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Re: Is fantasy a bit fixated on culture politics? Meh. What's her point? She likes good books and doesn't like bad books and would rather read a book by a black lesbian than a book by a white guy about a black lesbian. Fair. She doesn't like Sanderson either me thinks. And what? She does sound a bit puppy. Too hung up striving towards diversity? What a harsh problem.
I've not read a single book about a black lesbian in my life, so it's all in the material we pick up.

April 07, 2018, 07:27:32 PM
Re: Is fantasy a bit fixated on culture politics?
I'm with Nora and think it depends a lot on what books you pick up at a certain point in time. At least I've had issues in the past where every book I read (published in multiple years) seemed to have many points in common, and it was annoying me a bit.

Thing is, we can control the books we pick up, right? And while some things you don't know when you pick it up, details about the MC are usually something that pop out pretty quick if you do research. Not always, but usually. So... if you don't wanna read books by white dudes about black lesbians, don't read them?

Yes and no. Depends on the type of reader you are, I guess? I get caught by the concept, or heavy recommendation. I also DNF easily. I never pick up books because the author is "such and such" or because the MC is such and such...
I'll never pick up black lesbian stories or stories by black lesbians if they sound bad. inversely if the blurb sounds good, I'll give it a shot, usually without knowing anything about the author.
So yes we do control books we pick up, but keeping away from certain types or digging others for the sake of a political agenda seems like a pure hassle to me.

But overall I think this specific author is widely lacking in range in her observations. She says "I'm not puppy but.." and goes on to prove that the obsession is mostly on her side and not others. I could give her a list of books by non cis white males published in the last 5 years to some acclaim, most of which have good average representation or toss the gender/race war out the window or swap it for alien politics.
The books are out there, and as peat says if she wanted a broader view of SFF atm she may just as well start looking better at what she picks up.
She does say she read foreigners (good), but she doesn't seem to care about the nature of english books beyond the political range.
Seriously who goes to check what "wing" the author is when reading about dragons or spaceships? I mean sometimes it's obvious or interesting to know, but seriously, she may want to look at gender before political colours, no?

Also she says:

Sadly, I think liberal culture has become weirdly intolerant in its quest for tolerance, and blind to its own failings. As geek culture is a part of that, we suffer too. It makes me sad.

She says that and does nothing to prove or explain her point. She also does a lot of "but...".
Like seriously :

You know, the world is so canted toward established elites it’s natural for folk to want to redress the balance, but I do think we have a tendency to get a bit fixated on culture politics in the genre and in some ways it makes the problems worse.

HOW?? How does it make it worse, how does it pollute geekdom? I think it's a load of crock, since her ultimate point if you retrofit her sentence is that we ought to write less against the established elites. Lest every other book ends up being a little Trumpey?
Because featuring black lesbians is the same as voting trump to power I guess. Sigh.

If I ever end up published (likely never) such interviews would terrify me. I'd have nothing to say. I certainly would be afraid of using so many words to say so little, and the little said being stuff like "let's not try diversity too hard it's giving me a puppy attack".
We forget how basic humans writers remain. Just because you could assemble a story and brave publishing doesn't mean you have interesting views or well rounded opinions on non-fictional, real world things.

April 08, 2018, 09:53:57 AM
Re: Westworld (Spoilers) You want to learn how to Stream, not how to Pirate, correct?

Streaming is very easy. You go : "Westworld season 2 streaming" on google, and you'll find a load of website offering the service.
Now the key is to find a streaming website you're comfortable with. For anime I have my favourites, for example, because I know it'll be quality, and easy to navigate episodes etc.
Then you want to have an adblocker for your web browser. Streaming websites make money out of showing a ton of ads around and over the video. Even with an adblocker, you may end up with ads over the "play" button of the video, transparent ones, that will shoot open pages as you click on them, only for these pages to disappear as adblock takes care of them. Don't worry, it's fine, persevere and get rid of all ads that may try to be in your way. If it looks dodgy, try another streaming site.
Also be aware that some streaming sites provide the video through a ton of video providers. They basically have a few links in store, and just offer them all up to you. Meaning that if the video doesn't load with one, you may choose to load another. Here's what that looks like:

I go to watch an episode of Death Parade on an anime streaming site. The first video doesn't load for some reason (it did, it's just an example)

So I go on the list below and select another server. It looks like the video was taken offline there, so this is what happens :

So I click on yet another server, and this time it works. As you can see the play button looks transparent now, when I clicked on it, a blank page sprung open and was immediately shut off by Adblocker (If you don't have it, you would have an annoying ad page to close off manually. I used to put up with that but I was dumb, adblock is life). Then the play button became all shining and white and clicking on it started the video.
As you can see I'm using a streaming website called gogoanime, but the server providing the video is "streamango". All I have to do to get to the next episode is to click on the yellow link under the video.

Also be aware that depending on the video you watch, you may have ad breaks in them, and using adblock will then make the video stop and flicker and resume without showing any ads. It's normal.

And all this hassle is why I'd rather pirate than stream, but streaming is way more legal and requires no software, whilst P2p will require one.

Also, if you want a specific episode, the way things are online, it's easiest for you to use this format: "Westworld S02E03" change per episode you're after. It'll get you very specific links.

