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Re: How much did you write today? [I wrote the monthly writing competition. Yay ! My first one. ]
September 22, 2016, 04:34:43 PM
Re: [Sep 2016] - Pirates! - Submission Thread  Here it is, my first ! Ta-da :)
1497 Words

 The Wrecker's Horn

Spoiler for Hiden:
” Over there ” the call came from the dunes just ahead of them. It was Alfred’s uncle, Valter, who called. The three boys started running towards the caller. When they came to the top of the closest dune, they saw Valter fifty yards away on the top another dune. He was standing there; pointing towards the horizon. “There she is, look at her” he smiled “We’re gonna get so rich on her, eh lads?” They could see her dirty white sails and Valter grabbed his crotch, showing them how excited he was.
Alfred watched how his cousins started to caper, doing some sort of jig. He smiled but he felt nervous as well. He looked out over the sea, watching the ship strive along following the coast.
 She would be his first, and Valter said that there never was anyone or anything that could beat the feeling of the first… women or ships.

  “They’ll be at the Great Sands by the evening, so we’d better ride for it. We have lot to prepare.” Alfred had his doubts about his part but he had never wrecked a ship before, and his mother said it was what her family used to do.

 Valter led the three up onto the Cranners Moor that made up the most of Wrecker’s Horn. As Alfred sat there on his pony he wondered. Why did Valter insist on bringing me?  And this ship, does it have something to do with the fight on the south coast. The latest news from Ortolia was that the Prince was riding to Vesenburgh to fight the Vicas brotherhood.
 But he couldn’t understand how the knights could fight the pirate brotherhood, because they would be on horses, right?

 He was deep in thought as their path crossed the small graveled road to Netherdown.
Valter kicked his small horse to get it to trot, the boys followed suit. Hildur turned to Alfred   “ We’ll be there before well before dark” “But won’t there be other families there?” Alfred was concerned. “There probably will, but Valter is senior… I think” Hildur lost his smile and looked at the moving back of their uncle. “Let’s keep going” he said and threw back his heels at his horse, Alfred kept going at the same speed.
 Ironically just the fact that Hildur felt some trepidation about the whole thing made Alfred feel a little bit better. His spirits lifted some, he followed the others on the small path across the moor, it was covered with heather and juniper bushes. He saw rabbits bouncing away for their holes, and the occasionally grouse who were frightened by the ponies.

“Ho, there it is” Valter turned to the boys and pointed. Alfred saw how the ground fell away but he could not see the cove yet. A moment later the small cove showed up among the rocky outcroppings. When they reached the small shed, there were already four families there. The Wardens and the Thatchers were of the same clan as the Masons. Valter wouldn’t have any problem taking charge of them and since the others were farming families, Valter would have everybody jumping to his commands by the time the Wainers showed up.

“Easy there, son” Tostig Warden warned as Alfred swung a long-handled sledgehammer turned mace and overbalanced. He felt annoyed but Tostig was the vice-wrecker now that order had been established with Valter in charge.
The reason Tostig had become second after his uncle was easily seen when he looked at the Wardens. They were large heavy men used to swing axes in the forest and would form First Boarders, when they climbed the ship.
 “It’s easy,” Valter said in a low tone, when he walked up behind Alfred. “You follow them up the side and let them take the first hit, after you go around them and hit everyone trying to flank us.” “But Uncle, what if they have swords, bows and such?” Alfred tried to sound casual but his tone betrayed his nervousness.
 “These small time merchant ships never have any trained fighting men let alone swords, and if they have it’ll never be more than a half-dozen, men or swords.” He smiled, “So keep to the flank ‘til there are no one standing, then we plunder.” Alfred was about to respond when he saw something, a movement, in the corner of his eye so he turned and looked. Gently and with no sound above the wind their prey came into full view.

