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Re: [MAY 2015] - Terry Pratchett Memorial Read - Nominations are open I'm up for pretty much anything by him.  I'm currently reading my way through the Tiffany Aching books, but will re-read one of them if it's picked.

Other than that, Mort is a good pick, so I'll second that nomination.

Or Nation, as a non-Discworld book. 

March 16, 2015, 07:01:15 AM
Re: Tamora pierce
@Lejays17 is another one who really likes her books and has read a fair few of them if not everything.

Pretty much go along with Xiagan's post in terms of reading order.

That being said, I preferred the Emelan (Circle) books to the Tortall (Alanna) books, even though I did start with the Alanna's first of all.  I preferred the Immortals series (Daine) to the others in Tortall, I'm not sure if I've actually finished Keladry's series - I have them all, but I don't rememner anything at all about the last one, so I suspect I've never read it.

March 26, 2015, 06:48:43 AM
Re: The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett - Who's reading with us? i re-read the 4 Tiffany books last fortnight cos I was feeling blue about his death, but am always up for a re-read  :D
March 28, 2015, 10:37:07 AM
Re: Miscellaneous Musings
it's gone above 30C for a few weeks in the summer,
That's probably cold for an Aussie ;)
I was over there in *winter* and it was around the early 20s in Sydney and high 20s/early 30s in Cairns and Uluru ;D

And can I just thank you, Elfy, for another blow to the myth that men are the only spacially-aware people on this planet? I'm quite good with maps and I hate the generalisation >:(

I can attest that Elfy has no sense of direction  :)  I'm the map-reader / direction finder in the family.  I could say it's because the parents used to take us camping / walking a lot when we were younger, but one of my sisters is as bad at directions as Elfy is.  :D
Elfy can get lost in the local small shopping centre...

March 31, 2015, 09:43:35 AM
Re: [Apr 2015] - Plot Twist! Werewolf, Vampire, Goat - Submission Thread
Just made the word-count!  Only my second submission to the monthly contests, and the first original piece  :)

The Lady in Blue - 501 words

Spoiler for Hiden:
The morning was early enough for there still to be a chill in the air, though the sky gave promise of a glorious spring day to come, in front of her rabbits bounced around the lawns, leaving trails which had she risen at her usual time would have been the only evidence that they existed....

Penelope jumped down the two steps from the veranda, startling the rabbits on the grass into stillness. They sat upright, noses twitching as they watched her closely, before deciding she wasn’t a threat and hopping off to wherever it is bunnies go during the day.

She stood still a moment longer, listening for any movement in the house behind her. Occasionally her older brother Bobby would get up early to go fishing, but today wasn’t one of those days. Probably he had given himself nightmares from the ghost stories he had been telling last night and didn’t sleep well.

Thinking of Bobby and the ghost stories reminded Penelope of why she had woken herself up so early this morning. One of the stories Bobby had told; the story of the Weeping Lady in Blue, the ghost who showed herself to children more often than anyone else, had taken her fancy, and she was determined to see the lady for herself.

According to Bobby, the Weeping Lady was most often seen between the Parsonage and the Medical Officer’s house. The Medical Officer’s house was closer, so that was where Penelope decided to go. There was no one else around at this early hour, and she skipped merrily down the gravelly path, kicking up the stones every other step.  Closer to the ruins of the house, she slowed her skips and looked around carefully.

There! Near the doorway was a shadowy figure, in an old-fashioned blue dress, just like Bobby had described. Her hands were covering her face, so Penelope could not see if she was crying or not. She crept closer, entranced. A stick snapped beneath her feet as she strayed from the path, and the lady looked up.

The lady’s perpetual tears stopped flowing. “My child.” Penelope heard very faintly, as if it was from very far away. “You’ve come back to me.” Her hand outstretched in invitation, the lady glided down the steps.

Hastily, Penelope backed away. “No, I’m not your child. I don’t want to go with you, I want to go home,” she babbled in sudden fear.

But it was too late. The ghost had caught up with her and had laid a hand on her arm. Everything turned grey and misty, and Penelope knew with cold certainty that she was never going home again.


So the tales of the guides leading the Ghost Tours have changed somewhat now. They no longer speak of the Weeping Lady in Blue: she is rarely seen, and no longer weeps for her lost child. Instead they tell of the child in modern clothes who follows the adults, pleading silently with them to take her home…

April 04, 2015, 11:05:19 AM
Re: The Wee Free Men - First Impressions It's a bit hard to remember my 'first impressions' as I read it first when it was published.  I can give you second, third, and fourth impressions though  ;)

I like Tiffany as a character very much, that she was a bit of a 'take-charge' girl, I suppose being the second-youngest of the family she's been left to her own devices and is quite self-sufficient.

I get a very strong sense of the countryside she lives in, and the observations/jokes about the stupidity of the sheep are always amusing.

April 05, 2015, 12:58:40 AM
Re: The Wee Free Men - Week 1 Chapters 1 -3 The Tiffany Aching books are some of my favourites of all the books by Terry Pratchett.  :)

My impressions of the first few chapters:

* Tiffany is a very self-sufficient young girl - she's soley in charge of all of the farm's cheesemaking for a start.
* She thinks an awful lot about things, and is a very logical person (Jenny Green-Teeth was described as having eyes as big as soup-plates, so she measured the soup-plate to find out how big that actually was  :))
* Getting an education from the travelling teachers - how is one refunded a half-an-egg??
* Any of the conversations between Tiffany and Miss Tick - I got the impression that Miss Tick really didn't like Tiffany's questioning what Miss Tick said.  She wouldn't get that very often, I think.

Looking forward to next week's chapters!

April 05, 2015, 01:25:59 AM
Re: Can anyone recommend a good novel about Selkies? Seaward - Susan Cooper.  The main character is a selkie-girl

The Petaybee Trilogy - Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.  A SF take on selkies

Home From the Sea - Mercedes Lackey

A Stranger Came Ashore - Mollie Hunter

I've read and enjoyed all by the Lackey, and I have it on my TBR pile to read when I get to it.  I've liked her other fairytale retellings, so it's a good chance I'll enjoy it too.

June 01, 2015, 12:24:47 PM
Re: What are you currently reading?
FWill now start reading Pratchett's Reaper Man  :)

Saraband, all TP's books about DEATH are amazing, but that one is excellent. Hope you enjoy it, it conjures up so many hilarious pictures in the imagination, best not read in public. ;)

I'm loving it so far (I'm noticing I've been saying this about every Discworld book aside from Faust Eric), @Lady Ty! I've been reading the Discworld novels in order, but so far Mort has been my absolute favorite and since then I've been looking forward to reading the next novel about DEATH  ;D

Mort is @Elfy's favourite ever Discworld book too, and he's read all of them except the last one (or maybe two).

I'm currently reading:

Of Noble Family - Mary Robinette Kowal (5th & final of the Glamourist Histories)
Daring - something Elliott (or maybe Elliott something  :))

And I've got a rapidly growing pile of TBR that Elfy keeps saying I have to read Next...

June 01, 2015, 12:46:54 PM
Re: [Apr 2015] - Plot twists - Voting Thread
@Elfy that was pretty dark from you but I enjoyed it very much and really appreciated that clever little extra twist whereby you brought The Brothers Grimm into their own tale - loved that.  Plot Bunny did good. :D

aah, so you're the one encouraging her with praise!  She's been quite unbearable the last few nights (kept me up til all hours writing stuff & distracting me at work  ;D)
Elfy's much more accomodating of her... (that's why he posts so much more than I do in the writing contests)

June 02, 2015, 10:06:58 AM