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Re: Book-hoarders Anonymous - display your wares
I would like your post, but one of your books is upside-down.

um.  it's physics.  duh -- gravity points down.

August 06, 2015, 10:29:57 PM
Re: Self Published Books - Do you read them?
oooh!  this will be fun!

How many Self Published books you have read?

a bunch.  a whole bunch.  tho, not that many in the last year or so.  i've been following joe konrath's blog for about five years now.  he's a great starting point to find really great self-pubbed authors and really great resources for those authors who want to self-publish.


if i remember correctly, that was how i discovered michael j. sullivan -- whom i adore.  (shhh...  don't tell him.  even tho it's totally just the bro-hug kind, i don't want to weird him or robin out.)

i've dropped off the self-pub lately because of time constraints.  basically, i've moved to reading fantasy only (with the rare non-fiction exception) in the last couple years.  since i've been catching up on all the fantasy written in the last decade (omg -- rothfuss, sanderson, weeks, ryan, oh my!) i haven't had a lot of time to dig through who's good in self-pub fantasy.

the few i have looked at, however, have been the drive-by guys here on the forums.  i've dug into their work with the 'look inside' amazon thing and have been...  um...  unimpressed.

tho, i hear good things about this g. r. mathews guy -- whoever he is.

What ratio of Self Published Books do you read vs Traditional.

five-to-two years ago:  80/20 self-pubbed to traditional.

two-to-0 years ago:  5/95 self-pubbed to traditional

Do you feel there is a difference in the quality of Self Published books vs Traditional Quality books?

on the whole?  of course!  if you look at the very best ones?  they don't stay self-pubbed for long (looking at you, anthony ryan) or, they are self-pubbing with purpose like joe konrath or barry eisler.  some people (sullivan, for example) have substantially less vitriol aimed at the traditional publishing world than joe and barry, but no one has more.

but, if you were to take the top 5 percent of self-pubbed authors and all of the traditionally published authors and mix them together?  you wouldn't be able to pick out who was what.

but, yeah.  to your point, the median quality of self-published authors is complete and utter crap.

In terms of pricing, would you pay the same for a Traditional book vs a Self Published book?

to preface this:  i do the vast, vast, vast majority of my recreational reading on kindle.

traditional publishing is absolutely and without a doubt completely and irrevocably wrong in their publishing price strategies for the kindle.  you have to be goddamn amazing for me to pay for than 5 bucks for your book on kindle.

if you're over $10 on kindle?  i won't buy it, full-stop.  i might borrow a friend's hard copy.  but only if your publisher is arm-barring you into it.  if you as an author price it that high on purpose?  or if you as an author agree with that pricing?  i won't read it or, most likely, anything else you write.  (i have lots of blog posts i've written over the years detailing out a lot of these feelings...  so has everyone else, i suppose)

paper books in stores?  fancy hardcovers?  they're alright, sure.  and i'd even pay a bajillion dollars (well, maybe not quite that much) for a badass hardcover that i can get signed by one of my favorite authors.


My next step, when buying a book that isn't from a recommendation (or the Works 3 for £5!), is to use Amazon's look inside feature a lot more :)

yay!  it's not just me!

August 07, 2015, 03:27:28 PM
Re: Why I don't generally recommend self-publishing.
If you've written 5 books, 10 books and you know they are incredible. The agent's aren't seeing what you and all your friends / beta readers see... then go for it. Maybe there is a niche that is ready and waiting for you. Maybe your writing style and content just isn't in fashion right now (in the agent's eyes), but you see and feel that they are missing the demand you feel is so obvious.

oh!  and this thought misses the joe konraths and barry eislers of the world -- those guys who are fed up with traditional publishers "screwing" them with draconian contracts.  there's a whole crowd of like-minded authors who are fleeing traditional publishing and moving to self-pub.  they're making silly, silly money and will happily tell everyone who listens about it.


August 07, 2015, 04:12:03 PM
Re: Why I don't generally recommend self-publishing. dammit.  sorry.  one more.

this list:

the large majority of those titles are self-published.  basically, anything on the list selling for $4.99 or less.

August 07, 2015, 04:19:01 PM
Re: Writer with a Capital 'W'
But let's get down to the real issue here: How good was the A Flinstones Christmas Carol? Sure, it might be 20 years old, but it's a classic!

i do believe this calls for an image.

August 07, 2015, 06:41:17 PM
Re: Shattered Sands, by W. G. Saraband *ding*

'grats, man!  well done!  you're giving the rest of us hope!

August 09, 2015, 02:33:42 PM
Re: Ta'veren (Again) at 3,000 man...  a guy goes golfing.  has a little dinner.  i come back and chilly is all growed up!

huge milestone, man.  congratulations!

garrulousity ftw!

August 10, 2015, 04:24:45 AM
Re: Fantasy-Faction Con 2016
[Looks at $1,000 minimum fare on Expedia for Dulles to Manchester. Wonders how completely insane he actually is.]

[Looks at the 1,200 miles it would take to get to Jmack. Wonders if the convention would be held in late May, after finals. No insanity involved in this equation.]


if you guys go, i'll go.

i'd have to skip either my edc trip, or my trip to pax next year tho.  or!  the wife and i have been threatening each other with a trip to london (neither of us have been there) for a week or so on our way to a couple days of overwater bungalow in the maldives.  there's no reason we can't take a train up to manchester (or bristol, or wherever) for a couple of those days.  now that's an idea...

i could even prove to her that you guys all exist.  right now, she has to listen to funny stories about all my new imaginary friends.  (she loved that i told the olive garden story, btw)

all of this is predicated on me not finding another new-shiny online forum to hang out, of course.  i'm only kinda-sorta-whatever on this place right now...  i kid!  i kid!  tripping out to an ff con would RAWK!

August 10, 2015, 03:19:44 PM
Re: Fantasy-Faction Con 2016
the wife and i have been threatening each other with a trip to london (neither of us have been there) for a week or so on our way to a couple days of overwater bungalow in the maldives.  there's no reason we can't take a train up to manchester (or bristol, or wherever) for a couple of those days.  now that's an idea...
This is better than the Maldives ;D

um...  have you even BEEN to the maldives?  duh!  there are huge pods of girls in bikinis just laying around on the beach!  and huts!  huts over the water!  and did i already say bikinis?!?

speaking of, i think i'm throwing this in the ring as a recommendation for venue.  i think the straw roofs and glass floors over the water would really add to the ambiance when discussing ... uh ... dragons.

August 10, 2015, 03:41:29 PM
Re: Avoiding writing, or: How many words didn't you write today? man.  i've discovered a site that's destroying my productivity.  i haven't written any words since my writing contest entry this month.

August 10, 2015, 10:28:02 PM