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Re: Fantasy Author Blogs In addition to some of the things mentioned, I read Rachel Aaron's blog: http://thisblogisaploy.blogspot.com/
And Karen Miller's blog: http://thetalkativewriter.com

August 19, 2015, 11:59:32 AM
Re: What are you currently writing? I'm writing (and will continue to do so during NaNoWriMo) the sequel to my novel. The logline of the new book is: "A broken wizard seeks to redeem himself while struggling to prevent an undead dragon from ending mankind."
October 28, 2015, 08:03:07 PM
Re: Got a blog? Share it! Hi there,

1) What's your blog?
It's a long term diary / billboard where I talk about important things in my life that might be of interest to people other than myself.
2) What sort of stuff do you write about? (Your own short fiction, fantasy book reviews, SF book reviews, gender politics, photos of your garden, whatever...) The tag line is "opinions on writing, game design, and my life" although the game design portion only happens once every blue moon. I talk about my own projects as well as cool stuff like the Patrick Rothfuss signing events I've attended.
3) What's the URL? http://kaiherbertz.com/
4) Why'd you start blogging and/or what do you like best about it? I started in 2013, when I started to treat my writing as more than a hobby. The best thing is the diary function of the blog to remind me of awesome moments, since I have a bad memory.

All the best,


November 04, 2015, 05:58:02 PM
Re: Well, I'm feeling demoralized
You could always consider different options with your writing, work on short stories and submit them to online magazines and sites that pay per word for example, rather than pursuing the self publishing route. The successes always get highlighted sure, but they're super super rare.

I completely agree on submitting those short stories. Not so much for the money aspect, but for the reputation gain. At least you already have your second book out, which is more than a lot of other people (myself included) can say. My advice is to keep at it, while at the same time trying to build up some name recognition with short stories.

November 04, 2015, 06:07:08 PM