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Author Topic: Tenebris Books: "Willow, Weep No More" open subs  (Read 1312 times)

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Tenebris Books: "Willow, Weep No More" open subs
« on: June 24, 2013, 10:09:59 AM »
Anthology from new publisher - looks good:

Tenebris Books first release will be Willow, Weep No More – a collection of traditional-style fairy tales with one significant directive: the stories should challenge our views of traditional fairy tale characters, especially women. However, since we are working in the traditional fairy tale realm, where women were wives, mothers, servants, princesses, queens, peasants and slaves, the characters in these stories will need to use the tools at their disposal: their wits, their inner power, magic, love, cunning.

Note that your stories should not be aimed at children, and can contain dark themes (after all, that’s what we love best at Tenebris), but should not be graphically or gratuitously violent.

The aim is to publish this book in a beautiful hardback edition in time for Christmas. As such, all submissions need to be in before the 30th September 2013. Word count should ideally be between 3000-10,000. Note that this is simply an invitation to submit and does not constitute an agreement to publish. Each story will be assessed on its merits and suitability for the overall project.

All authors published in the final anthology will receive a flat fee and a copy of the book.

We will work with you to edit and polish the stories before publication.

Guidelines & submission stuff here.