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Re: Is There Room For Yet Another Tolkien Clone? Just for fun, I should reveal my races:

The Five Elder Races are collectively called rhen, as opposed to humans who come on the scene later and are called the Guests, or uncharitably, the uninvited.

Elves I call ellhen.  They are vegetation elementals and live nearly forever, and as such have a hard time adapting.  They don't reproduce much, and don't fit well into human society.  As they have lost their place in Nature as well, they are truly a sad race.  Men call them "greenies" when they're being nasty, and "green elves" when they are being polite.  A female ellh is an ellhina.

Dwarves are dwarrhen.  They can sense things about rocks and soil that make them natural engineers.  They are much more adaptable than the elves, are sexually egalitarian and have open marriages.  The racial slur for them is "stonies", although politely they are known as "deep elves".  A female dwarrh is a dwarrhina.

Selkies are, of course merrhen.  Sea-elves are aquatic and non-sentient for the first forty years of their lives, which is followed by a hundred or so years of amphibious but mostly land- (actually island) based living.  After finishing the terrestrial part of their lives, a favored few among them become great cetacean/nautiloid entities who assist the Sea god with his responsibilities.  Merrhinas are the female and they are vulgarly referred to as

Pyrrhen or ifreets are known as fire-elves politely or smokeys perjoratively.  They are highly patriarchal and polygamous, dominant males acquiring harems of pyrrhinas.  Surplus males are always a problem, causing conflict anywhere fire-elves and humans mix.   In addition, pyrrhinas do not care for the current sexual constitution.  They are notoriously unfaithful, preferring to have their own human male to sharing one of their own males, even though this does not result in offspring.

Orcs, or orrhen, have been separated from their fellow rhen for millennia.   Since they are eusocial (think ants, bees, or mole-rats), their society is very stable and prosperous.  They know nothing of humans.  Each breeding Queen has a stable of male consorts and is responsible both for governance and population maintenance.  Since orrhen have no contact with the other races, they are not called anything in particular, although the ellhish lorebooks refer to them as "wild elves".  Over the centuries they have lost their warlike ways and have become highly cultured.  Since most orrhen are non-fertile females, the word orrh is a feminine word.  Orrakh is the term for a male orc.

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