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Author Topic: Funny Fantasy Anthology Accepting Submissions Now through February 29, 2016  (Read 964 times)

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totally thought of @Rukaio_Alter when i saw this:


I’ll be publishing an anthology of reprint stories in the summer of 2016 titled FUNNY FANTASY. It will follow on the heels of FUNNY SCIENCE FICTION, my 2015 reprint anthology. For this book I’m seeking stories that are:

- Funny.
- Fantasy.
- 500 – 7500 words in length
- Were originally printed in the last ten years (2005-present)
- Were printed in curated venues paying at least $0.01 per word – for this book please don’t send material from token and non-paying venues, self-published, posted on your blog, published in magazine/anthology you yourself edited, previously unpublished, etc.
- Please do not send stories you previously submitted to any volume of Unidentified Funny Objects or Coffee anthologies.