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Re: How did you Choose your Nickname? My full nickname is "ArhiX Misantrophia vel Shadow Within di Indiferentis da Admonition" and was created step by step by me having a really "dark" times in my life, recovering from it, writing a story about a character, devouering who they are and fusing their names with my own.

In example - Arhi was an archeopteryx - a main protagonist of one of the very first stories I ever wrote, after being influenced by Harry Potter (thank you Rowling). It's still a reminescency of the times, when I was just a happy kid. And most of people I'm good friends with call me "Arhi" more often then by my real name. Or maybe it is that Arhi actually IS my real name.

And no. It doesn't come form Ezzio Auditore di Ferenzo.

June 06, 2016, 11:25:40 PM
Re: How did you Choose your Nickname?
Could've sworn I had replied to this thread. Oh well.

It's taken from my first RPG character, Doc. He's a doctor. And I needed something vaguely resembling my username at the time (C.Hill) so I stuck the words together and hoped for the best.

I always thought that your nick was about... you know... "chill" and all that marijuana stuff. I even imagined you as a rastafarian actually.

Silly me.

June 08, 2016, 07:07:10 PM
Re: Heart of Darkness "Our predecessors killed a bunch of people, almost eradicated an entire race, because we wanted to cover up some hoaxes. Why you asking? LoL"

I think... I'm as surprised as the main character is.

I'm also using this topic in my own work (the genocide) multiple times, but there's no children's tales about them. Only nightmares. Your story is not as dark, as you think it is, or I just read too much grimdark lately, OR... You are not telling us everything :F

The idea itself is dark. Genocide of entire race is not a topic to be taken lightly. But what I actually felt the most, was this ease with which Spathas spoke about it. Like it was some kind "funny thing" from the past. The darkness of the story does not come from the topic. We have funny movies about killing people (Hot Shots - anyone) sometimes even set in times of WW2. The true heart of darkness lays inside the people - characters from your story.

August 20, 2016, 12:08:14 PM
Re: What magic can and can't do I'm actually sick of "magic heals stuff". Someone just got his hand tore off, or even his head sliced in half?
No side effects.
Hand as good as new.

I like "magic auguments it's user - but for a price".

December 11, 2016, 04:27:53 PM
Re: Pictures of Your Forum Peeps Some bad resolution, but you can see what's on my face other than a faint smile :p

I'm feeling strange - I'm really a youngster here :v
Also - you now know why I have this avatar ;)

July 21, 2017, 12:00:05 PM
Re: Quote your first post you ever did
So recently I finished to outline a story that happens in my world, and the first thing that came into my mind was - "Man. This world is brutal. It's entire story is brutal. Dude. WTF?".
My goal was to create a story when everyone is hurt in some way (physically and mentally) and where painfull but quick death is actually a blessing. And to forestall - I don't use violence just for the sake of using it, but still it's a key component of my world, and i made sure it's justified (most of the times).

What do you think about it? What is the thick red line that separates "grim/dark fantasy" from "butcher's fairytale" (this is how one of my friend reffers to it)? How not to turn a story into a parody? How far can one walk into a Mordor of description?
Do you often use violence in your writing. Or maybe in other way: Do you LIKE to use violence in your writing.
I also want to say is that I never read any of GoT books, and never even watched a second of it's TV series. But as far as I know - it's a hurtfest/killfest/rapefest/tearsofreadersfest/cutthedongfest.

Maybe it's a time to read it? Or do you know other authors that like to "play" with their characters in this way? Or maybe even better?

I wrote my first hello more than a year later. My very first post AND first topic I ever made here. In writer's corner because I was a lurking in the shadows for at least a year before I have found enough courage to speak with you, guys and girls. So to speak, I still need to check for it before making any post. :D

<still have not read or watched any GoT>

January 06, 2018, 05:22:22 PM
Re: A Thank You to the Forum I remember that when I was still un-registered lurker. I treated you guys and girls like really big authoritys. I felt small and unsignificant. I remember being nervous getting my first answers to a topic I made.

