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Re: [Jun 2016] - Random Wikipedia Article - Discussion Thread I going to try writing on this... contest thing for the first time, more for others opinion's on my writing than anything else. But I was wondering, what if your final product has diverged a lot from your original inspiration? AKA the wiki page.
June 25, 2016, 06:27:27 AM
Re: The Copper Promise: Who's Reading with Us? This Book Club thing looks interesting too. I think i might join in with this.
June 25, 2016, 11:46:39 AM
Re: [Jun 2016] - Random Wikipedia Article - Submission Thread Ok, time to give this a go. My piece is 'Infinite Memory' and is inspired by the wiki article

Spoiler for Hiden:
I will not forget that graduation, when all our lives began. None of us understood, none of us realised, what our newfound talent had doomed us to. It all flashes past me, freedom, love, betrayal, hate, pain, constantly, like a movie in fast forward. I see it all.
This scorched land, so bleak, where the dust twists and wind howls, I remember it. Plants clawing for life, the people filled with unfounded hope and determination. A lone figure stood, his hands sheltering his eyes as he strode through the desolate hamlet. Long deserted, a ghost town that seemed to be haunted with memories.
Smoke assaulted his nostrils. Scorched ruins, skeletal wreaks that once brimmed with the sound of childish laughter, echoes of familial life.
The flames burned high as they hungrily devoured the remnants of what was left. Once loved relics, cherished toys, worn-out cloth. Charring, it all turned to ash.
The hamlet began to sink into cinder, but none of this mattered. The heart of the land had long stopped beating. He was just clearing out the remnant, ridding the world of its filth. Good riddance.
His foot crunched on paper. A photo, a boy and a girl, their bright eyes sparkling. So naïve. A grim faced adult behind them, harsh but proud. He hesitated, before throwing it on the bonfire. The flames crackled hungrily as the past burned.

He turned as his childhood, the ground on which he was born, burned before him. Anguish, hate, and loss seemed to be all twisted in his face, as he strode determinedly forward.
They had not been unkind, the overseers. But he would never forgive them. Not after what they did. His memory was burned. For most it can be hard to forget. That which impacts you the most, for good or bad, will often stay with you forever. But in my case… He had finally had enough. He wanted freedom from this living torture.

At the edge of the hamlet, his bright-rimmed eyes stared down into a hollow valley below, a dust bowel that accentuated its hidden treasure. Stone had been hewn away, a complex of worn buildings built into the side of a single hill. The place where it all began.
He had made it back. Almost thirty years since he had last laid eyes on it. Squinting against the rising winds, the dust seeming to protest, he pushed onward toward his inner hell.
An ancient school, long abandoned, that had periodically reopened years after by a private group. It was during this periodic re-opening, far from the big city, that it had all started. Invitation only, the students had to be of a special calibre. If only he had been normal, he would not have this agony to live out.
Ordinary classes, ordinary curriculum. They had all been smart, that’s for sure. So smart, so special, that’s why they had been isolated. Why special? Because this is where they had been trained, experimented, for infinite memory. Everything he saw, everything he heard, smelt, felt... He could never forgive them.
He walked past the empty rooms, sand and shattered glass fallen like snow. This single hallway, once filled with sounds of those just like him… so many memories. He had been made to never forget. Because of them, because of this, he could remember everything from when he was a child, and everything after. All those smiling face, voices bright as day. All those faces, contorted and pale as the moon. How many still lived? How many would share this fate?
Why is it that the past gnaws at me like hungry demons? So little joy.
He paced across the courtyards, over broken concrete and twisted metal. They taught sports. Once. Physical trials seems so insubstantial now.
Memory that can never forget. What a fool they had been. How can they understand the pain I feel, everything you have ever lived through stuck forever in your conscious mind?

He pulled a small black object from his pocket. Time to finish this. Time to finally end this. A quiet whine, and then a shower of light. The remote explosives sent the entire complex up in flames, a sudden jolt shaking down to the foundations.
How futile it had all been. He closed his eyes as his memory was finally cleared, and the world was obliterated.

An eagle cried high overhead, out of sight as the sun rays beat like blinding talons. Dust swirled across the baked earth, mini twisters dotting the arid landscape. No-one stood, no-one tried to remember that institution, nor the hamlet nearby. He had gone, and his memory with him. 

