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Re: The Stone Road - the trilogy is complete! Why did I only find this thread now??
Anyways... If you are atill interested in answers to your old questions... ;)
I don't have a problem with the typical western fantasy setting, but it is not what makes me pick up a book.
I think the reason why so many books have such a setting ia partly because there are so many american/english authors dominating the market. And they will write about what they know best.

I do love to read some other settings in between (and I don't have to tell you I loved your books!), and enjoyed Guy Gavriel Kays or Liam Hearnes books for example. Most fantasy that is not western seems to be Asian though - I can't remember even one fantasy book I've read that had a setting like Africa or middle east.

What makes ME pick up a book is an interesting plot and a cover that catches my eye, not the setting. :)

February 22, 2016, 09:42:14 PM
Re: Who makes you want a book? Especially in fantasy other fans make me want a book. People who are as passionate about it as I am - I don't care if it's a bookseller, reader or author. When they can talk to me about my favorite books/authors and have a similar taste, I will look up and often buy their recommendations. (I am a bookseller to ;) And I often buy books recommended to me by my customers... Those are the best of days for me, when I get to recommend through half the fantasy shelves! And we both leave with new reading material!)
February 22, 2016, 10:31:54 PM
Re: What did you read in January? Come share your list and what you thought In the order I finished them:

Crimes against magic (McHugh)
Entertaining Urban Fantasy! That series might be a nice snack to tide me over until the nexry Dresdovel...

Red Plains and Tales from the stone road (GR Matthews)
Asian themed fantasy I really loved! I can't get enough of Matthews writing style. I liked The stone road (First in the series), loved the Blue mountain and was amazed by The red plains. And the short stories only give even more depth to the story! I can't wait for his next book that will be the second in his other (dystopian) series.

Riddle Master of Hed (McKilip)
Not really my cup of tea - well written, but not enough action to keep me focussed on the story.

Black Cross and Black Martlet (JP Ashman)
Great debut - started of a bit slow, but picked up pace very fast and had me completely sucked in in no time! Couldn't put it down and eagerly await the next installment. Good characters, a lot of action, bloody but in a good way, and some emotional trauma suffered while reading. ;)

Dragons of Autumn twilight (Weis)
Good when judged as a classic and taking into account when it was publihed. When judged by modern standards it was a bit predictable and missing a few pages where the concentration slacked didn't really matter, as it is a quite linear quest plot.

February 22, 2016, 10:57:10 PM
Re: Introductory Thread: Who's Reading With Us? I'll try to! I am not good with sticking to a reading schedule, but I already read it, so I will most likely still be able to take part, even if I fall back or read ahead as usual ;)
May 08, 2016, 05:27:07 PM
Re: YA for young males? I'm from Germany, and our market seems to be a bit different. For a start we have the books categorized by agree 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, and then either 12+ or in bigger stores another 14+ section. So mostly 12 is were ya started here.

For the genders - most "gender neutral" books are published with boys as a focus. Because girls do read "boys books", but boys do not read girly stuff. So having girls read Percy Jackson, Skullduggery Pleasant and so on isn't a problem.

In my shop I have about 40/60 girly and non girly books on stock - the different mostly being due to the big success of books like selection.

There are plenty good fantasy books for makes at that age. A lot have been named already - still I'll list some up again:

Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Skullduggery Pleasant
Bartimaeus / Lockwood & Co
Otori (Across the nightingale floor)
Nicholas Flamel (by Scott)
Paladin Project
Maximum ride
Artemis Fowl
Flanagans books are 10+ but his enough to be read older
His majesties dragons
Magicians guild
Rithmatist / Steelheart
Maze runner
His dark materials
Epic (kostick)
Half bad

Just to name the ones off the top of my head...

May 30, 2016, 12:34:29 AM
Re: Favorite Quotes “You and the spirit are no different, there is no separation. You are the spirit and the spirit is you. It has always been this way. Where there are no spirits, there are no people. This is what we must awaken in people.”
May 30, 2016, 12:52:06 PM
Re: Author recommendations I agree with a lot of aforementioned ones :)

Definitely try Kingkiller Chronicles by Rothfuss - It is not for everyone (what is?), but for those who love it it would be a shame to miss it! I'd go for the sample chapter, that should give you a good idea.

If you like Sanderson you should try "Black Prism" by Weeks.

Also Riyria by Sullivan - not nearly as epic, but a great, easy read that reminds me of his writing style.

Second Scott Lynch "Locke Lamora" amazing series.

Take a look at "Fae - the wild hunt" by Austin-King - devoured each of the three books in just a matter of days.

Powder Mage by McClellan (hope I speller him right) also seems like it would fit your taste.

Malice by John Gwynne.

If you want to try Urban Fantasy look at Harry Dresden by Butcher or Iron druid chronicles by Hearne.

Second Hobb - especially Assassins apprentice.

Trudi Canavan "Magicians guild"

May 30, 2016, 01:22:27 PM
Re: Goodreads
Also does anyone else have more books on their to-read pile than actually read?  :'(

 ;D No - but I couldn't put over 1000 books on my TBR ;) Would confused me more than help!

June 02, 2016, 05:30:36 PM
Re: The Stone Road: Ask the Author! M3mnoch - I just wanted to state that I disagree 100% with you. I agree this is not the place to discuss that though.

So to get back on topic:
GR - do you have authors that have especially influenced your writing? Do you have kind of "role models"?

June 03, 2016, 09:47:55 PM
Re: The Stone Road: Ask the Author! Ha - I think I might have to expand my TBR somewhat! Thank you :)
June 04, 2016, 05:29:45 PM