So for example I just googled this  and clicked on the first link (putlocker is generally ok) :

Which led me to this page.

Now clicking that green button triggered an ad that was taken care of, and I had to click on it again to open the video proper. Then clicking the play button of that video opened another ad, and that one slipped past adblock, so I had to manually close a page that told me my Flash Player is outdated. hehe
Then, finally hit the play button again and the goodness starts, all free of charges :

Nowadays though you can pay small fees to stream fully legally, via youtube or others. But hell, this streaming is just too damn easy.  8)

April 08, 2018, 12:16:37 PM
Re: Is fantasy a bit fixated on culture politics? Yeah, it's like saying a great book like The Help shouldn't be written by its author cause she's white and it widely tackles black characters oppressed by whites. But the book may never have been done if not by her, and it's not like the world didn't try to put it down :

The Help took her five years to complete, and the book was rejected by 60 literary agents before agent Susan Ramer agreed to represent Stockett.[1][2] The Help has since been published in 42 languages.[3] As of August 2012, it has sold ten million copies and spent more than 100 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list.[4][5] The Help climbed best seller charts a few months after it was released.

The movie was awesome too. And it's a part of american culture I may never have truly known about without it.
But of course, some novels end up being better, or just existing at all, because their author talks about what they know best, a situation they understand first hand.
But it's not like we can go crazy over this right? Push it too far and women won't be able to write male MCs and vice-versa.
We should all write what we want, being as political or apolitical as we want, and we should get the best beta reading and research we can before we wreck ourselves. End of story, as far as I'm concerned.

This type of reactions (from the interview) is negative and would try and keep people from trying more diverse and different povs, which is an especially toxic mindset in fantasy of sci-fi.

April 08, 2018, 01:53:56 PM
Re: Is fantasy a bit fixated on culture politics? Oooos! Expressed myself quite poorly by calling the book great, and saying "too" : I've only seen the movie! And the movie was really good as far as I'm concerned. I should have made that clearer and not endorse the book as much given I've not read it. I felt no patronising from the film, though it did tend to have a slant towards "oh, if only we all grew to still love our black nanies, and then we'd all be happy in that system together". It still gave me a good window in a time and setting I knew nothing about and empowered black women on the screen through the story.
You could tell the same story with a different tone in a book, so I indeed can't say.

April 09, 2018, 01:07:03 AM
Re: Is fantasy a bit fixated on culture politics? Wow. What an orator. I'm sure you'll convince everyone with that sort of language.

If you read the comments attentively you'll notice no one commented on what she wrote as an author. I think none of us read her work? We comment on her opinion as a READER OF FANTASY. Turns out it's something we're all qualified to comment on.
Being published doesn't give you a monopoly on opinion. Many respected critics aren't authors themselves.

Imagine, if we followed your advice, none of us could call out lovecraft for his rampant racism just because we're not published authors...

Seriously, have you read the thread? We're talking about whether or not the current state of SFF isn't too concerned with inclusion and diversity and other politically oriented things. I didn't see anyone attack the author for her published work or any lack of representation in it.

Edit: and even then!! It's our right as humans, readers, and fans of fantasy to have wishes and desires for the content of books. We can want more inclusion, more diversity. It's our taste, our opinion. It's not a rule or a formal request or a pouting tantrum. We're entitled to our desires and entitled to express them politely on this forum. Thank you for respecting that too.

April 09, 2018, 01:42:09 PM
Re: [Mar 2018] - Letters - Voting Thread What fall back? Must have missed something. I always want your speed reviews!
April 10, 2018, 12:18:38 PM
Re: The King's Paws (with one holding a bottle of Peri Peri sauce.) I don't know if anyone has posted that yet, but Ann Leckie's next book, coming out in 2019 is going to be a full on fantasy novel, called the Raven Tower or something. I don't know why the sff world is obsessed with ravens or crows but I'm curious to see what leckie can cook up.
April 14, 2018, 11:51:07 AM
Re: Member birthday calendar Hi everyone! Sorry for the late thanks, I've hardly been around, and I'm never coming on this page (as you must have noticed), so I kind of skipped answering.
Thanks a LOT for the wishes. I had a pretty lame day of it and broke one of my only presents the evening I got it, so it's been rather miserable, but I'm catching up on good times now that I'm finally on a holidays having time of my own.

All very well selected pictures though, it's really nice to be this well understood!  :-*

April 15, 2018, 08:15:58 PM
Re: The stigma toward fantasy
The assumption that fantasy is being looked down upon always baffles me. Maybe by some old men in gray suits smoking pipes who like gray books with lots of rain and depression. But in the population as a whole, I've never got any such impression.

I think you're misreading the reading population. A lot of older men come and lurk in my SFF section in Waterstones, and tend to be the toughest clients cause they've read it all, and if they're retired they read like fucking machines.
No it's older women and middle aged women who tend to despise it the most. Many are fine with it, they don't mind fetching me to recommend a book for their kid, or tag along behind bf or husband, but a crazy amount of little ladies are incredibly dismissive of the genre and will make comments (especially at the till and often whilst buying a crappy romance novel...)

April 17, 2018, 11:04:42 AM