Miles away, seemingly in another world, the rain clattered loudly on the windows. Lydia Norris sat, staring at the shimmering crystals of ice, a glass of water sitting untouched on the small table before her. How long she sat, listening and watching, she knew to be exactly three minutes and thirty-six seconds. Sighing, she moved her head three centimetres to the right, scanning the short letter once more. Brief and to the point. Signed in pristine hand: In memory, Dale. He had gone, left without warning. She knew he wasn’t coming back.
She felt that she should mourn, and a part of her did. Yet another part of her felt glad. Dale had not lived the most heartening of lives, and his talents had not helped. He wanted to seek peace, and he would find it there. Lydia knew his pain, she understood better than most.
Heaving herself from her chair, she subconsciously registered five paces to the rain drenched window. Steering up with bright-rimmed eyes, she sighed. Indeed, she understood, and she would not forget him. She had no choice. Yet as she stared out in the roiling sky, she smiled. The rain had stopped, and as she watched, a few simple sparks of sun began to break through, a light in the dark.
Even though they knew infinite misery, she lived for the rays of joy. That, she was glad to never forget.

June 27, 2016, 02:00:40 AM
Re: Little Wrtiting/Creativity Game : Who lives there?

The storm whistled and raged like a living thing. "Ready the laser! Fire at will!"
"At what sir?"
"The storm, the storm m'lad. Murder the beast!"
"DO IT!"

June 28, 2016, 01:28:34 AM
Re: [Jul 2016] - Story Generator - Submission Thread Paranormal romance
Magic dagger
Their Mother

I don't even know. It's called Love Resides in Cake and Daggers

Spoiler for Hiden:
Love resides in Cake and Daggers

That earnest face sent a shiver down my spine, rain falling sporadically. Those eyes like drops of mercury, boring into me, unblinking.  What was I doing here?
“Adam… what’s wrong? Why do you struggle? We are forever together. You made our contract.” The voice lilted, and the sky roared.
She seemed to possess a kind of lustre, her hand reaching out, caressing my face. I shivered, for she was as cold as steel. “What a beautiful master.”
What had I got myself into?


My brother and I had headed down to the lake for some family bonding. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years, and it was time we caught up. At least, that was what he said. My brother Alex was an archaeologist whose superstitious notions had gained him the very definition of ridicule. To be honest, his superstition’s probably rubbed off on me to.
As we drove toward the lake, I greedily admired the luscious curves of a slice of mud cake as Alex began his rants. This he was also famous for, and he spoke with zeal.
He was insistent, ecstatic, that he had found it. The very lake where King Arthur had been given the legendary Excalibur. The home of the so named ‘lady of the lake’. True or not, it looked to be a nice view, and a good vacation.

Alex’s failed attempt at sneaking stealthily out of the house had woken me, and I had decided to follow him. Now I crouched, watching him intently as he walked onto the jetty, staring over the glistening lake. The wind was silent, and the moon stood proudly in the star-lit sky.
The surface was unmoving and flat like glass. Brown, algae covered glass. The lake was not the drawing feature of the area.
“You who reside in the lake, cometh! Lady of the Lake, will thou not show yourself?”
All seemed silent for an age, but as Alex stood, a single ripple moved across the dank pool.
“Please refrain from such speech patterns.”
 Alex stared, as a dark shadow began to appear. Robed in green and brown like the algae around her… actually, it seemed she was just covered in it like everything else.
“You’re real? You’re real!” Alex began to shout, running around in circles.
“Yeah. Sure. So, let’s see, how’s it go again….” She cleared her throat. “You are the chosen one! I will bestow upon you a great gift of heroes, if you will convince the local council to clean up my waterways!”
His eyes widened, and he grinned stupidly. “YES!!!!!!!”
“Okay good. Here. She tossed a small steel dagger violently out of the pond, the blade flying dangerously past my head, and landing not far behind me.
“Take this dagger… uh… Burexcali. Okay, I’m going now. Fix my pond. Keep dagger. No questions? Good.” She disappeared beneath the lake, muttering.

I stared at the weapon for a split second, before grabbing it and making a dash for the cabin. Behind me, I heard Alex talking to himself. He was still kneeling on the edge of the dock, staring stupidly into the smooth mould covered depths, where the lady had disappeared.

