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Re: [Feb 2016] - Fanfic - Submission Thread Sorry for the long absence. When I saw this month's theme I immediately knew I wanted to do a battle that wouldn't only be epic but ridiculous. Please bear with me on the concepts I applied to make the duel feasible. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  ;D

@Timnacious is me

--1,485 words--
Dalinar Kholin AKA The Blackthorn
Anakin Skywalker AKA Darth Vader


Spoiler for Hiden:
Dalinar Kholin's absurd visions never showed anything like this. He looked at the twisted wreckage of metal and fire. Somehow this thing had flown. Even the Blackthorn had to admit if it weren’t for the protection of his shardplate and shardblade he’d shy away from here. Curse his curiosity.

Then there was movement from the enormous machine. The singular eye popped open, a figure dawning all black attire emerged from it. A black expressionless mask hid his face. The being had heavy and exasperating breathing.

“Are you injured?” Dalinar shouted out to him. “I can take you to a medic.”

No answer came. Only the persistent rhythmic breathing continued. “Where am I?”

“You are on the Shattered Plains.”

“What world?” The question felt like a cold-blooded statement which demanded an immediate answer.

“Roshar.” Dalinar answered as he gave up on all formalities. He extended his sword hand and counted down the ten heartbeats. The familiar mist appeared where the sword would form as the conjuration occurred. “Who are you?”

Again, there was no answer from this mysterious person. Instead he mimicked Dalinar’s arm movement. Ten heartbeats. Dalinar needed to use the spare time he had before this sinister being summoned a shardblade of his own. With the help of the shardplate he managed to close the distance between them in four heartbeats. He’d end this fight before it could begin. But then he saw a glimmer of silver. Something flew into the man’s hand from his belt, a beam of red light ignited from it. The two blades crossed, the strange weapon managed to stop his shardblade. Again and again, the two blades contested one another. Helmet to helmet the two challenged each other's strength. They were at a standstill.

Roshar. That is what the worm called his home. Darth Vader had never heard of such a planet. It must be some insignificant world located on the Outer Rim. And now some primitive barbarian was picking a fight. Vader relished the challenge, it’d be pleasant to unleash the rage he felt for this unfortunate drop out of hyperspace. Luckily, the swordsmanship of this native proved to offer a worthwhile challenge.

Neither relented, sparring their blades back and forth. Both were baffled how their blades didn’t cut through the other. Vader had cut through starships with this lightsaber, yet this strange sword held its own. And a shardblade should be able to cut through anything besides a brother blade and flesh. This weapon Dalinar faced now appeared to be made of pure light, still the strength this man had was incredible. Never before had the Blackthorn's strikes been so easily deflected. These swings with his enhanced strength by the shardplate would make a chasmfiend cringe. 

Darth Vader could not feel the Force flow inside his opponent. Still, he fought with the same reflexes and vigor of any Jedi or Sith he’d ever faced. Regardless, it didn’t matter. All had perished at his hand despite how powerful they’d been. It was time to show what true power was. With a thrust from his free hand Vader tapped into the Force and directed its flow to fling the armored man away.

Without reason, Dalinar was thrown into the air. It was puzzling how it happened. The shear weight of the shardplate should eliminate such a possibility. Still Dalinar was sprawled on the ground, comprehending how this happened. When he got up the man remained where he stood. Dalinar charged forward. His opponent responded by holding his hand out once again. Suddenly it was as if Dalinar was running into an impossible wind, a highstorm itself. But there was no wind, no storm, only a man stood before him.

That old feeling tingled inside Dalinar's gut. It had returned, the Thrill was there. He embraced the emotion and powered through.

“Impressive.” Vader complimented his foe as he could feel the Dark side wash over the man. Still, it wouldn’t be enough to challenge him. Despite how entertaining this was, it was time to crush the man. Literally.

Putting the lightsaber away Vader drew from the Force. He tapped into the familiar vein of dark rage always bubbling inside his soul. With both hands he unleashed his power.