“ It’s it’s a…cog ?” Tostig turned to look at Valter to get confirmation. “ I think you’re right Tostig, but she looks a little funny doesn’t she” Ha had his head tilted slightly to the side, as he wanted to look at the ship from another angle.” Yes it’s a cog” His voice firmed up with decision. “Alright everyone it’s a cog, they usually have ‘bout fifteen to twenty crew. So we’ll do this as we always do.”

Alfred let out his breath. Angels wept, this business was nerve-racking enough as it was, without new ships and other uncertainties, he thought.
 The small, stubby merchant ship followed to coast trying to get through the sound, but the wreckers knew she would run aground on the sand reef in the middle of the natural canal.  And being stuck there it would tilt as the ebb continued to flow through the waterway and just after nightfall the Moonwave would hit them as the tide turned.

“Careful now lads” Valters voice carried to the rest of their boats. They followed the tide, so they kept on course without much effort towards the large dark shadow of their wounded prey. Alfred was silent and tense, trying to see or hear anything from the ship. But other than creak from the hull and flap of loose sail and rope he heard nothing.

 The three boats came up closer, and finally they came to rest next to the near barnacle-covered hull. Alfred’s nostrils were filled with the smell of wet wood, old tar and strangely… wet dog? His thoughts were interrupted before he could wonder why.
 “First Boarders Up,” his uncle ordered and as the Wardens started to scramble up the side of the larger vessel. “We’re next lads.”  He started to move closer to the front when suddenly a rope landed with a thump in the boat. “Careful I said, you whoresons,” he half whispered, “Let’s go!”
 Alfred grabbed the rope and followed his uncle up, as he put his hand over railing he looked aft and saw how some sort flag hung limp but flew up in a gust of wind. He thought he saw a standing man with a sword in a hand, and it looked like, a skull in the other but wind let up before he could get a better look in the semi-darkness.

 He quickly made his way to the left flank of the Wardens. He felt how Valter came up from behind as the whole boarding party slowly made their way aft, stopping every other step to listen. But still they only heard the creak and groaning of the stranded ship.
“This has the feel of witchcraft, “Tostig whispered nervously. Alfred felt his heart beat even harder and faster at the comment. If the experienced ones were nervous maybe this wasn’t a normal wreck after all, he thought. “Shut it,” Valter whispered back, “keep going.”  Alfred kept his place but remembered the flag.
 “Unc…Uncle, what traders has a sword wielding man as their mark?” He asked, with a slight turn of his head, he looked at Valter. He stared back in the darkness, his eyes looked unusually large. “What’cha mean,” he continued to whisper, “a sword wielding man. Where did you see that?” Valter moved closer to Alfred.
“There,” he nodded towards the stern, “I saw it when I climbed aboard.”
Even in the darkness Alfred saw how Valter paled. “Hold “Valters whisper was near enough a moan, everyone stopped, even the families who had just come up from the boats.

“Welcome aboard, little brothers!” the voice boomed out in the night. It came from the underneath the poop deck, and with flash of light a sword wielding man, with a torch in the other hand, stepped out onto the deck.
 He had a large blond beard, a large hat with a plume, two baldrics festooned with daggers, hatchets, and cutlasses.
“Welcome aboard the Rose Virgin,” he smiled and waved expansively with the cutlass, “ and fare-the-well. You brothers picked the wrong ships to do your scavenger work on. My brothers will help you to shore.” His smile turned ugly in the torchlight. Alfred felt how a warm wetness followed his leg to the deck and he said “Holy mother, please s….”
All over the ship, from barrels, holds and covers, other men burst with a scream of vengeance, the last thing Alfred thought was
 “Nothing is like your first, women or ships.”
 …. Blackness.

September 23, 2016, 08:16:34 AM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Discussion Thread I'm going to have tough time voting this month.
 I know I'm newbie but I think the storiesare better this month,
 it's like everyone had a good story in the backpocket.
 Nice very nice!

October 11, 2016, 01:13:36 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread " DONE" the Captain said.
November 06, 2016, 10:45:04 AM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Discussion Thread 900 hundred words in, it has been a struggle and I'm still not sure
about the story!

