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Re: Adjeness http://www.virdea.net/

I do not think anyone would stalk me.  You have to be popular to be stalked :)

February 23, 2016, 12:00:14 AM
Re: Adjeness
I hate realizing that creeps exist, even they're relatively petty. I'd much prefer they be in our fantasy novels, and not running around in the RW.

I agree.  I grew very thick skin as an author very young.  Haters hate.  These guys spent untold hours each day hating on my book (and I barely noticed sadly enough) when they could have written their own better one and made a mint - the eBook in Amazon was bugged due to an error in the system when it was first posted (iTunes worked though).

Now days when someone reads Adjeness and says, "you suck!" I barely notice.  It is easy to say you suck.  PCs suck, Macs suck, iPhones suck, World of Warcraft sucks, Tolkien sucks, and so forth.  "You suck" won't make me change a word of my book.

February 23, 2016, 02:17:58 AM
Re: Calling All Maps! My Virdea files have something like 75 maps of everything from cities to the world as a whole, but I use four maps to demonstrate how the concept of showing space changed over time.

This map was drawn on an Apple II in 1981 and modified for Superpaint a few years later.  The world's main features show up, but I had not yet given enough thought to names, and Celestia still was called Virdea despite the books having the correct name.  Here I started having problems with diverging source material.  The original has hung around for years, and was saved from Superpaint to Photoshop. 

The main color map from 1990 was used for the initial use of the world as a MUD setting.  Everything looks small on the map because it is actually made from more than a thousand 250x250 pixel TGA files which the MUD engine could push to am image browser.  Later I assembled the files and substituted the older graphics whose copyright had expired, for new images, and in 1998 the map went to Photoshop as a mosaic.  In 2003 the image symbols were again changed, and again in 2008 when the map was being replaced with one that could be sold as a poster.

This map did a lot of duty including a version as an interactive Hypercard stack, and a sliced HTML version.

2008 the definitive poster map is released.  600dpi and 18x24 inches, it was packaged with the printed version of the tabletop version of Legacy of Empire.  The poster was more popular than the game, and home brews started using it.  The poster also shows the effect of time in the fantasy world on maps.  Set after the Abomination Apocalypse Dagoria is shown as a destroyed city, and the lands of Dagoria are called the Deadlands.  Although this was first released in a book in 1982, no map had shown a postwar view of the world.

The simplified map first presented in Total Eclipse for iPad.  The map is very simple for as it was never intended for print, and shows the Downs prominently rather than the less well known swamps that play more of a role in the books.  Minor changes are mostly for taste.  Thrngar gets its normal spelling rather than its translated spelling.  Closeup maps with the same symbology were made of each area to allow more detail, but remain very simple.

Starting in 1992 I started working out different ways to visualize Virdea.  This city map started out as an Alias/Wavefront 3D model.  The model was set to observe from the top and flattened to form a street grid.  At one point there was a false color version created with a Quantel Paintbox.  By 1998 it has gone with everything else to Photoshop as a raster grab with each section of the city being pulled out separately in their own grabs to maintain resolution.  Overlays based on the grid exist. 

Less formerly drawn, this map of Sea Point joins maps of Norwalk, Thrngar, Seytes Gate, and Greysmere in providing simple, semi-topographic detail to the towns in the stories.  Most of these documents were made directly in Photoshop or Painter.

February 23, 2016, 03:09:37 AM
Re: Steve Jackson
Welcome! :)

I can think of far worse people to share a name with! Hopefully you will find a lot of good recommendations for new and interesting fiction here.

It has never been a negative except once when I was asked to Keynote at a discussion of Game Design for Suncoast Skirmishes.  When I showed up the forum people were angry because I was not the Steve Jackson but only a Steve Jackson.  I still got free attendance.

March 03, 2016, 04:04:52 PM
Re: Calling All Maps! I like it, only for a second I was trying to figure why two upside down boats were on fire.
March 18, 2016, 08:13:09 PM