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That awkward introduction Hey, everyone.

I just joined up. That, I'm sure, is obvious from the fact that my join date is most likely underneath my username. I've always loved reading the articles on FF, so I decided it might be cool to join the forum and chat with you all. I'm from the metropolis of Edmonton, which is located in Alberta, which is located in Canada. It's currently almost raining here.

I tend to join these things, post for a bit, and then disappear in a flash. So if I'm annoying, don't worry, I'll probably vanish eventually.

I'm an unpublished, unsuccessful, kinda-crappy writer. I'm currently working on a novel set in a world that I've been developing for the last seven or eight or ten years. (How many times have you heard that? Seriously.) Think magepunk, which is steampunk rebranded with mages. Soooo original.

Anyways, that's enough of all that. What's your favorite drink of choice when writing or reading? I'm partial to craft beers myself. My favorite of all time is Innis & Gunn, but I also love the local stuff. I don't like IPAs and I don't understand how anyone does.

My real name is Ty, but ever since fifteen minutes ago wished it was sly, so that's where my nickname came from.

July 10, 2016, 11:59:44 PM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Discussion Thread So, I'll give this a shot.

Here's what I generated:

  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Class: Pirate
  • Location: Lake
  • Object: Golden Goose
  • Weakness: Greedy
  • Nemesis: Ex-Girlfriend
  • Extra: Cake

Interesting... interesting. I'll see what I can whip up today.

July 12, 2016, 02:04:53 PM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Submission Thread 1470 Words, twitter is @typitre.

Moonlight Lake
Spoiler for Story Text:
Jann approached the moonlit lake the same way any self-respecting pirate worth their salt approaches a body of water--drunkenly. Not so drunk that he would tumble on the rocks and spill the little cloth-wrapped package that he carried under his arm, but not so sober that common sense would take the reins and make him turn back. Frogs croaked. Owls hooted. The water splashed at the sand, making the reeds and cattails sway as if there was a breeze. But there was never any breeze here.

Setting the package down delicately on the bank, Jann removed his three-cornered hat, his worn boots, and his old coat, and then spent another five minutes removing the small armory of weapons he carried. When he was disarmed and significantly less dressed, he scooped up the package and gently stepped out onto the sand.

"I'm mad at you," the soft voice said, reminding Jann of the mermaids off the Bone Coast, hungry for foolish sailors that sought true love at the bottom of the sea.

"I couldn't come last night," Jann explained, taking an easy step into the warm water. It should have been icy from the night air, but it wasn't. The water was never cold here.

She materialized in front of him, taking shape from slivers of moonlight, gentle splashes of water, and the fireflies that had gathered. Jann's throat caught at the sight, just as it had the first time. Just as it always did. A drink would steady his nerves nicely right about now.

She reached a slender, translucent hand towards his face. Jann could almost feel it brushing against his skin. He swore he could. Her beauty stole his breath, her brilliant blue eyes locked on his.

The ghost of Moonlight Lake.

"You promised you'd visit me."

Jann put his own hand over her hand, and for a moment there was pressure, like he was pushing against something... and then it passed through, and he was left touching the stubble on his own cheek.

"I have, Serina. As soon as I could. And I brought you something!"

The ghost turned away from him, but then looked back over her shoulder. "Oh?" she said, a playful smile on her face.

Jann grinned, leading both of them out of the water and crouching down into the sand. He set the package in front of him, loosened the twine, and unwrapped the cloth.

Serina's eyes narrowed on the small piece of lemon cake.

Drifting forward, she crouched before him in the sand, eyes on the dessert. "It's very pretty."

"Like you," Jann said roguishly. Hoped it had been roguishly, at least.

His pirate's mind didn't understand how a ghost could blush, but it still pleased him to see.

"Go on, Jann," Serina said excitedly. "Describe every taste of every crumb!"

And so Jann did, of course. When it came to their little ritual, he performed it the best he could. Poetically describing the taste of cake wasn't his strong suit, though--his forte was more aligned with drinking rum, stealing cargo, and swinging a saber around.

As he described the sweetness of the lemon meringue using as many flowery words as possible, Jann's mind settled on a conclusion that had been building for some time. Even in his rum-addled state, he immediately knew it to be true. The months spent with Serina had led him away from the dark purpose that had originally brought him here.

"I love you," Jann said.

Serina looked up at him, her bright blue eyes shining like the moon and the stars. "And I love you, my honorable pirate."

That stung, considering his original intentions. Maybe it was the rum swirling around his gut, but it seemed wrong now, to hold onto such a secret.

"I have to tell you something, Serina..."

"Anything," she said, sitting back on her haunches.

"Surely you've heard of the treasures hidden in the depths of Moonlight Lake..."

Her eyes narrowed.

Jann swallowed and pushed on. There was a waterfall of guilt inside him, spilling out. "Of course you have. Because you're the guardian of those treasures."

Her fists clenched.

"Those treasures are the reason I first came here."

She stood.

"But they aren't what keep me coming back!"

An anger had settled on her face like the finality of midnight. Jann had seen it once before, the first night he had come, and she had openly suspected him of the very crime he was confessing too. He had lied then. But not now. Not anymore.

