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Re: [Feb 2016] - Fanfic - Submission Thread Title: I Am Adventure
Word count: 973

References: The Kingkiller Chronicles, The Copper Cat Trilogy

Spoiler for Hiden:
“Who are you then?” Wydrin asked, tilting her head to the right.
    “My name is Kvothe, master of the martial arts, chosen lover of a fae goddess, member of the…”
    “Alright, alright, I only wanted to know your bloody name, red-head. I wondered if you were the guy I was looking for, that’s all.”
    Kvothe reached up and smoothed his hair with his left hand; there were only three others in the darkened tavern, all of them leaning over drinks at the bar.
    “I warn you, lady. You shall not try to apprehend me, for I will not give you even the chance to draw. And then, once I’ve left you lying on the ground, contemplating your audacity in trying to take me from this world, I will hunt down your employers and will not stop until…”
    “Rehearse that one did you, Kwoth? Relax. It’s not you I’m after,” said Wydrin, before turning on the spot and walking back to the bar.
    Kvothe watched her from his table, mouth agape. There was a strange aura surrounding this short woman. Daggers jutted from each hip, she had hair even more noticeable than his –more a carroty orange than a blood red– and she walked funny too. Not like a lady, but like an excited child.
    Kvothe pressed his hands onto the table and pushed himself up. He took the short walk over to the woman and pushed his hair back before tapping her on the shoulder.
    “Yep,” she said, not turning towards him, but instead waving towards the bartender who was engaged in conversation.
    “I might know who you are looking for,” said Kvothe.
    “Doubt it,” replied Wydrin, who was now waving so fast that her hand had become a blur.
    Kvothe sighed, grabbed her flapping hand and pushed it firmly down into the bar. With his free hand he grabbed her chin and pulled her head around until their eyes met. Kvothe knew that women found his emerald green eyes on of his most appealing, almost irre-
    “If you don’t get your warty little fingers off my face, I’m going to chop off a finger. Two if you don’t let go of my hand at the same time, Reddy. Do you understand?”
    Kvothe saw her free hand was already peeling a dagger from its sheath and immediately let go. “Warty? My lady, I should have you know that these calluses are from my undying devotion to the lute. Should you hear me play, you’d-“
    “Not interested.”
    “Where I am from, people-“
    “NOT interested.”
    “One more word about your goblin-y fingers or violin and I will have to hurt you.”
    Kvothe opened his mouth to point out that he was at least a head taller than her, but decided it was probably best not to when Wydrin slid the dagger out a further inch. He needed her help. And his life.
    “Look,” he said, “I saw you coming from that temple.”
    “The Citadel?” She asked, eyes widening, “what were you doing hanging around there?”
    “I’m… Not sure. It’s the last thing I remember; I woke up inside. I thought perhaps Felurian had summoned me back, for I felt a strange energy. Darkness, some kind of magic or divine power.”
    “Yep. That’s The Citadel then. Some powerful Mages trapped some Gods there. Those Gods got hungry and ate each other until someone,” Wydrin looked at the floor, “opened it up and stuff… well, stuff happened.”
    “Those fools,” said Kvothe, “why can mortals not leave alone what they cannot possibly hope to comprehend?”
    “Hold on there, Kwith, didn’t you say you were the lover of a Fae Goddess?”
    The bar tender, who had now arrived, looked at Kvothe and smiled.
    “Yes?” Demanded Kvothe.
    “Nothing at all, young sir,” said the burly man, whose bald head and barrel-like chest made him look more like a solider or guard than a barman.
    “No, no. Go right ahead. Say what’s on your mind.”
    “I was just thinking that you barely look old enough to… you know. Let alone deliver on the expectations of a magical being who I imagine has lived a thousand years or so.”
    Wydrin sniggered, “that’s a fair point there barkeep. He barely looks 15, does he?”
    Kvothe closed his eyes, sighed and bowed his head, “When you have lived the life I have lived, when you have experienced the things I have experienced, when you have seen the things I have seen, age becomes but a number.”
    When Kvothe opened his eyes both the barkeeper and Wydrin were gone. Kvothe looked to his right and saw the barkeeper taking his next order, then spun around and saw Wydrin sitting on his chair with her feet on his table. He marched right over.
    “You aren’t from around here then are you?” Wydrin asked as he reached her.
    “No. I don’t even think I’m from this world” said Kvothe, thinking about how different the plants were on the road he’d followed to the tavern.
    “Ah, that explains it then. Planet pompous is 6 over, Kweeve.”
    Kvothe bit down on his lip to stop himself screaming.
    “I need your help Miss Wydrin,” Kvothe said, as softly as he could.
    Wydrin looked at him, “Is that the kind of self-assurance you used to pull a Fae? Well, no matter. Three things buy my help: beer, coin and promise for adventure.”
    Kvothe looked at the beer that he’d left on the table, “That, Miss Wydrin is yours.”
    Wydrin looked at her own drink, then to Kvothe’s, which was untouched, and nodded. “On me I have 3 jots and 2 drabs. They are yours too. And adventure? Well, I am Kvothe. I am adventure.”
    Wydrin nodded. “OK, ‘adventure’. I’m in. One question though, what’s a ‘jot’ and a ‘drab’ worth in beers. I take it you’ve found that out. Right?”

February 15, 2016, 10:39:09 AM
Re: [Feb 2016] - Fanfic - Discussion Thread I have recently read and enjoyed work by Jen Williams and look back fondly on work by Patrick Rothfuss. I think the no nonsense character of Wydrin would be a complete contrast for that of Kvothe's need to always be right, so I've submitted a story that puts them together. I've no expectations, I just hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for the opportunity.
February 15, 2016, 11:30:25 AM