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Re: Do we recommend enough female authors when asked for recommendations
I never needed to check gender for that. You're not allowing for demographics, thousands of straight white English-speaking males in the same country will be vastly different from each other and so far it never failed to surprise me.
I also don't click the profile button so I also don't know what they look like or any other of their preferences and there was never a book I read and automatically thought "This was written by a white or non-white."

Good both ways work for us, though.
You're being too literal; 99% of the time I don't take the author into account when I'm picking up a book. That doesn't mean I can't step back and look at the general trends in my reading, and notice things that seem curious, and might deserve some thought if I decide it matters to me.

Maybe they are simply not interested in those sub-genres. You can't create writers out of thin air to fill a magical quota.
Maybe! But we do not know that. You can't just wave your hand and speak for 50% of the population by saying they're not interested because they're just not interested.  ;)

Don't know why you are ignoring the information from Tor.com and Gollancz we had. It was even from female editors, unless you also want to believe they're biased or everything that doesn't hold to a particular view has something going on.

Doesn't sound biased to me.
OK, so that's one of the possibilities ruled out. What about the others? There are more links in the chain, and clearly things aren't equal at some point.

The website with almost 4 millions cast to awards doesn't count towards a 90% female ratio Fantasy list, but to some a few random topics count to imply gender bias here? Hm, interesting  ::)
We're talking about gender bias in terms of representation within the genre's authorship, not in terms of critical and/or public acclaim. Awards are completely irrelevant to what we're actually talking about imo.

And what is a good representation for you? The Hugos? Too much politics from various sides, also paid which gates the vast majority of readers. Reddit voting? Has more than 100,000 subscribers, but if GR with 3,5 million (even if not all of them were to Fantasy) isn't valid...
None of the above. A good representation of the state of the genre would be statistics from somewhere that actually has a good overview of the market, like Amazon, or potentially GR reading and star-rating statistics (not the awards).

Regardless of the state of the genre overall, it's also possible to look for biases and trends within the small community here, and seek to address them. Kinda like Peat has been trying to do.  :P

December 04, 2016, 05:13:37 AM
Re: Recommend me fun adventures
There's a couple of good movies like that. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean. Isn't there anything like that as books?
Funny - every time I recommend Ketty Jay (which is a lot) that's exactly how I describe them! By far the most pure fun books around. Definitely worth checking out!

December 06, 2016, 02:39:05 AM
Re: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Finally went yesterday, found it pretty disappointing.

From a plot perspective it felt like two separate films crammed together - "Newt recovers his fantastical creatures" and "investigate the dark mysterious force lurking in the city" - but not in a good way. Both could have been great stories on their own, but they just didn't mesh in any real way. The creature sequences ended up feeling cringeworthy, the other plot ended up feeling shallow and rushed. There were so many instances of "why didn't they just..." throughout. Niffler in jewellery store? Let's jump in and trash the place while trying to physically grab it, even though we could just twirl a wand and catch it using magic!  :-\

The characters were pretty uninspiring too. Thought Redmayne was pretty awful; no difference between this performance and any of several other films he's been in recently, and he never felt believable in the story - guess both of us just don't like him as an actor. The rest of the main characters were pretty bland as well. The supporting cast was ok, though Depp looked really out of place.

The setting was pretty good though, and the only thing that really shone was the animation.

December 06, 2016, 04:27:43 AM
Re: Contest Anthology 2016 Happy for ours to be included, and we'd love to make the cover!  :P
December 29, 2016, 09:20:31 PM