"You are not an honorable pirate, Jann. You are nothing but a common thief, eager to defile my lake with your blind greed for treasure!"

"No!" Jann said, standing. "No." Weaker this time.

A wind swept up, sending pinpricks of cold across Jann's skin. The surface of the water cracked and splintered as it froze. The moon passed behind a cloud.

"You want my treasures, Jann the dishonorable?" Serina screamed, raising her arms. The lake responded with a great wave, knocking him from his feet.

He spit the icy water from his mouth shivering. Crumbs of cake and the flowery cloth floated away. "No! I want you Serina, and only you! Damn the treasures!"

The ghost recoiled back, drifting just above the water. "You have broken me, Jann." Tears slipped from her eyes. The thunder of her voice choked down like a river damned. "You have lied to me, and stolen my trust. How long until you bring the clerics to banish me? How long until you grow sick of my pathetic ethereal touch and move on to another woman? We are over, Jann, and so is your life."

"The clerics would never know of you, nor any man I spoke to! Your touch--the promise of it--is what gets me through the sweaty days in that hellish port. There is no other woman, Serina, nor will there be!"

She raised her arms, but no wave came. The water began to pull back, exposing the long roots of the reeds and the rocks on the lakebed. A panic festered in Jann's gut, his seaworthy senses telling him to run. When the water retreated, it never retreated for long.

"If this is how I die, so be it. I welcome it. I'll die here for you. I'll return to you, and I'll have eternity with you to make it right."

The wave came.

And the water parted around them, just past her outstretched hands. Jann locked eyes with Serina, seeing the anger there, but also the love. The water sank into the sand and the mud.

Moonlight glinted along the beach--the wave had washed the stars upon the sand. But no, Jann realized, they weren't stars. They were jewels, and coins, and small shining figurines of animals. A golden goose had come to rest at his feet.

"My treasures, Jann. Take them and go."

The pirate in him told him to grab everything he could and run. The rum in his belly promised he'd be rich until he was grey and ugly. He could buy his own ship, run his own crew. He could be a honorable man and leave behind the pirate.

Her icy blue eyes told Jann this wasn't a trap. She was giving him everything. And what could he give her? Nothing.

No, not nothing.

"I don't want your treasure, Serina. I want you.

She looked down, her face becoming pale like the moon's light, hidden by the clouds. "I cannot leave here, Jann. I am bound to this place, and this place to me. Ever since my death here."

"Then I shall find a way to bring you back." He stood, pounding a fist to his heart. "I swear it. No matter what it takes. And I'll return to you. We'll roam the seas together, Serina. And eat cake."

She reached out, gently stroking the side of his face. He swore he could almost feel it.

"I will come back for you," Jann said, and then turned. He scooped his belongings up into his coat and started up the hill. He couldn't look back. His resolve was firm now, as firm as it ever was and ever would be, and if he turned back it would all be gone.

He would find a way to bring her back into the world. He had too.

Serina watched him go. A deep sorrow began to fill her essence, like a lake slowly filling from a trickling stream. How many had she watched walk away like that, proudly undertaking a quest for her soul? And how many had returned? None. She did love him... She had loved all of them. She would make a life with him, if he returned. Or she'd wait... and eventually another would come along.

July 12, 2016, 08:14:53 PM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Discussion Thread I've read FF and followed them on twitter for awhile. I've casually browsed the forums during that time, but never signed up. Or I did sign up at one point and forgot my login. That happens to me sometimes, considering I randomly choose the username I'm currently typing from.

Anyways, I saw the story generator prompt and generated a few and my story just sort of materialized fully formed, ready to write. If it hadn't, I probably never would have said anything out of shame and never submitted anything. And then deleted my account. And canceled my internet connection.

To answer your question, I joined the forums and then saw the prompt. But I am following the twitter account now!

July 14, 2016, 05:32:51 PM
Harmonquest – new semi-animated series about D&D! So, Dan Harmon, legendary creator of Community and Rick & Morty, is back with a new show.

If you've ever listened to the podcast Harmontown, you'll be familiar with the premise. Harmon and his regulars are joined by one guest star. They all play D&D together. Parts of the show get animated. That's really about it, and it's hilarious. You can check out the first episode on youtube, but the rest of the season is on Seeso, which is something I've never heard about in my life until this very moment.

Anyone else enjoy this sort of thing?


July 16, 2016, 07:15:16 PM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Discussion Thread
omg.  this is so very hard.  i keep rolling, loving, rolling again, loving, rolling again, loving...  i can't make up my mind!

so, i'm just going to stop and drop a stake in the ground:
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Class: Pirate
  • Location: Lake
  • Object: Magic Dagger
  • Weakness: Greedy
  • Nemesis: Ex-Girlfriend
  • Extra: Cake


posted, so it's officially official.

Interesting to see what you do with this. I got the exact same randomness, apart from the magic dagger!

July 20, 2016, 09:55:47 PM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Voting Thread Congratulations, @Lanko. I enjoyed your story very much. Everyone had good stories! I didn't get to write anything for the potions contest, but I plan to try my hand again for September. I struggle with anything sub-novella length (and also struggle with anything novella and novel length) so this is fun practice.
September 01, 2016, 05:47:03 PM