November 10, 2016, 01:58:37 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - Voting Thread
Meanwhile, I show up in 6 places.  :P

Yeah and 7 people thought of attributing me work, overwhelmingly giving me credit for Harry. I wonder how the writer of that story feels about the majority thinking it's mine. I've said it before though, it's not my kind of story!
I don't know whose it is though.  :o

Exactly what one would say to throw people off  !  ;D

November 14, 2016, 08:44:50 AM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Discussion Thread
I also found the topic too restricting. Which is why I did not follow it, whatever price I may pay for that.  ;D
I found it restricting, but I soldiered on to force myself to write outside my comfort zone =)
We'll see how well it'll be received, nearly done!!

November 23, 2016, 02:58:23 PM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Submission Thread Finally ! After I scrapped two ideas, revised the current story thrice and shifted my focus from Asia
to Africa, I'm done.
 Any good? I'm gonna let you good people be the judge of that ! =)
A record low word count 1460 ( well for me at least)

 To Dominate The World
Spoiler for Hiden:
“Kaaaap”   the lookout’s shout came as the man woke up in his cot. 
 Later he was standing on the poopdeck of the “Nuive Brabanter” as she was towed into the harbour. Even if it was his first time to die Kaap and the small primitive harbour town, he hoped to find the thing he was looking for in its narrow streets.

  He was looking for loyalty. He understood that loyalty was the hard to find in this day and age, and he would have to be inventive to find it. But it was the first step in in his plan to dominate the world or at least a small part of it.

The plan was to first get a core of loyal men, there probably would be destitute men from different ships or desperate men from the rest of the world arriving to Die Kaap. Perhaps he could go to India to get some boys he could train in language and in war.

 He wasn’t in a hurry, better to do it right the first time because there would not be a second chance. He wanted at least a full battalion of fighting men and support wagons and dependants of an equal number when he marched north. He remembered from the history books that Jameson had marched north with six hundred men, so he thought if he doubled that he would make it, even though he did not have any machine guns.
 To dominate the world or create a nation would cost money and there was only one place that was unclaimed and full of money, he knew. That was the area north of the Cape of Good Hope and the great diamond mine at the place that would be Kimberly and its neighbouring areas of gold deposits.

 He assumed that his enterprise would come into conflict with the natives, the Shonas, the Zulus or even the Matabeles. He could not remember which tribes inhabited the area where he wanted to go, but that was for later. His thoughts were interrupted by the Captain.

 “Mynheer, Ve haf arrifed” the Captains English was poor but the man’s Dutch was worse, much worse. “Thank you Captain Wilders. I want keep my bags on your ship while I look for a tavern”. The Captain frowned, “ Off courze mynheer, Vee fill leaf in too days morning tide” Wilders gave the man a short bow and walked back down  midships shouting orders to facilitate the unloading. The man was aware of the Captains discomfort with having a Supercargo from outside the Dutch East India Company aboard. But he left the ship soon after the conversation to find a tavern and ultimately… loyal men.

 The man wore clothes that marked him as a Dutchman and a rich one at that. A beautiful wide black leather belt held his weapons, a cutlass, two pistols and an old seax knife. His brown pantaloons were tucked into a pair of knee high boots. He was very pleased with his appearance but every step increased his nervousness about his plans. He realised he did not have the comfortable swagger of the sailors that mostly filled the streets and made him stand out, uncomfortably so.
 There were others in the narrow streets of course, supercilious merchants, tanned farmers, the occasional drunk  sitting in the gutter, domestic and imported whores advertising their goods. He tried to look as he belonged so he would not be bothered by anyone. He kept looking for a tavern and men he could recruit.

 Finally he saw a sign that he interpreted as tavern. It was as he had pictured in his mind, dark, and smelling of unwashed bodies and spilled spirits. He looked for an unoccupied table, found one and sat down. As casually as he could he looked around the bar, he saw plenty of men eligible to the category; down on their look but none gave him an impression of being loyal. He was not really sure of what to look for.

