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Re: Do we need the origin story of our heroes? I don't think it is because of super hero films per se, but I think both groups came to similar realizations, and that's because there are a couple different parts to what is going on here.

1) More people seem to be fans of characters they relate to who grow into super bad asses over time. Seeing the rise of the character appeals on a fundamental level.

2) It is easier to build ongoing series because you still have "power curve" to play within. If characters stagnate by taking on the same level of danger story after story, it gets dull. So if the hero is barely able to take on a crime boss in the first book, you still have evil minor royalty, evil kingdoms, then whatever is after that before the power curve gets blown out of whack.

Note: This problem is avoidable if the author is able to stretch the character in more directions, instead of simply growing the character in one or two ways book after book. But it is a lot harder and authors risk turning off a subset of their readership who preferred the sort of character arcs in the early books, leading to a challenging balancing act.

3) Authors usually need to do a certain amount of writing to tell the origin story anyway, if nothing else they need to have it written up enough that they can properly use it to seed throughout the main tale. So why not flesh it out and sell those stories as well?

June 21, 2011, 07:36:58 AM