Dalinar could move no further. He felt his body cease, it'd been constricted by invisible bindings. Then it got worse, he didn’t feel truly helpless until he started to ascend into the air. He dropped his shardblade, it dissipated before touching the ground.

“I will see the terror on your face as I strangle the life out of you.” With the declaration made Vader willed surrounding boulders to break the man. Rock after rock flew through the air and pelted Dalinar. Slowly the material began to crack. A strange light leaked out of the cracks. Progress. The result brought a rare smile on Vader’s hidden face.

Vader kept the man suspended as he wished to end his opponent personally. He drew his lightsaber and ignited its red blade.

Soon Dalinar would be dead, he watched the villain approach. There had to be something he could do. He thought of the Bridgeman Kaladin. The man always seemed to find a way out of trouble.

“Claim the light.” Over his shoulder Dalinar saw a ribbon of light. He’d only been recently acquainted with the Stormfather and his kind. “Turn his weapon against him.” On that advice the voice faded away. It was the sign he needed though. He’d have to time everything perfect to win. Dalinar would have it no other way.

Vader’s stroll ended. With a wave of his hand he turned Dalinar upside down and slammed the body down,he didn't stop until the helmet shattered to pieces and crippled his chest piece. Instantly Dalinar could feel the cumbersome weight of the dead armor. With another gesture the Sith Lord lifted Dalinar up and down continuing the bashing for good measure.

“I feel your fear.” The words wheezed out of Vader's helmet. Through the magic he levitated Dalinar over, bringing him face-to-face. “It is justifiable.”

The tenth heartbeat couldn’t come soon enough. Dalinar wasn’t sure he’d live long enough to feel it. And then the icy sensation spread across his hand...

“Now this ends.” Vader readied his lightsaber to deliver the fatal blow.

“You’re right.” Dalinar agreed as he took a sharp inhale. The sword of light began to dwindle and disappear. Stormlight. He stole the energy and made it his own. With the resurgence of strength he broke free of the invisible bindings and slashed. His intention was to cut the man from shoulder to torso in half. Instead he only managed to cut off the enemy's left hand. The sick man had evaded the worst of the attack with surprising speed. It was almost as if he could sense it. Something wasn't right, a shardblade couldn't cut through flesh. Yet, there on the ground laid his hand. Sparks flew out of the severed limb. By the Nightwatcher, what was he fighting?

The Blackthorn dropped his sword and collapsed to the ground, sapped of all strength. Slowly, his throat was being constricted, layers and layers of pressure intensified and clamped down. Dalinar grabbed for his throat. He couldn’t understand what was happening. Nothing was there, but still he was being smothered. His last thought was the irony of his assassin. A man robed in white for Gavilar and a man draped in black for himself. It seemed appropriate that darkness would take him.

“You fought well.” Vader gave the compliment as his fist closed, crushing the old man’s throat. He inspected the cold corpse. Never before had he seen such a warrior, he’d have to let his master know. He grabbed the hilt of the discarded shardblade with his good hand. It was a beautiful weapon, a worthy replacement for his malfunctioning lightsaber. An odd sensation ran through him. The sword then disappeared. Confused, Vader looked at his hand were the weapon once once, he was clueless where it went. Ten heartbeats passed and then it reappeared.

This was good. He would remember this place. He walked back to his TIE fighter to work on the repairs.

“What have you done?” A similar looking warrior now jumped onto the platform. It was then he noticed the deadman beyond Darth Vader.


Vader could feel the sorrow and anger fuel this new contestant’s heart. A similar weapon spawned into his hand.

“No!” He then screamed as he looked at the Sith Lord.

More and more of these well-armored knights jumped over. A tall man with a distinctive tattoo on his head comforted his comrade. "We will avenge your father, Adolin. We are the Knights Radiant."

Shardblades in hand hey ambushed Vader. He accepted the challenge, wielding Dalinar's former sword.

The Light versus the Dark. It was an eternal struggle between both sides, their battle waged throughout all existence.

February 21, 2016, 04:43:25 PM