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Re: Experiences with worldbuilding Yora,

That was a great post. I've often wondered how everyone else would deal with world creation.

I found while writing my first novel, Duilleog, that in order for me to truly immerse my characters in the world and be certain that I didn't introduce "breaking the fourth wall" type events that I required a complete world in the background.

I did this piecemeal.  I would be writing and discover that I simply couldn't have the character pay for something with a coin that would change in future writings. I needed to create a currency and a weight and measures for coin.

Later I realised that I even needed a full calendar, holidays, words for days, months, years, etc. Using words like Monday or August would be cheating and base the world in this one and place it sometime after the Romans. So I had to borrow from something more archaic if this was to remain a new world. So I borrowed from celtic lore (a little bit).

I drew maps. Then realised I had to know how long it would take to walk a mile. Ride a horse for a mile at a canter, and a walk, and a gallop. And how long could a horse gallop before thundering in? Goodness, the world gets so complicated. But I couldn't have my characters suddenly traverse miles of terrain in a flash and then take weeks to cross a river.  I was always measuring this when I read Tolkien and other journey tails (Shannara, etc.).

All this to say that I think it is vitally important that you have consistency in your world. For that to happen I believe you need to qualify and quantify all the little aspects. Just to keep it straight. Because if you suddenly break your own world rules the reader will notice. The sense of wonder will pop like a soap bubble. And your reader will toss your book aside and that is criminal.

Can't let that happen. Ever. So build a world and immerse yourself in it.

Disclaimer: Folks, I'm a noob but I believe this to be honest and truthful opinion. Cheers.

July 02, 2015, 03:58:53 PM
Re: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski - Who's reading with us? What if I already read it and LOVED IT? Do I still get to join this club? lol

Dudes (male and female): this book rawks.  There is a reason the gaming community grabbed onto this title and created three gaming versions (Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is out now and AWESOME).

Seriously well written book with a wonderfully created world to support it.


July 02, 2015, 04:59:43 PM
Re: Women Write Fantasy (The Giant 'Women in Fantasy' Database) Confession: I prefer female authors over male ones almost every time. Why? Female authors get dialogue and relationships so much more in touch with reality than male authors do...typically, in my humble experience as an avid reader. This is a complete generalisation, I admit that freely , so please don't shoot me!

So let's hear it for the Elizabeth Moons, Anne McCaffery's, Robin Hobbs, and Seanan McQuire's, and all the other bloody awesome terrific female authors out there.

This thread is a GREAT one for me. It will allow me to discover so many more great authors.

Cheers and thanks,


July 02, 2015, 05:36:49 PM
Re: How much did you write today? DDRRead: That's 573 more words than I. Well done, sir/ma'am.
July 20, 2015, 05:56:49 PM
Re: On the Naming of Worlds As humans going about our daily business we seldom think of the "Earth" unless we are having a conversation about global warming or New Horizons. 500 years ago I would surmise even less so.
In a fantasy setting (and in my humble opinion), the people are rural, simple, living in an England from 500 years ago. In my mind at least it is that kind of setting. Regardless, for fantasy, I think it is natural to discuss your "world" from the POV of your character's view which is likely the country/county/village/town they are currently standing in. Anything else and you might suspend belief.
My two cents.
And: the rules on capitalization is pretty solid. <grin>

July 20, 2015, 06:02:28 PM
Re: How much did you write today? 4,000 words. Found a great cafe in Richmond while my son and friends rode rides at King's Dominion. Perfect escape and great coffee.
August 02, 2015, 12:16:33 PM