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Hello, from the marshlands of Florida. Hello all, my name is Syner, I am a writer/artist. Looking forward to being a part of this community and learning a few things. :)
May 03, 2016, 05:58:32 PM
Character concept art based on my story. Hello all, will be using this thread to dump all the concept art of characters from my book "OF IRON AND DEVILS". Currently editing the second book and trying to get sculpts done for the remaining characters. Eventually, hopefully, I'll have some of the creature/wildlife as well. These were sculpted and textured in zbrush, rendered in keyshot and composited in photoshop. Once the story is finished I will probably go back and spend a little more time on the renders. Hope you guys and gals like em.

Clint Godzton


Lucinda Mathayus

June 27, 2016, 04:17:56 AM
Re: Character concept art based on my story. A new one.

Lady Maven Aleid

July 12, 2016, 12:15:23 AM
Re: Character concept art based on my story. Lady Jillian Cyndil

August 07, 2016, 08:24:34 PM
Re: Character concept art based on my story. Martha Cagmere

October 15, 2016, 12:25:46 AM
Re: Character concept art based on my story. Lord Willem Mathayus

December 16, 2016, 04:19:31 PM
Re: Your favorite things about Skyrim! Mods. Recently decided to try out some quest mods. Normally I stay far away from quest mods because imo the bulk of them are either unfinished or bug ridden. With that said the quest mod Vigilant caught my attention, and me being a huge fan of dark souls, which the mod is heavily inspired by, I figured WTH. I cannot express how floored I am with that mod after having finished it. The writing, the environments, the epic boss battles( granted you also install the appropriate combat mods ). The mod however will trick you. What I mean by that is the initial stages of the quest will have you thinking it's no different than fetch quest Skyrim is riddled with, but by Act3 and 4 it really becomes an entirely new monster unto itself.

Like I said it's heavily inspired by dark souls, but uses TES lore for its backdrop, so there is not a lot of hand holding Skyrim has conditioned us with and Act 4 there is absolutely no hand holding and there are few moments, based on your choices where you can literally skip half of the mod and go straight to Act 4. Act 3 at one point literally had me wanting to stop playing because it was scaring the **** out of me( SPOILERS particularly the Red Witch ). I would also argue that while the entire mod is dark souls inspired I'd say Act 3 gave me more of a Silent Hill vibe. All the little notes and journals you find are very well written and add to the overall story. The english voice-over add on can be bad in some spots but overall they did a good job. The multi-tiered dungeons in Act 4 are amazingly designed, and not to hate on Bethesda but they should take notes.

When I think that it was all done by one man... just wow. This is why I still play Skyrim :) .

December 05, 2017, 04:40:12 PM
Re: Character concept art based on my story. Here's a concept of a Nhavgyde from my Of Iron and Devils triliogy.

April 02, 2018, 04:21:48 PM