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Re: Author's favourite words In my first book (the worst thing ever written), my sister kept mocking me for my use of the word 'chuckle'. I haven't used that word more than two times in the current book I'm writing, and I've reached 250 pages. (Yes, I am bragging since I'm SOOOO happy about that achievement. xD )

Now, I seem to use the word 'smirk' a lot.

June 30, 2012, 01:11:44 PM
Re: Things you're just sick of. I hope this doesn't' offend any women, and I actually do agree with Fallen's statement, but...

I HATE THE FACT THAT IT HAS BECOME ALL ABOUT WOMEN. We focus solely on female protagonists, strong female characters, WEAK female characters, etc. Everything has become about having women in the story, to the point that fantasy authors today are forced to introduce at least one, lest they be flogged by the public. I remember the Tolkien topic, and the debate concerning him being a racist and a sexist. First of all. The main characters were dwarves, elves, Old Men (Aragorn and Gandalf), and basically, midgets. Does not sound racist to me. But sexist? This isn't like omission is just as bad as a lie. I mean, COME ON! WHEN DID IT BECOME ABOUT THE WOMAN AND THE WOMAN ONLY? WHAT ABOUT A STRONG MALE CHARACTER? You know how hard it is to actually find one of those, too? Sure, there are plenty of books with guys for protagonists, but that does not make them automatically great.

We still have to struggle to find strong male characters, too, ladies! Women scream for equality, but by continuously pointing out that you're sexist for doing this and for not doing that, you are asking to be placed upon a pedestal and treated differently! You never hear someone asking for, "Uhm, yeah, can we get a strong male character with a hot love interest on the side, and make sure they're a BADASS couple, alright?" That's because it's selfish to simply look out for ONE gender. For ONE type of person.

I keep seeing article after article on different websites going, "Women in literature," or, "Women's impact in world history." Do we have a, "Man's impact on world's history,"? We don't. And before you say that's because in the old days, it was a given that men were the only ones that impacted the world significantly, don't even bother. We're not in the 60's, or 70's, or 80's anymore. We really shouldn't look the gift horse in the mouth and act so ungrateful. Women have jobs higher than men, and are paid more. They go to colleges a lot of men AND women could not even dream of, just like some men go to colleges that SOME men AND women could only dream about. We live in an age of normality and equality. But we constantly yearn for more. We constantly ASK for more.

When is it time to say you're full? When is it time to say the elevator is over capacity? When is the time when the bath tub fills up with water and spills? WHEN IS IT EVER ENOUGH? Let me tell you what were to happen if we were all, men and women, literally equal. When a plane crashes in the sea and there are survivors, the pilot says, as well as the passengers, "WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST."

Why is that? Why can't we men survive, too? Are we barbarians and the women the fragile princesses? No! We are both flesh and blood, equally sensitive to, well, DROWNING. So, why do they go first? Why do we open doors for them, but not for the fellow man? Why are we the ones that have to hunt for the women, while they sit on the bar stool and give you the, "Come and hither," look. In any given emergency, it is always women and children first. Women and children. That is just the same as putting ten politicians together, five of them Democrats and the remaining five Republicans, and putting them in a room with ten homeless people. If there was an anthrax alert or an emergency, and the politicians said, "US FIRST! WE'RE IMPORTANT!" you would sneer in disgust. Well, exactly the same. We men are the last to escape the sinking ship. Hell, that's the ending of Titanic. That piece of driftwood could have EASILY carried Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as Kate Winslet, but for fear of endangering HER life, boom, dead.

So, why should anyone get special treatment simply because their genitalia is different from ours? You cannot say it's because we're naturally stronger. That's more sexist than anything I've said so far. In this day and age, a woman can learn the likes of Krav Maga and kick your ass ten ways from Sunday. She still goes first. Equality is not as simple as it sounds.

"Oh, yeah, world peace." Impossible. As long as we have human emotions, such as greed, anger, etc. we will never have world peace.

"Equality for men and women." Even if this were possible, I do not think women would like the equality so much. Because, once it is no longer WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST, you'll find that we men would shove you down on the ground, most likely trample you there, to survive to see our children grow up. Or see our wives back home. Or see our girlfriends. Or see our pet DOG. Once you get rid of Women and Children first, the odds are it is the men that survive to go back home, and look guiltily over the horizon as they remember how they trampled over all of the women. And if true equality were to occur, and we didn't have to prowl and jump through hoops to just FIND you women, you'll see us sitting at the bar stool, as well, exuding a COME HERE AND LET'S GO TO MY APARTMENT aura without so much as glancing at women.

That's it. Done venting.

September 25, 2012, 08:05:56 AM
Re: Things you're just sick of.
I'm sick of people who look at me like I'm batsh*t crazy when they ask me: "So - get up to anything last night?" and I say - "I read a book."

This may be a new phenomenon for some of you. Sadly, not for me.

I remember when I told my old best friend about my book, and that I'd gotten about a hundred and a half pages into it.

"Dude, get a life hehehe."

Of course, then we started reading lines from my book out loud, so I forgave him for that. ;D

September 28, 2012, 08:20:36 PM
Re: You know you're a writer when... ... when you've read this: and found it extremely interesting and forced your sister to read it. And then you find out it's 10k words long. ;D
October 12, 2012, 05:32:08 PM