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Re: Fantasy author’s whose first language isn’t English
How many authors have you read where their first Language isn’t English. I think I’ve read quite a few I’m currently reading a Russian author at the minute and I’ve read a few American authors too 😛

Your question isn't very clear to me though. Do you mean authors whose mother tongue isn't english but write in it (that would be my case if I wrote something, being French), or do you mean people writing in their mother tongue and then getting translated? (as would never happen to me, because fuck written french).

June 02, 2018, 09:00:39 PM
Non-English authors for more Work Recommendations Hello all,

first off, sorry I've been away a lot, work was a bit crazy, plus I tripped and fell into Skyrim on my Switch and it's a serious pot of honey one doesn't climb out of like that.

Now, I'm on holidays for a week, I've set up my women's table (see specific topic), and it has been selling a lot. On the other side of the section there is a table I set up with some of the Arthur C. Clarke shortlisted novels (that sells a lot less).
Anyway, soon enough the award will come out, and I will clear that table and replace it with what I want. And what I want, is a selection of foreign titles. I want different lenses on the SFF genre, from China, North and black Africa, Eastern Europe, Native America, South America, up North...
It can be pretty niche but it has to sound good, and it has to be orderable... aka, have a Uk publisher that keeps it in print (I can check that at work myself).

People like Cixin Liu or Nisi Shawl (Everfair) are obvious nominees.

Please give me any suggestions you have, but don't expect too much, it'll be a smaller table I think, unless I can sweet talk my manager into giving me another square table. So most likely 7 titles at most.

So far I'm considering these authors:

- A classic ish fantasy type Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed (I have a lot at the shop, since it sold well when I picked it for book group of May)
- Either Cixin or Ken Liu, one is heavy fantasy, the other heavy scifi, so I may choose depending on balance of the table.
- Everfair by Nisi Shawl, set in a steampunkish Congo.
- IF I can get it,  The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy sounds amazing and follows a tribe of cats in the streets of


June 02, 2018, 09:26:29 PM
Re: Non-English authors for more Work Recommendations You guys are already giving me some good food for thought!

Sadly no YA, which includes Children of blood and bone which had its own table for a while, but has a different demographic. My section is 'adult' books only, though often the demarcation is very blurry indeed.

I thought Nora was asking for non-English (inc. American) authors, rather than books set in non-Europe settings.

Yes, in the end non native english speakers are preferred, though I don't mind for native americans, or people who wrote in English whilst being foreign or having strong connection with their foreign culture... Aka, Wizard of the Crow recommended by Peat was translated by the author himself, or people like some of us here, who write in English despite being Icelandic/Danish/Portuguese, etc. All that matter is that the point of view is different, hence the variety. As Cupiscent points out, you can be american and write a novel including a lot of the folklore and mentality of your other nationality, and that'll be fine.
I wouldn't pick a white-fifth-generation-american writing an asian setting fantasy novel, no matter how much Asian medium they consumed before-hand.
This being said I would probably not pick Aliette de Bodard for her Aztecs series... She's french-vietnamese, grew up in Paris and writting in English... I'd sooner get a south american author and use one of her novels set in France, where she 'knows' what she's writing about.
This isn't me saying the series is bad, only that it's always harder for an author who isn't of a culture to make the best representation of it, and since I have so little space, I'd not pick that first for this table.

June 03, 2018, 11:34:38 AM
Re: What is it with brothels and the fantasy genre?
It has its roots in reality. They don't call that world's oldest profession for no reason.

They were part of accepted social structure in olden times. Geisha in Japan, harems in Arabia etc...but 'courtesans' as popularly known in many  monarchial or feudal regimes of old times form a integral part of the society. In many cases, like Geisha for example...they are so much more than just "whores" as indicated in many books. They are reputed to be capable of intelligent conversation, Good in singing and dancing etc with sex being just part of their duties.

The 'Perfumed Quarter' primarily adds to the realism of the story weaving and is also a convenient way to do other shady businesses.

Wow wow wow... Geisha are NOT prostitutes. They're not more "than just whores". They're not whores at all. Geishas weren't hired out to have sex with! They were trained to be good conversationalist and party hosts, dance and sing.
Whores/courtesans are called Oiran, and geishas arose from whores and chaste teen dancers. The name Geisha used to apply to male entertainer and shifted to female ones when former whores started to specialise in music, dance, and overall non sexual-related services.
When a geisha was performing in a 'brothel' she was strictly forbidden to sell sex, since that was the specific domain of the oiran. Some geishas may have slept with customers, but it wasn't the intended role. They were like classy escorts you paid for your party, and then you'd take a prostitute to bed...
After the war when Geishas were reformed in the 60s, what the women did with their sex life was (and still is) entirely up to them.
The idea of auctioning virginity popularised by the film/book Memoirs of a Geisha is wrong, and applied to the apprentices of oirans, not geisha. A lot of bull started spreading after the Americans settled in the country, since a lot of whores started going around calling themselves geisha and the word took the wrong meaning.

There's no rule that says brothels need to be women-only.

100% that.

There is no rule that says prostitution HAS to be illegal and underworld.

100% that too. Making it legal protects the prostitutes and takes them away from the dangerous shadow of the pimp. Romans already saw prostitution as a profession and taxed it, and now few countries do, but those that do are musch, much safer for prostitutes of every gender.

