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Dodo Fiction!
« on: July 25, 2013, 08:46:02 PM »
Another fun one. No money, but flash fiction & good prizes:



We’re looking for short stories about dodos. Dodos in space, homicidal dodos, the ins and outs of dodo society, epic dodo fantasy… whatever gets those creative juices flowing!

The winning entry will appear on Hodderscape, and the winner will receive a little goody bag. We absolutely reserve the right to fall in love with more than one story, and proclaim multiple winners.


2000 words max! (We’re very serious about this. If your story dangles even a single participle over the limit, we won’t read it.)
Original fiction only.
No Eyre Affair fan fiction, please.
No poetry.
It isn’t necessary that you include an element of the speculative or the fantastic… but this is an SFF website. So, you know. Just sayin’.
Please send your story to Hodderscape@hodder.co.uk by 5 pm, Monday, 5th August, with the subject line ‘Dodo Story Competition.’