I lay in bed, hoping my brother wouldn’t realize what had happened. He walked in, past me, like a man half asleep, not even giving me a second glance.
I stared at the roof. Had all that really happened? Or was all the Strawberry Pavlova I ate mixing with the Black Forest Cake? Suddenly guilt began to course through my veins, as I desperately tried to fall into slumber. This had been Alex’s great wish, years of work and condemnation. Stolen away. Thief. I lay in restless exhaustion, until sleep finally took me.

I stared at the shimmering blade. So beautiful. Such lovely craftsmanship. No! Thief! Hypocrite. You don’t care about Alex.
It’s true. If there’s something I love more than my daily dose of sugary treats, then its shiny trinkets. Who am I kidding, it’s the other way round. All hail Meringue! Besides, didn’t brother always say magic dagger’s brought good luck? This was probably magic right? It came from that lady.
‘You really think I’m beautiful?’
Strange, the thought appeared in my head as if the blade was speaking. Silly me. Either way, I couldn’t let this go to waste, such an alluring treasure.
‘You will take me? Will you be my love? Promise.’
The blade fell from my hands, but as it did, I was already bending over, drawn toward it. I wanted to hold it.
‘Show your love… take me.’ I was going insane. Yes that was it. Maybe some Rocky-Road would help. Just wrap up the dagger, and hide it away… as my hand fell on the dagger, the world disappeared.

I seemed to be floating, the world I knew null and void. Cold hands held me, a gentle yet stiff face was touching. “Do not fear, my love. You have made the contract, and now I will protect you for eternity.”
My eyes flashed opened as I hit the floorboards, greeting me with a pulsing headache. The dagger was in my hand, cold and silent.

That night, after chowing down on more than my usual portion of Christmas pudding (don’t question me!), I ventured outside chilled to the bone. I doubt I need to mention my slight shivering was from more than the cold, as I held the dagger out before me under the crescent moon.
‘We’re all alone, under a beautiful sky.’ I really hope that was me. It wasn’t. It was raining, for goodness sake.
The blade began to slip from my hand, but it didn’t fall. It seemed to move forward of its own accord, becoming liquid as it did. It swirled and spun, rearranging itself. In an instant, she stood before me. “What do you think, my love?”

So that’s how I met her. Or it. This is what my vacation has become. Hiding a love-crazed sentient-dagger from my star struck brother who’s still convinced he’s the chosen one. He searches every morning, hoping to pull the dagger from the pond slime, and be crowned king of absolutely nothing.
Two weeks of our trip passed when things got worse. Yes, you heard me right. W-O-R-S-E.
It was a Thursday afternoon, and there was knock at the door. As Alex opened it, he gasped. Their stood the lady of the lake, with an expression of complete exasperation. “What are you doing you dolt! What’s happening with my lake?”
He stared open mouthed. The lady stared into his eyes for a few seconds.
“Oh great. You spent this ENTIRE TIME searching for my dagger. Your thieving brother has it. He hid it in a muffin the night he stole it.”
Alex stared even more open mouthed. He turned, to look at me as I stood behind him, and then back at her.
“This is stupid. You, thief. Will you fix my pond? You can keep the dagger if you do.”
“No!” Alex was starting to come to his senses.
Finishing a mouthful of brownie, I tried to speak. “I…”
‘Don’t do it, my love. Don’t let her trick you. You already have me.’
“Will you take the dagger away if I do?” ‘That’s not funny love…’
“No. I don’t want that wretch back. Ever.”
“Then no deal.”
“If you refuse, I will be violent!”
“Because you two have annoyed me far too much, and I haven’t had a chance to abuse my power for ages!”
‘Don’t worry Adam, I won’t let my mother hurt you!’
What? Actually, at this point I’m not really surprised.
With a flash of swirling silver, the dagger-woman stood once again beside her beloved. My brother simply stared.
“Get out of my way child! The lady of the lake is here!” A golden sword appeared in her hand, a spear in the other.
“You will soon be lost in Antiquity!”
“You really were down there a long time mother.” The dagger-woman bristled, literally, as her body became covered in tiny silver blades in another swirling flash of silver.
At this point both I and my brother moved well out the way. As in, run away, away. A shout of “EXCALIBUR!” and the crash of the entire log cabin was blown to smithereens, a sure fire sign that it was the right decision. Grabbing what we could, we both jumped into Alex’s car and were out of their like the wind.

