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Re: What are you currently playing? I'm currently spending some time playing the original Bioshock for what must be the hundredth time (it's one of the few FPS I enjoy and am good at).
July 02, 2015, 03:26:44 PM
Re: What are you currently reading? Currently I'm alternating between Jen William's The Copper Promise, and Blackdog by K.V. Johansen. Copper Promise seems to be slow going for me reading wise. I'm getting into it, and enjoying it, yet at the same time I don't seem to want to read more than 2-3 chapters at a time.
July 02, 2015, 05:38:14 PM
Re: On the Naming of Worlds I have a few different worlds I use as settings for stories, so naming each helps me identify them. Even if the characters just call it earth or the land, I have those names for my own reference.

Naming worlds can be helpful in organizing and separating them, but some can get carried away for the sake of uniqueness. Persinally, when I create names uniqueness isn't the highest priority. The highest is doing a quick Google search, to make sure I'm not insulting someone in another language.

On capitalization I try to keep it toned down. At the moment it's just names, places, and a few concepts.

July 20, 2015, 04:50:01 PM
A Writer's Stash - Share Your Resources This was a thread I had originally started in the Writing Group. It was meant as a way to compile useful links to improve our craft, all kept together in an easily accessible thread. After some discussion, however, I realized it was unfair to keep the thread on a board only a handful of people could access. Here in the Fantasy Resources board it can be seen and used by everyone.

The links already listed are ones compiled before recreating this thread. No one will be forced to submit resources. Nor will any be forced to use these resources. This is just for fun. All I ask is you keep the resources limited to those related to writing.

Any books, articles, podcasts, etc. you'd like to share? Post them here. I hope to continually update this first post so people don't have to go searching the thread for them. I'll also reserve the second post, just in case we one day exceed the character cap.

General Writing Advice & Stash
Write About Dragons - series of lectures by Brandon Sanderson
Limyaael's Rants - series of rants about writing, some of these are brilliant
Writing Advice - the first of a good series of writing advice articles on Michael J Sullivan's blog (links further down on the right)
Jim Butcher Collection - a compiling of advise from author Jim Butcher, compiled into a Google Docs by @Jmack
Lost Ark Transcripts - a copy of the transcripts from a 1978 story conference dealing with the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Watt-Evans' Laws of Fantasy

Punctuation, Grammar, & General Word Play
Space and Punctuate Dialogue Correctly: Creative Writing Success Tips - guidelines and examples of how to correctly use punctuation in dialogue
Onelook Thesaurus

Word Menu

Checklists to Edit By
Creative Writing Tips for Fiction Writers - a checklist writers can use to make their story stronger

How to Critique Fiction - I've had this open while writing critiques, and found it a really good prompt that helped me come up with (I think) constructive feedback

Submissions Help
I am your editor - article about the submissions experience from the point of view of an editor, really good read

Misc. Links
Outlines Written by Famous Authors

July 23, 2015, 03:13:22 PM
Re: Member birthday calendar Thank-you all for all the cakes.

Ended up with a multi-pack of 4 flavors of cupcakes this year as my physical cake. Mainly because I couldn't decide on what flavor I wanted.

August 17, 2015, 01:11:09 AM
Re: [Jun 2016] - Random Wikipedia Article - Discussion Thread Not sure if I'm gonna participate even though I've been away for months and want to get back into this. I did, however, click the link and got the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbour_of_Tears.

While I think I can work with this, despite never having written a historical fiction before, I'm not sure when in time the album refers to.

June 03, 2016, 01:15:31 AM
Re: [Jun 2016] - Random Wikipedia Article - Discussion Thread
"Irish family who are painfully separated as their young ones depart to the United States"

right?  so weird how that sinkhole/giant monster/ghost/galloping maurader/sorcerer discrimination/alien causes their parents to put them on a boat.

also, there's this:

and this!
Alright you got me, the truth is all my ideas leave my bawling in a corner. No problem there, nope :D.

June 03, 2016, 06:42:51 PM
Re: The Fantasy Faction Food Thread This thread reminds me why I had to stop watching the Food Network, not that I succeed ;D.

Also, Happy National Doughnut Day, because that's apparently a thing. One which I didn't know existed until I looked at the grocery store insert from yesterday's newspaper.

June 03, 2016, 07:01:11 PM
Re: The Fantasy Faction Food Thread It looks delicious, though I agree with the devil's pact. I think I gained weight just by looking at it ;D.

My birthday cake usually inflicts it's own fatty vengeance upon me. With help from my grandmother's and father's cakes as all three of us have birthdays close to one another. Since I've gotten back into making cakes at least I know what's in them, so I guess there's that silver lining.

June 07, 2016, 06:16:08 PM
Re: [Jun 2016] - Random Wikipedia Article - Submission Thread My story for this month is Safe Harbor No More at 1060 words not including the title.