 But now here I am stranded in time so I’d better do what I came south for, nothing ventured nothing gained, he thought. As his mind was made up for the hundredth time, he felt instantaneous doubt again. Maybe I should go back home to England and become a rich and well known physician, he smiled, Ironic… everything Mom wanted for me but I got stuck in the wrong time, his thought continued.

 During his moment of self-doubt, an obvious sailor entered and sauntered up to the counter. “Pint o’ Grog” he said as he looked around the room. His eyes lingered on the Man, turned to the barman.
 “Ver dat?” He spoke in the common sailor tongue, a mix of Dutch, German and English. The barman shrugged “Nein Kenst” his laconic answer was about what the sailor expected. There is money to be made here, he thought. He walked up to the table.

 “Kann I Zitten?” he asked and saw how the man started as he looked up at him. “Of…of course” the man stuttered. As the old sea dog sat down he saw how the man put calmer and braver face on. “Oh you’re English, good good,” George smiled, “too many of these bloody Dutch bastards here anyway,” he nodded at the other tables. “Yes, yes you’re right there are many foreign bastards here” The man tried to form an opinon of the sailor opposite him while agreeing with him.

  Was he here to take his money? That was the man’s first thought. The other thought was, can he be trusted?
“I’m George” the seaman said, “Just came in with the Unicorn” he nodded towards the docks.” I needed a grog before we start to unload.” George spoke casually, but kept his eyes on the man to see his reactions to his outrageous statement. He did not see any normal reaction. So this man is completely ignorant of ships and trading despite his clothing, his thoughts continued.

 “So why are you in die Kaap sir?” He added the sir just to keep the stranger calm. The man just looked back at George.

 Can I trust him? You have to trust someone, you stupid git! But this man has nothing to lose if he tries to rob and or kill me and I haven’t seen any authorities since I stepped of the ship. The man’s inner dialogue kept on going, trust… or not to trust that was literally the million pound question. How can I reach the Kimberly area without trust?

 He decided and felt the usual doubt immediately but kept on going, “I’m here because I know where there is a mountain of gold and diamonds are buried and I’m looking for men to help me and share in the riches” his decision was made. Now he could only watch the reactions of the other man.

 He’s a real noddy this one, George thought. Gold and diamonds… what kind of idiot does he take me for? But as he looked back at the clearly deranged man, he only saw a sincere face. George hesitated when he was about to stand up.

  “So you mean to tell me that you… and you alone, knows where there’s gold and precious stones buried? Is that what you’re telling me mate?” The man nodded, still in his wide-eyed honesty.
  “So you know where some pirate or others buried a treasure?” “Oh no, It isn’t buried by someone. It’s in the ground, we have to dig a mine to get to it.” Again the sincere face.

 George, who had robbed and swindled countless victims in most of the harbours he had visited, had never met anyone like this man.  His sincerity got to George, he tried to drown it in his cynicism but obvious positive feelings about the story kept surfacing.

  George found himself asking the obvious question. “So where is it?” The sincere man tilted his head. “It’s up north, beyond die Tafelberg and north of the next mountains, but there is a lot.” He smiled. ”A lot,” he added and kept smiling.

 The man was not a fool even if George might have thought so. But in the spirit of the moment he had decided that he was going to trust this sailor.
 You have to trust someone, he thought. He saw how the sailor tried to disguise it, but George believed him now. The eyes gave him away. The younger man realised that it was not as hard as he had feared to read present day men.

 Perhaps I can do this, he thought, perhaps I can dominate the world or perhaps I’ll go back to London and become a physician like mother wants me to…. up there in the future.
Spoiler for Hiden:

November 24, 2016, 12:19:51 PM
Re: [NOV 2016] - 1750 - Discussion Thread Aaannd done ! sweet ! ;D
November 24, 2016, 12:20:51 PM
Re: [Oct 2016] - Corpses - THE GREAT REVEAL Come on ! it's the First !! Lets go  :o
December 01, 2016, 09:04:35 AM