Nothing untoward happened on the way back to the city. Alex dropped me off at my house, and said he would come back tomorrow to discuss what he called ‘paranormal events’.
Well, it seemed we had escaped the worst of it. Finally, my sponge cake and I could relax in peace. As I opened the door, there was a metallic ringing. A cold embrace. “Welcome home, my love.”
Please no.

July 24, 2016, 05:20:30 AM
Re: FFBB: Favourite Antagonist - R16 - Sauron vs The Dead King 'Sauron is the ultimate antagonist and the original The Dark Lord.'

I don't mean to be a pain, but i just couldn't help myself.

Sauron is arguably the ultimate antagonist of Lord of the Rings, but he is not the original Dark lord. That honor goes to Morgoth, who Sauron once served. Ok, i feel better now. Pretend i was never here.

August 02, 2016, 08:30:23 AM
Re: Group of Wizards Just another great term. A Improbability of Puffins.
October 14, 2016, 07:36:52 AM
Re: Little Wrtiting/Creativity Game : Who lives there? That depressing picture... it reminds me of mordor, a futuristic mordor where the 20th century Gondor has once again fallen to ruin, and the malevolent crimson of the dark lords malice creeps back over the Dagorlad, Udun and Nurn.
Or it could just be some pretty rock formations, and a man firing a red flare in the distance.

April 28, 2017, 06:23:21 AM
Re: [Dec 2017] - Alien/Eldritch Artifact - Submission Thread Just Like Clockwork- 1,467 words.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Just like clockwork
Where am I? These words appeared in my head, but they are not what I am really thinking. I know the answer to where. But I actually think who. Who am I? I have nothing, no food or water to quench my hunger and thirst. No place to lay my head, or clothes of my own to keep me warm. I am wandering, pointlessly. Am I waiting to die perhaps?

For that was the problem you see, I did not remember. It’s not like I was looking back into a fog, catching shrouded glimpses of what is lost, nor did I feel any need to seek a past. There was just nothing, and I felt as if I have not lived, no, not existed at all. And that idea was horribly unnerving. But of course, that was impossible. Looking at myself, I must have lived for at least two dozen years.

Yes, those were my thoughts for many days and nights, the number which I lost count. Until one night, when a passer-by found me. He cared for me for two days until I was taken to a city in the shade of the great mountain, where I came to join the soldiers. Yet, the man who cared for me, he said something very strange. He warned me to tell no one of this, but when he searched he could find no heartbeat. 

And that is where I come to properly answer my first question. Where am I? Well, I am in the soldier’s quarters, in the city that I now live. I also am intensely unnerved by the great mountain above, almost as much as I am by my lack of memories.  Yet, I try to forget the encroaching discomfort. I find some comforts, one being the kindness of my commander and his men. They told me tales of their exploits, unquestionably exaggerated, and they each spoke excitedly of the future. They seem to me not to care for the past, holding hope in the future. Perhaps I too can be like them. The other comfort I find stranger, a calmness I gain from gripping a well-worn blade. This sense of comfort I could provide no explanation for, neither to myself nor to those I slowly grow to care for.

And then that day came.

It came forth from the great mountain, the most ancient of citadels. A mighty grumbling and a groaning, we all heard it, under the mountain shadow. As it shook the earth, the people of that city were filled with trepidation. The southern face of the mountain-cliff collapsed upon itself, turning to dust. And from that dust it came.

Everyone stared wide-eyed, confused, awed, horrified, as it came.

A woeful machine, twice as large as the Imperial Palace itself, its shape too intricate to describe in its true detail. Never-the-less, it was as if the great projects of men had all been combined together. Its base was like some galleon, only many components jarred this vision, as arms jutted out like extensions of a house. Great towers, observatories, and countless other things rose from the base, and amongst all these: gears, lights, jewels and rune-letters beyond my own or anyone else’s comprehension.
So there I was, blind to my fate, a sword my only comfort and possession in the world. Something beckoned. Click, Rrrr. I gasped, a great pain ripping through my chest. Like a dagger wound, I wanted to scream, or writhe, but I could not. I was pulled, compelled, to where I did not know.  A voice entered my head, and I perceived its wish.

