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Irregularity & The Rite of Spring
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Two of, er, mine:

Irregularity will be published in partnership with the National Maritime Museum, released to coincide with two of their upcoming exhibitions.

The stories should be focused on the period between 1660 and 1860, and those brave and motivated men and women who promoted scientific thought, skepticism and intellectual rigour in the face of superstition and intolerance. From Newton to Lovelace, Harrison to Darwin- these people attempted (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to bring order to the world.

A very detailed brief (with a timeline and pictures) over on the Jurassic site.

3,000 - 6,000 words. Deadline: 7 November. Will be published next spring as a limited edition hardcover, paperback and ebook. Original stories only please, no reprints. Contributors will receive a royalty share and gratis copies (of all editions).


The Rite of Spring

This is another "flash fiction" collection. This time, I'm looking for stories set in 1913 (which was a pretty fascinating year) and outside of the United States.

Strict maximum of 750 words, due 15 December. The stories should be "slightly alternate histories" - weird, creepy, fantastic, speculative stuff that's just a bit out of the norm...  Reading the earlier chapbooks in this series isn't a bad idea (they're free).

Payment is £15 and Rite will be published as an ebook.

Details here