And now - you all still are. And althought I don't write much here (not being a native speaker makes it hard for me to express myself and sometimes I need a few hours to write what is on my mind - I am not kidding) because of university, family stuff and my rampaging addictions, I still like to jump here and read what is going on around here - good ol'Fantasy Faction.

January 06, 2018, 05:39:39 PM
Re: A Thank You to the Forum @Nora - Answers like this are why I like this place so much. ;)
Also because people from here really do know their facts and their opinions are well backed. I mean - we all read. Most of us write. Some of us are even on the shelves! My first reaction to people attending this forum was:

"Dang it. There is so much knowledge! People are so wise! I must read everything!"

And so I could read stuff for 4-6 hours straight. I miss having so much free time.

And I'm not just being nice. I learned a lot from poeple here. Main site's articles and Writer's Corner were a godbless for an aspiring writer like me. I still admire in example: @Yora for his worldbuilding posts - even after 3 years of creating my own world.

@Lady Ty Haha! I definitely will. And I regret that for the last few months I have not even checked the forums. But we all have times like this. I hope I am justified ::)

January 07, 2018, 02:29:01 AM
Re: Should Fantasy adhere to the Laws of Science, Physics in particular? I can understand that in science fiction we might crave for some good explanation why 100 000 000t star-ship just went from 0 to the speed of light in a matter of seconds (It's hyper-space-fart-drive) but we are not really interested why in the world the crew was not transformed into a steamy pile of crushed flesh and bones because of the sudden acceleration.

Of course - it's science fiction, so we have "science" in there. But still we have another word - which is "fiction" so the fart-drive stays in it's place.

In fantasy I care even less. I mean... we have dragons in there! Giant, armored lizards. Sometimes hundreds of meters wide. Weighting a tone or two. Maybe ten. AND FLYING! The heaviest living birds with ability to fly are like... 20 kg. The biggest flying things ever - Quetzalcoatlus (how do one even pronounce it?) weighted from 45,8 do 200 kg. Hetzegopteryx was about 180 to 250 kg and was propably too big to fly.

So if were to adhere to laws of science we would never have dragons in fantasy. Can you imagine fantasy with NO dragons? Or dragons being fat, barely moving over-grown and lazy lizards?

Go away!

I want magic! I want Smaug. I want Kalameet and Midir! I want epic dragons, and epic dragon-battles. Science people can have their science. I want a dragon. A big one.

Ok. Ok. I like it, where there is some link to laws of normal world. That's why I have spent quite some time trying to justify why my race of dino-birds can move and fly fast with relative ease. That is why I have some kind of entrophy-like force.

I like science. But I like dragons too.

And there is enough room for both of it.


<insert Jimmy Barnes screaming in the sky from "Big Enough">

1. Science is nice.
2. Laws of physics not so much.
3. Gravity broke my phone.
4. But dragons are nice.
5. As a reader I want magic and dragons.
6. As a writer I want magic and dragons too.


Gimme mah dragons!

January 08, 2018, 01:15:39 PM
Re: Only Mostly Dead Poets Society This is what I wrote for my GF's story. It's originally in other language and I tried to translate it to english... I hope it's not very bad (hard to keep the meaning and find good rhymes when you do this frist time). And thanks to this piece I now know that there is no word "hidement"...

We will greet you, between life and devastation
Grant you a gift of sufferring, or a gift of salvation

And when you will stand, at the voids rim
Will you smile and laugh, or will you scream?
Are you other people, or your own creation?
You were born a man but do you deserve damnation?

Ours is the judgement and we hold the chains
Ours are fiery wings, and the blood you hold in veins
There is no escape and no mercy in our heart
Shatter the bones into ashes, gut the flame of life

Is this the way to a new life... Or end of your existance
We are Fire. We are death. We shall sunder your resistance
There is no place to hide and no time for atonement
Stop running and face the flames, of our eternal judgement

Will your ashes fly to haeven. Or to hell... down low
Between life and damnation, you will be greeted in Limbo

January 27, 2018, 08:02:09 PM