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Re: Hey Folks! Ha! Already I'm the spoiler guy! I'm truly sorry about that! I'm down with dragons too! Eragon and most of the Anne Mccaffrey books grace my book shelves though I'm more of a wolf guy!
April 13, 2015, 10:10:56 AM
Re: Fantasy-Faction Grim Gathering: April 10th. F-F Big Breakfast: April 11th. Meeting Mark Lawrence was a big deal for me, Well meeting everyone was a big deal for me! but I've been annoying him in some context or another ever since I first read Prince Of Thorns and he always seems to have  time for fans, however saying that the entire event was brilliant from start to finish. I stood in four different lines for an hour and a half or so I'm told  :o

Peter V Brett is in Nottingham today, Basically 40 minutes away from me and I'm stuck in work! I'm still winding down from Friday so it's just as well really.

I'll try to make all the events I can! I'll drag the band down if we ever have the chance for some live music!



April 13, 2015, 11:57:40 AM
Re: Hey Folks! It's ok I don't believe in goats anyway. Mythical creatures n all that...
April 13, 2015, 01:14:26 PM
Re: Hey Folks! My girlfriend is a Vet.

Me 'Aren't goats just male sheep'?

Avril just gave me that look that ends the conversation.

April 13, 2015, 01:31:15 PM
Who is in your fantasy zombie apocalypse squad?! Just a bit of fun... Right, as I read various different books and come across badass characters I often have those boyish him vs her thoughts. Whilst watching the walking dead I then thought of a team of fantasy characters so badass they can live happily in the ruin of the hordes of undead. So here goes!

Team Leader. The red Knight (Miles Cameron) The Red Knight is a strategic genius, excels at most forms of combat and is pretty deadly with magic.

Frontline soldiers (Ass kickers that never get squeamish, you can have four)

Red Kent. (mark Lawrence, The Broken Empire)
Corban. (John Gwynne The Faithful and the fallen)
Thorn. (Joe Abercrombie, Half The World)
The Hound. (George RR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire)

Wild card (The unpredictable badass)

Jorg Ancrath. (Mark Lawrence, The Broken Empire)

Attack dog (general term, wolves, dogs, big cats, ferrets etc NO DRAGONS/MASSIVE INVINCIBLE BEASTS)
Storm. (John Gwynne, The Faithful and the Fallen)

Berserkers! (Those guys you can admire from a safe distance....)
The Bloody Nine! (The First Law. Joe Abercrombie)
Snorri Ver Snagason. (Mark Lawrence, The Red Queens War)

Magic user (for those who prefer to use their words)
Raistlin. (Dragonlance, Margaret Weis)

Secret Weapon (These can be used once a day to get you out of deep sh#t! Dragons Allowed  ;) )
Saphira. (Christopher Paolini, \Inheritance cycle)

So there you have it! That is my team of fantasy zombie killers! I posted the authors and book names in case people want to investigate. Get involved people!

April 14, 2015, 08:01:50 AM
Re: Whose in your fantasy zombie apocalypse squad?! I don't think anyone could match up to Logen, but my argument for Snorri is he spanked a bear like I tackle breakfast! I also think he would whip the hound.

Plus although Logen always says it's dangerous to be his friend he always likes a chum beside him.

Oh and by the way John Gwynnes books are up there in my absolute favourites! Malice is brilliant but Valour is on another level!

April 14, 2015, 12:30:00 PM
Re: Who is in your fantasy zombie apocalypse squad?! I shall try to mirror my first team with "bad" guys.

I stuck to fantasy to replicate my first team but go sci fi by all means!

Team Leader Sauron (Go big or go home) Tolkien

Frontline Soldiers
Ser Gaston and de Vrailly (the red knight)
The Ra'zac. (Eragon)
Black Dow. (First Law/The Heroes) Abercrombie
Jamie Lannister. (two hands, before everyone liked him) RR Martin

Wild Card
Bayaz (First law) Abercrombie

Gregor Clegane  ;) (RR Martin)
The Feared (The First Law) Abercrombie

Attack Dog
Flame Demon (The Painted Man) Peter V Brett

Magic User
Thorn (The Red Knight)

Secret weapon
shruikan = Big ass dragon! (eragon)

That should do it ;D a decent reflection of my first team.

April 15, 2015, 01:47:43 PM
Re: Peter V. Brett Just Finished the Skull Throne. I'll keep it short. Loved it! I've read them all in such quick succession that I can't really separate them enough to differentiate each book. I remember the first book making me feel slightly uncomfortable with the children relationshipy stuff but that's just me. I remember writing on fb that I usually give a book 50 pages to grab me, something awesome has to happen that usually involves sword swinging or some huge calamity that gives birth to some remarkable character etc. That didn't happen for me but I could never put the book down. I read the first 3 in two weeks. I love and I mean LOVE how the politics and intrigue are written in a way that doesn't bore me. That never happens!

The Skull Throne was a great addition, selfishly I wished for more of certain characters but I see the need now I've finished it. It was great for me to read about Briar! I first read about him in Mudboy (his short story in the unfettered anthology).

The next book (if it is indeed the last one) will be a big page turner! 

April 28, 2015, 01:11:03 PM
Books you HAVE to read before you die. Come on folks! I want to know what book you hold above all others, or series of books given the genre. That book that left you speechless when you finished it, or connected with you emotionally. We all have books that we love. I could rattle off so may 9/10 books that I could talk about for weeks but I'm asking you for that one book that is as close to perfect as you can get. Obviously it will be different for everyone so I'll go first.

Gates Of Fire by Steven Pressfield

I'm sure many of you have read it but for those who haven't it is a novelisation of the battle of Thermopylae that recounts the tale through Xeones, a helot slave/squire, and one of only three Greek survivors of the battle

I first heard about it when watching Lone Survivor, a great movie based on a true story about a group of navy seals that are sent to Afghanistan. Throughout the film Gates of Fire is quoted and it turns out this book is actually on the Commandant of the Marine Corps' Reading list. It is taught at West Point, the United States Naval Academy, and at the Marine Corps Basic School at Quantico.

The book is intense throughout, the idea of being a Spartan warrior is a notion and source of inspiration every person who has ever competed, trained or struggled against obstacles has aspired to. The story itself is brutal, poetic and made me question my own morality more than once. The Spartans living by their strict military law, every individuals worth is deemed only by their honour. 

Having seen 300 the movie I had a particular picture in my head of the terrain and people, I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed with that as the descriptions given seemed more realistic but the ingrained image of King Leonidas being Gerard butler kept returning! It is obvious the movie took a lot of guidance from the book.

By the end of this relatively short book my heart had raced, my muscles tensed up every time a battle took place and I am not ashamed to say cried twice.

I know not all will feel this way. For instance my friend read it and said "Yea not bad that". Another friend read it and immediately bought a copy for his father.

Anyway Gates of Fire is definitely my recommendation!

I look forward to reading what you guys suggest!  ;D       

May 07, 2015, 04:46:04 PM
Re: Sketches!

Bored at work so sketching ideas for The Hammer in Peter Newmans The Vagrant. Taking inspiration from marvels Juggernaut. 

May 12, 2015, 11:46:13 AM