The heart-pain now slowly fading. But a pain of another kind lingered. A message, turned into twisted desire. It ripped at my mind, blurring any thought. Faces before me, some known, some not, and the single word. Kill.

I feel something in my chest, something not felt for a long time. Is it life? Click, Rrrr. It hurts. 

And as all this transpired, it came forward. That thing, the dastardly machine. It forded the rushing river with ease, and moved to the city. It did not stop, not one bit, as the wall crumbled before it. The people were in uproar, but not only because of the great machine. There were… other things. People, but they were not, as an unfortunate soldier found out, protecting a pair of civilians. He soldier swung his sword at the man-thing, hitting it hard, but the blade did little more than fall to the side as a clang rang out.

A patch of skin hung from the man-thing, the creature. He turned, his pupils turning and twisting. The skin hung ragged, but what held the soldier’s horrified gaze was the infinite gears and springs, whirring, buzzing, and humming from where skin had been. “You must be removed. You must be stopped.” The creature’s voice seemed to tick, an almost soothing cadence to its rhythm. The soldier was struck dumb, as these clock-men brought death to the town.

I was lost in the confusion. That implanted ideal, that alien desire still lingered, but I had so far suppressed it. As I fell to the ground, sharp rocks ripped at my skin, and the sun shone on metal. Indeed, at this time, I truly sensed the truth of my existence. Yet I refused to believe it. I was not some contraption of gears and springs. I didn’t know who I once was, but I didn’t care. Everyone in this town had wanted to be something, to have a future. So did I. 

“Do not fear the slaughter that heralds the future of mankind!” A mighty voice rang out, resonating through the city. One of the towers of the great machine began to bend and twist, like some serpent, facing the city square. Twelve great spires were its teeth, and two mighty windows of stained glass were its eyes. The machine shook, and seemed to gasp a strange air. “I am the Wayfinder, here to open a way for all, to the power of the new world. Others would lead you otherwise, wishing to take this power from you, but do not fear!” The great machine roared, the head rising proudly. The fearsome machine raised a single arm, high above a clock-man, and with a whirr that resonated through the city, came down upon one of the clock-men, crushing him. Two other clock-men stood nearby, and with a slow but mighty groan the house-sized arm collided into the clockwork pair, crushing them also.

“You see, I come to offer you protection and to lead you on the path of knowledge. Come, do not fear what you do not understand, for I will teach you. The clock is ticking!” The murderous machine roared once more.

The clock-men by this time were turning, turning to run, fear on their faces. Click, Rrrr. Again, that pain in my chest, that desire in my mind, but different this time, not violent but fearful. Run. Harder to suppress, for it was more logical, and closer to what I truly wished.

No. I would not give in to this madness.

Click, Rrr. The voice in my head returns.  The voice of the wretched machine. You were never weak. Suddenly faint shadows clawed at my mind, were they memories? A man of vast intelligence, desperate, working endlessly, hiding his work. A keeper of knowledge. Ancient knowledge. They do not deserve it, they must not have it, he says.  He prepares a twisted spectacle, a calamitous show for the future of man. Preparation for a revival of his own design. Many hollow clock-shells he creates, in the likeness of his greatest work. Endless data he hides within this great work. This great construct he reared like his own, till it spoke and thought as men. Forgive me for testing you child.

Click Rrr. My chest screams with a pain above all others. Return to me Cartra, my child.  Ah! I scream as my body begins to buckle, yet my legs move toward the great machine. They cannot resist its call. His call. Join me, as we lead these people to the true dawn!

The words of the machine, the words of the father ring in my head as I lose control of my body, and my gears sings a dreadful song. I remember now. That machine. That man. He wanted to start again, reset. And I couldn’t stop him. It went just as he planned. Just like clockwork.

Part of me still tries to fight. But that part is buried, deep beneath gears and springs, magic runes and circuits of forgotten origin. Part of me still wants to be free, but that thought is chained hand and foot. Gears grind, as the present me says good bye.

December 31, 2017, 03:47:05 AM
Re: [Dec 2017] - Alien/Eldritch Artifact - Discussion Thread I finally got round to writing another entry! Yay me... Hopefully it's good. Third tries the charm right?
December 31, 2017, 03:54:04 AM