My random Wikipedia link inspiration was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbour_of_Tears

Spoiler for Hiden:
Safe Harbor No More
Dark clouds groaned and rumbled high above, swollen with their burdens. Both sea and storm bucked against ships as they struggled to find a place in the harbor. Apollonia found it a harsh contrast to the sea's usual calm appearance.

Gone were dockhands working pulleys and cranes to move goods on and off ships. No more gulls glided about to steal bread or fish, no birds had been seen in days. The wharf market was empty of any who might sell their wares despite the crowd which flooded the area. The smells of fish and spice were gone, carried off by harsh winds. The white marble of the upper city had lost its sun-streaked glow, the buildings turned the dull color of bone.

The crowd swelled and shifted as people fought their way onto scattered ships, possessions clutched tight and children carried close. A cacophony of broken sounds filled Apollonia's ears. In her arms her youngest brother, Kleitos, added his own whimpers. He clutched to Apollonia tightly as tiny shakes racked his body. All around them there was a feeling of oppression. A heavy weight upon her shoulders, as if the gods gazed straight at her.

Close to her side Apollonia could hear her mother voice prayers to the gods and curses to the priests in equal measure. Her mother had called them arrogant fools for they had chosen to stay within their temples. To pray for forgiveness and mercy. To turn back the gods' anger. Her father had told Apollonia they did what they thought was right and her mother, like many others, were looking to blame someone for their current plight. Apollonia didn't blame them like her mother, but she still found them foolish. The gods wouldn't be turned from this path they'd chosen. To think and try such might just make it worse.

Apollonia shared a look with her younger brother, Heron, who stood between her and their mother as their father struggled to carry three of their bags and comfort their mother at the same time.

A great burst of lightning fell from the heavens to land in the city. Where it struck Apollonia didn't know, but the thunder rocked the harbor. A great wave stirred in the crowd to rise it up into a new frenzy. Kleitos screamed in her arms and Apollonia struggled to calm him. Her words did little to soothe his tears as their bodies were pushed by the crowd this way and that. She felt like one of the boats at the mercy of the violent waves.

Their destined ship came closer and closer, people pushing to get their families aboard. When it was their turn the man at the gangplank raise his hand to stop them.

“Sorry, we've not got enough room for all of you.”

“Please, at least take my children. We'll find another boat, but please take them.” Her mother's pleas struggled to rise over the noise of the harbor.

“Fine, but we have none to spare for their care.”

“Thank-you,” her father said.

“Apollonia you need to take your brothers and go,” her mother said.

“What about you?”

There father's face tightened with an emotion she couldn't name. “Your mother and I will be fine. I'm sure we'll find another boat soon.”

“Your father's right. Just focus on your brothers and stay together.”

“Yes mama.”

Her parents hugged her and her brothers before her father handed her one of their bags. She shouldered it as the the crewman helped them get aboard. The gangplank came up behind them and it felt so much more final then. She was leaving home for the first time in her life and it wasn't how she expected her first time at sea to come about. Yet the whims and wrath of the gods influenced many things. The expectations of one mortal girl was a raindrop in the sea of their immortal lives.

The dock was crowded by children and a few adults. The oldest amongst them were the crew, whose members moved about the ship in preparation for departure.

By the time the ship had left the harbor rain fell like daggers from the heaven. Apollonia watched as the sailors ran about the deck to keep control over the sails. Neither of her brothers had wished to join the other passengers below deck, instead they had wanted to watch the workings of the crew. They stood huddled together, wrapped in a heavy cloak their mother had packed, under an overhand out of the way.

They were further out to sea and the rain had lessened when horrid noise filled the air. As if the ghosts of all those damned by the sea had risen up to scream. Their echoes filled her ears and shook her skull. Apollonia followed her brothers from their shelter as they ran to the deck's edge.

The island was still choked by storm clouds, but it was as if a giant drain plug had been pulled to suck up creation. From the heavens the great storm itself was pulled down as the island was dragged beneath the waves. Many ships close to the island shared a similar fate, swallowed up by the sea.

The hunger of the ravenous maw which had appeared in the sea seemed endless. More and more of the sea and sky were swallowed as it vortex widened.

Shouts rang out around her and Apollonia looked to see others had joined them. Passengers and crew alike watched as the island crumbled into the abyss. Crewmen stumbled about in haste as the maw of the sea reached towards them in its slow creep. More ships fell into its dark depths.

Then the oppressive weight which had hung in the air lessened.

The great maw of the sea closed itself and while the sky still raged, a calm had fallen over the sea. The change didn't matter to Apollonia. Where their island home had once stood was now placid seas. Her home was gone and she doubted her parents weren't taken with it.

So many people gone, the rest left adrift to the sea's mercy.

In that moment she knew not whether she should thank the gods for sparring so many lives. Or to curse them to deepest oblivion for the theft of her home and life.

June 25, 2016, 09:01:40 PM