I'm all for brothels to be a thing in fantasy, but what is annoying is the idea of 'another female character with whore as a background'. Like there are few independent careers for a woman to do in your fantasy world, that dont include selling herself... And if she has that background, it has to be dark and traumatising...
So I think the best is when a brothel is around but it doesn't really impact the story much, or if a woman/man has this background, it'd be fun for them to not have minded this time in their lives, been mostly well sheltered, and have a ton of funny anecdotes from it.

I think I read little of the fantasy you all complain about, because I hardly see that sort of overuse of brothels.

June 19, 2018, 11:07:47 AM
Re: Your favorite things about Skyrim!
I play a Khajit character in Skyrim... and I have two cats  ;D

Hmmmm case solved. Now we only need @tebakutis and @Henry Dale to confirm.

I noticed that all my Instagram friends are either kajits or modded out girls... Maybe like 1 argonian in the mix

Full disclosure: Since you never SEE your avatar in Skyrim (especially not in VR) I chose my race purely based on the racial bonus, so I rolled Breton (25% resistance to magic). However, I wouldn't be a good test case for the cat owner = Khajiit player poll, since while we do have a cat, it's my wife's, and I've never owned a cat of my own (I'm 100% a dog person).

What do you mean you never see it? I play on 3rd person, I see my slim little Khajit lady all the time. Do you mean the fact you're wearing a helmet most time?
So I owned two/three cats (one lived with me but teeechniiically was my BF's).
Next character I do I'll probably take a breton, because I'd love me some magic resistance.

What's the appeal of water breathing if you don't mind me asking Henry? Because there are potions for that, but almost 100h into my game I never had to breathe under water for any dungeon... I can hold my breath long enough to go fishing. The mechanics of swimming are pretty horrible though.

But to answer the main thread, I'd say my favourite things are the crazy amount of things you can learn to do or specialise in. It feels like there isn't any mastering them all in one life. I love how the game is racist to you if you're not Nord, but minorities will bond with you, and how it guilt trips you into stealing from some good people...
The one thing I don't like if how every dungeon starts looking the same, always being an underground warren of creepy rooms with dead stuff in it.
Mind you I haven't met many hargraven or chaurus yet, so can't complain, but I wish there were dungeons that weren't all literally dungeons...

June 23, 2018, 09:02:23 AM
Re: The King's Paws (with one holding a bottle of Peri Peri sauce.)
^ ;D

@Nora, in the contest thread you mentioned being very busy and classes: give us an update of your life now, you're also being missed in the forum :) Are you studying, then? What, exactly? And still at Waterstone's?

(nosy Bea, you can ignore me at will, hehe)

It's ok you're not nosy.

I'm studying Japanese. I'm struggling, my brain is not as supple and fresh as it once was. Also it's christmas time now and the shop is horrible. I often come home drained with no desire to either write or write about writing, so I've been extra lazy, even with my lurking.
Also I've been planying Warframe, and that does suck up time!

Speaking of time I have very few minutes left before compulsory bed time, so I need to go work on the ending of my monthly short!

November 30, 2018, 10:53:11 PM
Re: Hey! Welcome Limey!
Glad you're taking the jump. We'll have you write something in no time!

Here to give my

Guy is legit. He helps me a lot when we play online too and will zoom past me and then say I'm such a good player. Knows how to word a compliment  :P
Surely can make up just as compelling stories. Curious to chat more about books too.

January 19, 2019, 03:01:32 AM
Re: Hey! Met in Warframe and now happily farming away on both our Stardew Valley houses.  :P
February 01, 2019, 08:22:49 AM
Re: Wattpad
Does Wattpad have some glaring flaw I'm not aware of?

It obviously works for some. The most glaring flaw I'm aware of is the 400+ million stories uploaded to it, and this is the main reason I've not bothered with it.

My experience through wattpad was a as a reader/browser and I've officially written off this website entirely as being trash. I'm probably being unfair because I could maybe find good content if I dug and searched especially for it but, what I find glaring is that the best voted and best read stories tend to be awful, poorly written teen at its worst. Lots of smut and fanfic too. Lots of fanfic smut.
I just... I just never read a good thing on wattsap, and I have a feeling that Mark Lawrence gets to do that because we'd read his work on toilet paper anyway.
I mean, 4.6M reads here :
And 7.4M reads there :
And these have somewhat correct english in their descriptions! Not always the case even in stuff with millions of reads.

I'm just carrying my point of view however, and as I said it's very biased because I browsed what's popular on wattpad, and not tried to search small works. But overall I feel like quality work is drowned in there and unless you know the person publishes there, there is no incentive at all for me to slog through it in search of good content.

Only my honest feeling about the website. Of course it's a good system to go with episodic publication if you don't have your own website! But like I said, maybe more if you already have a following?

March 15, 2019, 12:13:15 AM
Re: Member birthday calendar Whoa, thanks a lot everyone! This year has been very underwhelming! I did nothing, and only got a gift from my mom, but my body sent me clear signals it understood we're getting older, in the shape of sore back and other little pains.
That's a lovely cake Bea!

I returned all my ps3 and 3ds, and gifted myself a ps4 with some epic games like God Of War and Witcher 3, which has worked a long way towards eating up my time the last two weeks!

April 19, 2019, 10:15:58 AM