yet!  ;D Which makes perfect sense because I'm one of those newbies this month. Also it's impossible for me to guess who's who, so I'll sit back, grab myself a scotch and drink myself stupid as I wait and see if my favorite won the competition.

Also super impressed with the quality of writing. I love you guys and gals! Who needs to buy a book every few weeks when you have these awesome collections?  :)

November 07, 2016, 09:09:25 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread I think all of this is super fun, including the name guessing (even though I haven't a damned clue who any of you beautiful people are). If you're voting for someone's story because you think it may be someone you know, well then you're just doing it wrong and I curse you with, oh no...what's he gonna say...WRITER'S BLOCK!!! :o

But I think writers in general have too much integrity and honesty to stoop to those unimaginable lows, so we can safely assume that all is above board and will continue along the path of awesome. Hooray!

In my personal opinion, the anonymity of this contest is the beauty of it. If I had a vote, all of these contests would be anonymous, because it adds the fun element of surprise at the end. I bet more people are excitedly awaiting the end of this month's contest than any other. I also think that you'll see more writers hopping on board, because it can be a scary place coming in as a new name and trying to compete against you wily, old vets ;) Good luck to all!

November 08, 2016, 03:27:33 AM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread Thanks for the welcoming! I'm pumped to be here!

I assure you all of my fears were 100% unfounded. Just having a little fun  ;D But I'll head to that thread right away and burn the rules into my memory (but...there's not a lot of room there, so I might have to get a tattoo instead :o ). Thanks Ty!

November 08, 2016, 04:28:40 AM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread
Then you can read people's gratitude while pooping or something...

<Little does she know that every time I am on the forum, I am actually in the toilet pooping>

If I had a story submitted, I would critique my own story to put you off

Hypothetically assuming that I perhaps maybe might have written a story or poem for this month... When I maybe or maybe not re-read it, I identified like 1,000 things wrong with it that I wish I could change.

Pooping and on these forums?....weird Brad.

Only because I do EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!

*high five*

November 08, 2016, 09:45:13 PM
Re: Depression, Struggles and Light at the End of Every Tunnel So I sat down and fired up F-F forums about two hours ago, saw this thread, decided to check it out and I'm still here. Two hours later.

I think I made it to page 35, and I'm going to read the rest later. You guys totally screwed my NaNoWriMo word count today.. Thanks a lot  ;D

I should begin by saying that I don't have a mental illness. At one point about a year and a half ago when my life completely fell apart, I thought I was suffering from depression. But now I better understand what clinical depression is, and I certainly wasn't clinically depressed. I was sad. I've recovered after seeing a therapist, and I generally have a very sunny disposition and an optimistic outlook.

I do have friends and family that suffer daily from depression, and I've taken some mental health first aid courses through my work to try and understand their plight. As many have said, just talking about your experiences helps me and others understand, and I think we have the added advantage at F-F to have a bunch of people that can articulate their thoughts in a powerful way through writing.

I have been SO touched in reading this thread. You're all amazing people, and even though I'm new here, I'm always up for a chat or a venting session. PM me any time :)

November 13, 2016, 10:10:38 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread

Don't worry @Nora

I'm with you on the wanting to revise thing.  I re-read mine and some of my mistakes made me cringe.  So awful.  (That said it does make sense to have something consistent so that everyone is reading the same thing regardless of when they get to it).  I really don't think voluntary anonymity would produce the same fun effect, but what if it was only anonymous for like 2 weeks, and people could guess away, and then the second week the authors got revealed?  Would that be a good compromise?

(Here I am talking above my station, making suggestions when I never enter the competition-- and probably won't be able to much in the future due to time constraints and the fact that word limits and rules and prompts and whatnot make the possibility that I'll have an idea that fits and time to write it a very rare coincidence-- for whatever reason with prompts and word limits I have a much easier time writing outside of the fantasy genre-- fantasy+prompts+word limits = dry AF.)

Anyway, I'm just throwing that idea out there as an outsider....

I think it's a test of patience, and I also believe anonymous contests will keep people involved and possibly bring more people into the contest (if that appeals to anyone  ;) ). As I've said before, I might not have even joined in the fun this month if it hadn't been anonymous. It can be a tad intimidating stepping into a forum of amazing writers and trying to assert yourself.

BUT, I do think the 2 week compromise is a fantastic idea @Bradley Darewood - first two weeks try and read the stories and place your votes, and then the following 2 weeks we can revel in the excitement of seeing if we guessed correctly as well as provide our critiques for the authors starving for that feedback.

Also @Lanko - that Sherlock Holmes breakdown was incredible. Keep being awesome!  ;D

November 16, 2016, 02:02:27 PM